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Lowery Wines & Liquors - Sunnyside - SPECIAL OFFERS

Lowerys wine & liquor sunnyside queens


40-14 Queens Blvd / 718.784.2334

Store Hours: Mon - Thurs 8 A - 10 P / Fri & Sat 8 A - 11 P / Sun 12 noon - 7 P


Click this link for the Lowery Wine & Liquor store MAP - wine stores in Sunnyside.

Click this link to view PHOTOS some of the wine and liquor brands carried by Lowery's - one of the leading wine stores in Queens.

Scroll down for SLIDE SHOW & MAP on this page.


We can help you plan the alcohol segment of your party. We have an incredible amount of experience helping people plan the alcohol portion of their special event and holiday parties. And we can offer a wide selection of wine, liquor and knowledgeable service to help expedite your plans.


We post periodic specials in the space above. You may also click this link to view photos of the store and the selection of Lowery Wine & Liquor - one of the leading wine stores in Queens. Lowerys is located in Sunnyside near LIC.

Lowery Wine & Liquor - Background & Slide Show


  • A Leading Wine Store In Sunnyside & Queens

    • Lowery's Liquor & Wine store has been serving the Sunnyside community for nearly 80 years. The store is the largest wine store in Sunnyside and carries full lines of all major liqueurs, providing a selection of brands and sizes unmatched in Sunnyside and surrounding neighborhoods.
    • Lowery's is also well known for its wide selection of wines from around the world, including all of the major wine growing countries in the European continent, a wide selection of wines from all of the great wine growing countries of South America, as well as wines from Austrailia, New Zealand, and of course our own California and New York.
    • Lowery's offers volume discounts on cases of wines and other spirits. Inquire about special in store events and party planning.


  • Lowery Wine & Liquor Store - History

    • Lowery's has been in operation as a wine and liquor store in Queens since shortly after the end of the Prohibition. In fact, during the Prohibition, some stores were allowed to sell cordials, which included alcohol as one of the ingredients.
    • Lowery's is a locally owned business, by a family that has resided in the Sunnyside community for about 80 years. The family originally came from Italy, one of the world's great wine producing and wine loving countries. Hence the family has always had an interest in seeking and finding great wines at affordable prices from all around the world.


  • Lowery Wine & Liquor - Slide Show

    • The following is a slideshow of some of the liquors and wines carried by Lowery Liquor & Wine in Sunnyside Queens. This should give you an idea of the kind of products and brands the store regularly inventories.


      • To see the entire photo album at a glance or to maximize photo sizes click here to go into the Lowery's - one of the leading Wine Stores In Sunnyside & Queens photo album on this site.


  • Liqueurs In Sunnyside

    • Brandy
    • Bourbon
    • Vodka
    • Whiskey
    • Gin
    • Rums
    • Ouzo
    • Sake
    • Schnapps
    • Curacao
    • Campari
    • Irish Cream
    • Amaretto
    • Sambuca
  • Wines In Sunnyside

    • Local Wine
    • Organic Wine
    • Red Wine
    • White Wine
    • Sparkling Wine
    • Champagne
    • Port Wine
  • Liqueur & Wine Tastings In Sunnyside

    • Every month we have several liqueur and wine tastings so you can try new offerings from around the world. See the Members Calendar for dates and times.


Lowery Wine & Liquor In Sunnyside - Map

  • The location of Lowery Wine & Liquor in Sunnyside is shown below. Hover over the marker for the address.

Click this link for a map with transit directions into the Sunnyside neighborhood - home of Lowery's - one of the leading wine and liquor stores in Queens. Lowerys is a wine store located on the LIC Long Island City / Sunnyside border.

Store Hours & Contact Information

  • 40-14 Queens Blvd / 718.784.2334
  • Store Hours: Mon - Thurs 8 A - 10 P / Fri & Sat 8 A - 11 P / Sun 12 noon - 7 P

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