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1.Sapori D' Ischia Restaurant - Map Woodside NY
This map shows the location of Sapori D'Ischia Restaurant in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens NY. Sapori D'Ischia serves Italian food.
Published Monday, January 5, 2009 3:15 pm

2.Restaurants In Woodside - Sapori D'Ischia
Restaurants In Woodside Sapori D'ischia Italian Trattoria In Queens - Closed Woodside Restaurants / Queens Restaurants / Woodside / Queens Buzz. We passed by Sapori D'ischia in mid October of 2012 and noticed that they were closed.  There was a city agency sign on their door regarding some regulatory issues.  The building seemed to be undergoing renovation.  We'll keep you posted as things change, but for the indefinite time being they're closed. Sapori D'Ischia is an authentic southern Italian restaurant located in the Woodside section of Queens NY. Sapori D'Ischia is located in what used to be an authentic Italian grocery store. Today, the grocery store continues, but the primary business has evolved into a well known and well liked restaurant serving Italian dishes. Sapori D'Ischia is an island off the coast of Italy near Capri. Click on the link above or the photo to your right to read the full review. We apologize as the photos do not do the food justice. This was one of our early reviews. Click here to read the full review of Italian Restaurants In Woodside - Sapori D'ischia.
Published Saturday, June 7, 2008 10:51 pm

3.Queens Restaurant Week 2009 - Queens NY
Queens Restaurant Week 2009 Begins Queens NY / October 5, 2009. For the next two weeks denizens of the borough will have the opportunity to sample the offerings of seventy five restaurants participating in Queens Restaurants Weeks. Essentially the program / promotion is designed to encourage residents and workers to try restaurants offerings for $25 for a special three course prix fixe menu. The three courses generally include an appetizer, a main entree and a dessert. Last year we found that $35 was charged for dinner, but we haven't seen anything to that effect this year. This year the program will run for two weeks and our coverage includes Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Jamaica and Forest Hills. Click here for additional info about Queens Restaurant Week 2009.
Published Monday, October 5, 2009 11:38 am

4.Valentine's Day Restaurants In Queens
Valentine's Day Restaurants In Queens Queens Restaurants / Queens Neighborhoods / February 2016. Valentine's Day is next weekend when lovers far and wide enjoin in the great romantic migration, for a night out on the town. If the night is done smartly, it comes complete with a thoughtful card, a small box of candies and her favorite flowers; followed by a nice romantic dinner. The origins of Valentine's Day are not well documented. It's believed to have been named after Saint Valentine who was apparently a Catholic martyr who died over 1500 years ago. Today the holiday is not associated with religion so much as flowers, candies, cards and dinners. And the holiday spokesperson is now Cupid, a Roman god of desire, and from what we hear, quite a mischief maker. Click this link to go to a brief guide of Queens restaurants for Valentine's Day where you will find links to Queens restaurants we've reviewed. It's worth noting that most of these reviews are positive because we've selected some of the best restaurants in their categories in Queens. It's also worth noting that most of these restaurants do not currently advertise on this site, so there wasn't any quid pro quo. That said, in time we will certainly try to convince as many of them as we can, into advertising on this site, because we have a large discerning dining audience that includes you. Enjoy.
Published Monday, February 8, 2010 11:39 am

5.Sunnyside Woodside Map - Things To Do in Sunnyside Woodside Queens
Sunnyside & Woodside Maps - Quick Overview Click to view three maps of Sunnyside & Woodside: 1) map of some of the shops In Sunnyside & Woodside with links to home pages or stories on this site, 2) map of some of the restaurants with links to home pages or stories on this site, and 3 map of cultural attractions in Sunnyside & Woodside most for which there are reports about them to be found on this site. Click here to view Sunnyside & Woodside Maps - Shops, Restaurants and Cultural Attractions in Sunnyside & Woodside Queens.  It is also a map of things to do in Sunnyside & Woodside Queens.
Published Wednesday, October 10, 2007 4:20 pm

6.Queens Restaurant Week 2011
Queens Restaurant Week 2011 Restaurants in Queens Queens Neighborhoods / September 26, 2011 / Queens Buzz. Queens Restaurant Week runs eight days over the course of two weeks.  There are about 80 restaurants in Queens participating in the event.  Queens provides one of the most diverse choices of authentic ethnic cuisines in the world.  The diverse selection of cuisines, offered by native restaurateurs, is gradually growing to challenge Manhattan as the destination for authentic ethnic restaurants in New York. Click here to view the list of restaurants in Queens participating in Queens Restaurant Week 2011.
Published Monday, September 26, 2011 10:33 am

7.Columbus Day Parade In Queens - FIAO
Columbus Day Parade - FIAO The Federation Of Italian Americans In Queens Updated October 4, 2012 / October 11, 2011 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic & Religious Culture / Queens Buzz. I attended the Columbus Day Parade in Astoria on Saturday. The parade is organized by the Federation of Italian Americans or FIAO in Queens, an organization that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. There were about 1,500 people who marched in the parade which is one of the biggest parades in Queens. As I covered the parade, many of the folks watched the pageantry from along Steinway Street and from cafés along 30th Avenue. It was a sunny, spectacular Indian summer day, with temperatures in the low 80’s and little humidity. Click here to read our account of the Columbus Day Parade in Astoria Queens, including a photographic slide show and an account of two Italians [Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci] contributions to the discovery of the Americas.  Click here for details about the Columbus Day Parde 2012.
Published Tuesday, October 11, 2011 9:57 pm

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1.Sapori Dischia
Sapori Dischia is a southern Italian restaurant in Woodside.

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