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LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center cultural things to do in lic

laguardia performing arts center

31-10 Thomson Avenue / 718.482.5151

Tickets 718.482.5151

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Hours: See Schedule Below For Showtimes And Tickets / Donations

LPAC - LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center

The LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center is a conveniently located performance center in LIC that attracts many nationally known talents to perform during the LaGuardia College school year. Browse through our schedule of events below to find the programs you'd like to attend. We have two theaters, one of which provides an intimate performance, while the other enables us to comfortably accommodate larger audiences.

Purchase LPAC Tickets Online Or Call

Live Entertainment In Queens

To purchase LPAC performance tickets or make a suggested donation, call 718.482.5151. Click here to make an online ticket purchase at the LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center in Long Island City Queens.

Click here to view details of the programs listed below or to go to the LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center LPAC website.

Winter / Spring 2017 Events Schedule

Also see slide show below and you can click to purchase tickets per instructions below.

SORRY by Shook Ones

sorry by shook ones lic queensDate & Time: Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays January 19, 20,21 and 25, 26 & 27, 2017 at 8 PM
Location: Main Stage
Admission: $20
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

A Story of Love, Hip-hop & hustle Directed by Mauricio Salgado

Sorry is a multimedia theatrical experience that utilizes dance, spoken word and projection to tell a story about cultures colliding that’s never been more relevant or necessary than today. Sorry is an immersive exploration of contemporary interracial partnerships, narrated and annotated by the secret Poet Laureate of the A train.

Shook Ones is choreographer, Cindy Salgado, writer/performer, Alejandro Rodriguez, and multimedia artist, Yazmany Arboleda; they’re joined for Sorry by Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Soglo, one of Canada’s premiere street dancers and the founding director of Bboyizm.


passing strange musical queensDate & Time: Friday & Saturday, January 27 & 28, 2017 at 8 pm
Location: LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
Admission: $20
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

An autobiography of a young African-American artist in search of himself, on an artistic journey of self-discovery through Europe.

From singer-songwriter and performance artist Stew comes PASSING STRANGE, a daring musical that takes you on a journey across boundaries of place, identity and theatrical convention. Stew brings us the story of a young bohemian who charts a course for "the real" through sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Loaded with soulful lyrics and overflowing with passion, the show takes us from black middle-class America to Amsterdam, Berlin and beyond on a journey towards personal and artistic authenticity.


soh daiko performances nycDate & Time: Monday & Tuesday, February 27 & 28, 2017
Location: Little Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

The Emerging Choreographer Series (ECS) is a 360-degree platform providing new or aspiring choreographers with tools, means and support to create, develop and premiere a new finished work. The program is co-presented by Mare Nostrum Elements and LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC) and provides 4 different elements: a space grant, development mentorship, feedback and performance venue. The ECS also provides a modest stipend to remunerate dancers and cover production expenses such as costumes, props and reimbursements.

ECS 2017 participants are:Felipe Galganni, Margaret Jones, Jacob Kruty, Patrick O’Brien, Michelle Sagarminaga, Jiemin Yang, Jacqueline Dugal, Carmine Caruso,

Photo credit: Gisella Sorrentino/Gaze Photography- Jacqueline Dugal, Mirko Giordano, Marissa Brown, Natalia Roberts, Pavel Machuca


soh daiko performances nycDate & Time: Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 3 pm
Location: Main Stage
Admission: FREE
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

With hard-driving rhythms, dynamic choreography, and high-energy performances, Japanese drumming collective Soh Daiko takes traditional taiko music into the 21st century. Performing on drums, bamboo flute, brass bells, conch shells, and gongs, Soh Daiko’s diverse repertoire includes traditional Japanese music as well as original arrangements, enhanced by visual elements and the group’s extraordinary athleticism.

Carnegie Hall's Neighborhood Concerts is a program of the Weill Music Institute.


rough draft festival queens nycDate & Time: Friday, March 24th to Saturday, April 8, 2017 - Times vary see below
Location: Main Stage, Little Theatre & Black Box Theatre
Admission: $10 for each event
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

The Rough Draft Festival is a celebration of artists/organizations and their work under development. Rough Draft features a wide array of artists at different stages in their careers. However, they all have common bonds in passion for their work and the talent and creativity to bring it to life. I am so pleased to work with these amazing artists again on the Rough Draft Festival, and hope you’ll join us to see their exciting new work. The Lab Director & Festival Curator is Handan Ozbilgin.


full of grace the play performances lic queens nycWritten by: Scott Barrow
Directed by: Kelly O'Donnell

Date & Time: Friday, Saturday & Monday, March 24, 25, & 27 at 7 pm
Location: Little Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

Journeys of LGBT Catholics is a docudrama that explores the intersection of faith and sexual identity through the first person accounts of LGBT Catholics.  The play is composed entirely of interviews from over 50 individuals including clergy, religious and lay people spanning in age from 19-85 from across the United States.  The play explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, self-acceptance and shame, integrity, family, relationships, and marriage as well as individual experiences of God and Church.  These are the untold stories of disciples seeking a place at the table and the fullness of life to which God calls them.


manar the play performances queens nycWritten by: Melis Aker
Directed by: Isabelle Kettle

Date & Time: Tuesday & Wednesday, March 28 & 29 at 7 pm
Location: Little Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

"In Birmingham, England we follow A Mother, A Father, Najla, and Gunner Hassan. Mourning the disappearance of A Son, they grapple with paranoia, grief, and cultural segregation, searching for tangible resolution in the age of digital empathy."


