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Spiderman 007

Hi.  My name is Mike Wood and I'm the editor and publisher of Queens Buzz.  Feel free to drop me a line via Site Mail.  Just so you know, Site Mail is not email.  You can't use Site Mail to contact anyone not listed as a member on this site.  And you must use their site ID on Queens Buzz [spiderman007] to site mail them.

So we offer a number of features which I'm going to demo using my ID.  One is for the Photo Gallery and another for the Blogs.  You can use these to inform your family and friends about what's going on in your life.  Kind of like a central meeting place about you, your friends and family.  And you can set up a network of friends.

The Forums are for everyone, so you won't have the control over them that you'll have on your home page, blog and photo gallery.  But if you're interested in getting involved in any of the them, send us a Site Mail or an email at mwood@queensbuzz.com.  As time goes on we're going to need Moderators and Coordinators for the Forums to make sure users stay on the subject and conduct themselves respectfully.