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Facials Waxes Massages Spas - Astoria Queens

spas in astoria

32-84 Steinway Street / 718.267.6440


Click this link for the MAP showing the location of Angel Spa of Astoria - one of the leading Astoria spas.

Click this link to view PHOTOS of the services offered by Angel Spa, which offers facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and waxes in Astoria. We also serve the nearby Queens neighborhoods of Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside.

Hours: Mon, Thurs & Fri 11 A - 8 P, Wed 11 A - 7 P, Sat 10 A - 7 P, Sun 11 A - 6 P, Tues Closed

Spas In Astoria - Special Offers

Click here to go to view the monthly spa specials at one of the leading Spas in Astoria.

Spas In Astoria

Manhattan Services At Queens Prices

The staff at Angel Spa invites you to join them and enjoy the peace, tranquility and relaxation that they have to offer.  Our goal is to provide you with the finest spa treatments available in a soothing and caring environment where you will feel right at home.

Escape The Stress Of Your World, As You Step Into Ours ...

Our mission is to take you out of the stressful world of NYC in the 21st century and transport you into a warm soothing atmosphere, where you can relax and replenish your skin, your epidermal body layer, your weary hands and feet ... and ultimately your mind.

Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Waxes, Massages

  • Spas In Astoria - Serving Sunnyside & Woodside

    • The following is a slide show of some of the Astoria spa's service offerings. Angel Spa of Astoria also serves the neighborhoods of Sunnyside and Woodside which are only blocks away. These photos should give you an idea of some of the beauty services we provide.


  • Slide Show & Photo Gallery
    • To see the entire photo album at a glance or to maximize photo sizes click here to go into the Angel Spa photo album on this site - spas in Astoria.

  • FACIALS In Astoria & Queens

    • "Facials are not a luxury. They are a necessity to keep skin looking healthy and youthful for as long as possible." Rosie of Angel Spa in Astoria, Queens.
    • Click here for a menu of prices for facials in Astoria & Queens on our website.


  • WAXES In Astoria

    • We provide top of the line beauty waxes in Astoria. Our hair removal technique will leave your skin silky soft for weeks. We also provide waxes to our neighbors in Sunnyside and Woodside. Click here for a menu of prices on waxes in Astoria & Queens.



    • Our professional nail technicians are all NYS certified and have years of experience. We select only the finest technicians in the field and because we a family owned shop, we all work harmoniously together to provide the kind of soothing atmosphere you look forward to when you come to get one of Angel Spa's manicures or pedicures in Astoria. We make sure that before you walk out the door, your hands and feet look amazing. We provide a full line of manicures and pedicures to our Astoria, Sunnyside and Woodside neighbors who are only blocks away.

    • We offer specialty manicures and pedicures including:
      • Minx Nails & Gels
      • Chocolate Manicure & Pedicure
      • Champagne Manicure & Pedicure
      • Roses Manicure and Pedicure
    • Click here to view our prices on manicures and pedicures in Astoria.


  • MASSAGES In Astoria

    • Massages can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. Massages can help you rid some of the stress in your life. And it's a well known fact that you can strengthen your immune system by reducing stress. We serve the Astoria, Sunnyside and Woodside neighborhoods. Click here for a menu of prices on massages in Astoria Queens.


  • BEAUTY SPAS - In Astoria & Queens

    • We are one of the full service day spas in Astoria, Queens. We offer better prices, in a relaxed shopping environment near trendy restaurants and boutique stores. Angel Spa provides the following spa services in Astoria & Queens:
      • Facials, Manicures and Pedicures
      • Waxings, Make Up, Eyelash extensions and Bridal Treatments
      • Massages and Body Treatments
      • Volcanic clay mud treatments - for tired feet.
      • Microdermal Abrasion Treatments - this is an excellent treatment for the skin.
      • We carry a full line of high quality, salon selected, beauty products.
      • These can also make great gifts as can gift cards for our services.


Facials In Astoria Queens - Angel Spa Map

  • The location of Angel Spa - one of the leading provider of facials in Astoria, Queens is shown below. Hover over the marker for the address. You can see by the map that Angel Spa is located on the border of Astoria near Sunnyside and Woodside: two neighborhoods from which we attract many Queens spa clients.



Click this link for a map with transit directions into the Astoria neighborhood where you'll find facials in Astoria and other beauty services at the Angel Spa of Astoria, also servinig nearby Sunnyside and Woodside.

Beauty Spas In Astoria - Angel Spa In Queens

This information pertains to the Angel Spa, one of the leading beauty spas in Astoria.

  • 32-84 Steinway Street / 718.267.6440
  • Hours: Mon, Thurs & Fri 11 A - 8 P, Wed 11 A - 7 P, Sat 10 A - 7 P, Sun 11 A - 6 P, Tues Closed