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Subdivision Boutique - Womens Clothing LIC

subdivision art boutique


48-18 Vernon Blvd / 718.482.1899

Subdivision Boutique Store Hours: Mon - Sat 12 noon A - 8 P / Sun 1 - 6 P

Click this link for the Subdivision store MAP - jewelry in LIC / Long Island City.

Click this link to view PHOTOS of some of the clothing and accessories carried by one of the leading women's hand bag stores in Queens.

Scroll down for SLIDE SHOW & MAP on this page.

Subdivision Boutique - Hand Bags, Jewelry & Dresses In Long Island City LIC Queens


  • Hand Bags, Jewelry & Dresses - LIC Queens

    • We carry an eclectic selection of designer and fashion clothing, including dresses, skirts, tops and scarves for women in Long Island City LIC in Queens.
    • We carry a full line of women's fashion accessories including purses, hand bags, jewelry and hair accessories - all in stock in our store in LIC Long Island City Queens.
    • We have an in-house art gallery where we host boutique art exhibits on a monthly to quarterly basis.
    • We have a flower shop on the premises for home floral arrangements and more.


  • Subdivision Contemporary Art Gallery & Women's Boutique - History

    • Subdivision Contemporary Women's Boutique and LIC Art Gallery was founded in 1999.
    • Space. Subdivision is unique in its support of the arts. The role of our space is two-fold: it is both an LIC art gallery and an LIC women's boutique. The women's boutique supports and promotes the work of independent designers who are of immeasurable talent.
    • Funding Creativity. Funds from the women's boutique are used to run the LIC art gallery and to sponsor the creation and production of art and cultural projects that are displayed and performed at the gallery.
    • Artistic Expression. Subdivision focuses on the diverse layers of our artists’ individual needs and social and cultural expressions. We do not look to divide them into categories, but rather, as our name suggests, subdivide them into equal parts that stand alone on the basis of talent.
    • Form & Function In Design. The inspiration for Subdivsion developed out of the belief that design is not contingent upon the media in which it is produced, and that good design is not dependent upon what form it takes. If an object has a function, that doesn’t make it any less beautiful than an object d’arte without a function. Whether you can sit on it, wear it or hang it on a wall, if it is well designed, it achieves the artistic standard for which we strive.
    • Artisitic Medium. There is not an elite medium that separates fine art from functional art. That is Subdivision. Welcome to our aesthetic world.


  • Slide Show - Jewelry In LIC / Hand Bags In LIC / Dresses In LIC / Long Island City Queens

    • The following is a slideshow of some of the hand bags, jewelry and dresses carried at our women's clothing store in Long Island City LIC Queens. This should give you an idea of the kind of products our store regularly carries.



  • Hand Bags & Jewelry In Long Island City LIC

    • We carry a wide selection of high quality hand bags in all shapes, colors, textures and sizes. These are great for traveling around Long Island City and Queens.
    • We carry a full line of fashion jewelry including bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. These look good when you're out and about in LIC and Queens.
    • We cater to the hand bag and fashion jewelry needs of young actresses, artists, musicians and professionals, especially those who live and / or work in Long Island City and Queens.
    • Please contact us at the telephone number below to arrange an appointment or stop by our store in Long Island City to browse through some of our on site inventory.


Subdivision Art & Boutique In LIC Queens - Map

  • The location of Subdivision Contemporary Art Boutique and Women's Clothing store in Long Island City Queens is shown below. Hover over the marker for the address.



Click this link for a map to Subdivision hand bags in Long Island City / LIC with transit directions into the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens.

Store Hours & Contact Information

  • 48-18 Vernon Blvd / 718.482.1899
  • Store Hours: Mon - Sat 12 noon - 8 P / Sun 1 - 6 P