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Friends of Travers Park


The Green Agenda for Jackson Heights

Two major events this week - May 20 & 22 2010 - the first of which we are counting on you all to attend:
1. Urgent Community Board meeting on 78th Street Pedestrian Plaza/Play Street.
Meet up @ 78 St. & 34 Ave. @ 7 p.m. Thursday. We will walk together to the Louis Armstrong School. Please bring kids and signs (no sticks attached to signs, per police). We need to pack the meeting w 300 people. If you live in the 80s or west of 93 St. Street you can meet us on 34 Ave. We will be walking along the northern side of street.
The walk will be fun, think of it as a JH version of the Italian after-dinner stroll, la passeggiata. 
ALSO. We can use your help to keep this parade on course and safe. We will be walking on the sidewalk, along 34 Ave. To help, please contact me at
2. Release of The Green Agenda Report at Travers Park on Saturday 11 a.m. More than two years in the making, with more than 15 community outreach sessions that involved more than 400 people. We will have summary brochure versions for distribution, with the full report available online. The GA4JH is important, but attendence is less crucial.
For any questions and/or/ to help,
LenManiace@gmail.com. Thank you.
Len Maniace