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FC - Organic Food LIC Queens

organic super markets in lic Food Cellar & Co

4-85 47th Road / 718.606.9786

Hours: Mon - Sun 8 am - 10 pm


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Organic Food In LIC Queens - Special Offers

15% Discount For Seniors

Food Cellar offers Seniors a 15% discount on store items every day, including organic foods and all natural foods in LIC. Seniors must present a valid ID to qualify.

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Organic Foods / Organic Supermarket

  • Food Cellar & Co Organic Supermarket Long Island City LIC

    • Foodcellar & Co Organic & All Natural Food Market is one of the leading organic / all natural supermarkets in Queens. This supermarket is comprised of two major sections: 1) the organic / all natural grocery store and 2) the prepared foods section.
    • The LIC all natural & organic supermarketprimarily sells organic and all natural foods. Fish, meat, baked goods and produce are all sourced from carefully selected vendors and the in-store labeling provides guidance on the type of food is being sold: organic, all natural and [in some cases] coventional. Conventional products are offered based on community demand and include brands like Coke, Tide and Dannon.
      • Organic and all natural produce is frequently sourced from local farmers
      • We carry a number of locally made food products
      • We have an in-house professional butcher in our meat department
      • We carry one of the largest selections of fresh and aged cheeses in Queens
      • We provide fresh baked good from our in-house bakery and also source breads from artesanal bakeries like Balthazar Bakery and Tom Cat Bakery
      • We purchase much of our fresh fish from a company that responsibly harvests its catch
      • We offer organic eggs, free range and cage free chickens
      • We offer natural feed pork and beef raised without hormone


  • Foodcellar & Co Prepared Foods & Meals - Hours

    • The prepared foods section of the store is comprised of five major areas: 1) the carving station, 2) the deli counter, 3) the salad bar, 4) the buffet and 5) fresh pizza. The prepared foods section of the store on weekdaysprovides:
      • Coffee and baked goods starting at 8 am
      • Lunch is served from 11.30 am to 3 pm
      • Dinner is served from 5 to 9 pm
    • The prepared foods section of the store on weekendsprovides:
      • Brunch from 9 am - 1 pm
      • Lunch / Dinner from 1 pm to 9 pm
    • Some of the fresh produce is grown by local farmers and some of the food products are made by local food manufacturers.
    • Food Cellar also has an in-house flower shop in its Long Island City LIC store
  • Foodcellar & Co - Organic Supermarkets in LIC - Slide Show

    • The following is a slide show of photos taken in the Foodcellar & Co store in LIC Queens. This should give you an idea of the kind of inventory we carry of organic food / all natural food at our LIC / Long Island City store. This slide show also includes photos of the prepared food section of the store which includes bakery, deli, buffet, carving station and salad bar.


  • Fresh Bakery & Organic Produce In Long Island City

    • Foodccellar Organic food market carefully sources its produce from a variety of growers, including local farmers. The produce section contains one of the largest organic or all natural produce sections in all of Queens.  Click this link to view photos of some of Food Cellar's organic produce in Long Island City LIC.


  • Fresh Fish / Organic Eggs / All Natural Meats In Long Island City LIC

    • Foodcellar & Co buys organic eggs from carefully selected farmers. We also provide free range chickens, and pork and beef that are fed naturally without the growth hormones.
    • We also source our fish from one of the leading sustainable fish providers in the U.S.
    • And we provide one of the largest selections of all natural meats in Queens - click here to view photos of all natural meat, pork & beef in LIC Long Island City.


  • Take Out / Carry Out / Eat In Food In LIC

    • The prepared foods section of the Foodcellar & Co Long Island City supermarket provides a wide selection of foods to choose from. These range from fresh cut salads to the deli counter where you can pick up a fresh cold or hot sandwich.
    • The carving station generally features four meats or proteins from which to choose and the hot buffet includes an assortment of offerings throughout the day.
    • We also serve fresh baked goods in our Long Island City bakery.
    • Every day you can pick up a hot slice of freshly made pizza in our LIC store - made masa madre style - the old fashioned Italian way. Masa madre [massa madre] means 'heap of mother' which describes the technique by which some of the original dough is always held back to be used in preparing the next pizza.
    • There's seating located inside the store so one can eat in or take out / carry out is available for those on the go.  Click this link to view photos of some of Food Cellar's prepared foods / carry out / take out in Long Island City LIC.


  • Flower Shops In LIC / Long Island City

    • The Foodcellar & Co flower shop can provide custom flower arrangements for special occasions such as: wedding flowers, baby shower flowers, birthday flowers, flowers for office parties, and funeral floral arrangements. 
    • Click this link to see a few of the floral arrangements carried by one of the leading flower shops in LIC Long Island City.


Foodcellar & Co - Organic Supermarkets In LIC - Map

  • The location of Foodcellar & Co in LIC / Long Island City is shown below. Hover over the marker for the address.



Click this link for a map to Food Cellar & Co organic supermarket in LIC with transit directions into the LIC / Long Island City neighborhood. Foodcellar, super markets, grocery stores, groceries.

Store Hours & Contact Information

  • 4-85 47th Road / 718.606.9786
  • Hours: Mon - Sun 8 am - 10 pm

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