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Massis Sunnyside - European Food Stores In Sunnyside

Massis European Food Store Sunnyside

42-20 43rd Ave / 718.729.3749


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Store Hours: Mon - Sat 9 A - 9 P, Sun 9 A - 7 P


Massis - European / Romanian Food Store - Sunnyside

Complement your farmers market shopping with European, Romanian and Armenian foods and cold cuts from Massis Food in Sunnyside.  Before or after you go shopping at the Sunnyside Farmers Market, stop by Massis European Foods in Sunnyside to buy fresh coffee beans, fresh olives and cold cuts, fresh raw or roasted nuts and fine imported cheeses.

Massis Food grocery store in Sunnyside also carries full lines of European packaged goods and foods to supplement all of the fresh purchases you make in the store and at the Farmers Market. So stop in before or after the Sunnyside Farmers Market on Saturday, because we're only a block away.

European Food Stores In Sunnyside - Slide Show

The following is a slideshow of some of the items that are generally in stock at the Massis Food store in Sunnyside Queens. This should give you an idea of the kind of things you can hope to find at our European Food store in Sunnyside Queens. We carry a broad line of cold cuts, imported cheeses, olives, nuts, coffee and packaged goods.

Sunnyside Bakeries - Massis Grocery Store In Sunnyside

Massis Food created an in-store bakery in 2011 in its grocery store in Sunnyside. The bakery provides fresh baked good daily, as well as fresh home made soups, salads and side dishes. In the slide show you can see our ready-to-go meatball and tribe soups. As well as our eggplant salad, Russian salad, caviar salad and grape leaf salad. All delicious favorites of our clientele in Sunnyside and Queens. We also carry cookies, cakes and pastries at our bakery near the Sunnyside farmers market.

Click this link to view photos of a sampling of some of the different items we carry in our European / Romanian food stores in Sunnyside.

Click here to view a photo of our Fresh Cheeses in Sunnyside.

Massis Map - Armenian Food / European Food In Sunnyside

  • The location of Massis Food is shown below. Massis carries a broad variety of Armenian, Romanian and European food at its store in Sunnyside. Hover over the marker for the address of Massis Food, a leading European grocery store in Sunnyside, which is only a block away from the Sunnyside farmers market.



Click this link for a map with transit directions into the Sunnyside neighborhood.

Massis Food Store Hours & Contact Information

  • 42-20 43rd Avenue / 718.729.3749
  • Hours: Mon - Sat 9 A - 9 P, Sun 10 A - 7 P

European Food Stores In Sunnyside Contact Info

Click here to view the business contact information for Massis European Food Stores in Sunnyside Queens. Our European / Romanian grocery store is one of the finest European grocery stores in Sunnyside and Queens. Please stop in to see for yourself.