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Elections Voting Sunnyside Woodside Queens NY

Super Tuesday Voting In Queens

primary elections voting queens nySunnyside Queens NY / February 5th 2008. On Tuesday Democrats and Republicans went to the polls in 22 states and two territories in what was billed as Super Tuesday, the nation's first near national primary [half of the states]. We visited the polls that morning in Sunnyside in the 25th District. As of about 10 AM only 61 voters had cast their votes in the 25th precinct. Hillary Clinton won New York on the Democratic ticket and John McCain won the Republican ticket.

On the Democratic side this site prefers underdog Barack Obama because he is less likely to be a divisive figure and hence more likely to be able to govern from the middle. And on the Republican side this site prefers underdog Mitt Romney because he seems less likely to continue spending our tax dollars on the war in Iraq, while John McCain, given his unwavering support of it, seems determined to continue spending hundreds of billions on a pointless war. The photo above is the 25th District Polling Station in the Sunnyside section of Queens, NY.

We say let the oil companies and the Middle Eastern royals pay for the war, as they are the primary beneficiaries of it, not the American taxpayer. It's worth noting that Exxon Oil reported over $40 billion in profit for 2007 and that the Middle Eastern royals have amassed some $1.7 trillion in funds. And from what we hear from the mainstream media, it sounds like Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaida are alive and well and thriving in the Middle East. So someone please remind me why this nation has thus far spent $500 billion on this war, sacrificed 4000 American GI's lives, and allowed over 20,000 American GI's to lose limbs or suffer other major injuries? See our Political Forum for other comments.

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