boy cometh to the mountain performances queens lic nycWritten by: Joey Merlo
Directed by: Benjamin Shaw

Date & Time: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, March 30 & 31 & April 1 at 7 pm
Location: Mainstage Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

Playwright Joey Merlo hilariously and passionately explores the complexities of family and faith in The Boy Cometh to the Mountain, a new play about a blue-collar family living on the edge of a Brooklyn cemetery. With Death as their muse the Rebera family dances, prays and argues their way through a Sunday that proves itself to be anything but ordinary.


pillowtalk play performances in lic queens nycWritten & Directed by: Kyoung Park

Date & Time: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, April 4, 5 & 6 at 7 pm
Location: Little Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

PILLOWTALK is an intimate two-character drama centered around Sam and Buck, a newlywed interracial gay couple. Using inventive staging incorporating elements of ballet’s pas de deux, PILLOWTALK examines the evolving values of gay marriage and asks: can queer communities of color truly celebrate marriage equality in times of #BlackLivesMatter?


Written by: Leila Buck
Directed by: Tamilla Woodard

Date & Time: Thursday & Friday, April 6 & 7 at 6 and 7 pm, respectively
Location: Mainstage Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

In American Dreams and Arabian Nights, you are invited into the audience of "American Dreams", America's most popular game/show, where you will decide which of three contestants will receive the ultimate prize: citizenship to "the greatest nation on earth."
Weaving storytelling, playful audience engagement, and current debates about immigration and more, this participatory performance-in-process asks how we negotiate between fear, trust, security and freedom: what stories we choose to believe - and how those choices come to shape who we are.


the arts the play performances lic queens nycWritten, directed and designed by Kevin Doyle

Dramaturg: Fannina Waubert de Puiseau

Designers: Jon Bernson, Mayra Castro, Mike McGee

Performed by Mike Carlsen, Josh Edelmann, Sauda Jackson, Eric Magnus, Katey Parker, and April Shannon Sweeney

Date & Time: Saturday, April 8 at 7 pm
Location: BlackBox Theatre
Admission: $10
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

THE AЯTS is a three-part work of interdisciplinary theatre under development from the Brooklyn-based theatre company, Sponsored By Nobody. The project investigates and deconstructs the history of public funding for the arts in the United States and contrasts it with events in the European Union, where threats to public subsidy have manifested in recent years. THE AЯTS is based upon transcripts from debates and hearings held in the U.S. Congress from 1963-1965 and 1989-1994; in addition to interviews conducted with arts leaders and citizens throughout the United States and Europe from 2012-2016. During their 2017 Impact Residency, Sponsored By Nobody will focus on Parts One and Two of THE AЯTS by condensing transcripts to revolve around two specific dates: October 26, 1963 and May 19, 1989. The former marks the first public hearings held in Congress on public funding of the arts. The latter marks the formal start of a backlash against arts funding, essentially beginning what we now call “the Culture Wars.” For more information on THE AЯTS, visit www.sponsoredbynobody.com


resonance performances lic queens nycDate & Time: Friday & Saturday, April 28 & 29, 2017 at 8 pm and 3 pm, respectively
Location: Little Theatre
Admission: $20
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

“ONKO CHISHIN” – is an attempt to discover new things by studying the past. The term defines the mission of this concert series, to explore connections between worlds of Modern Dance and Contemporary Dance. In this concert, 2nd Resonance, I pick up where I left off with my first concert, Kyomei-Resonance, this time exploring my Japanese dance heritage and its confluence with the work of American dance masters alongside with a new commission by Charlotte Griffin.


berber film festival laguardia college licDate & Time: Thursday & Friday, May 4 & 5, 2017 at various times
Location: LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
Admission: $x
: Call the box office at (718) 482 - 5151 or click the logo above to go to www.lpac.nyc

Continuing the tradition of our annual educational film festivals, the Amazigh/Berber Film Festival committee plans to organize the Third Edition of the Amazigh Film Festival at LaGuardia Community College Arts Center on May 4-5, 2017 with the aim of expanding cultural awareness and exchange among LAGCC students, faculty and NYC community at large, through film, music, and scholarly interventions about and by the Berbers or Amazigh of North Africa.
Building off previous editions, the proposed 2017 Amazigh Film Festival will broaden its reach, tackling issues related to women’s rights, emigration, poverty, unemployment, and sustainability and including films from not only Morocco, but Tunisia, Algeria, Siwa, Egypt, and the Canary Islands as well. Participating in a December 2016 conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, the curators will benefit from networking opportunities to contact new and established filmmakers. Their presentation, “Translating Berber Film: Film Festivals Abroad,” will gather experts on Berber films and filmmaking, and provide a space of collaboration and exchange with other Amazigh festivals.
The 2017 edition will the organizers to be able to show more films and invite a lively debate about Amazigh identity and cultural production among experts and visitors.

LPAC - Live Theatre, Dance & Music In Long Island City LIC

The following is a slide show of some of the upcoming and prior performances held at LPAC, the LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center, in Queens. This should give you a sense of the high quality of musical, dance and theatrical performances being hosted at the LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center, also known as LPAC, in Long Island City LIC.

Click here to go directly into the photo album to view enlarged photos of the shows for the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens.


Also see Slide Show above and you can click to purchase tickets online above.

See LaGuardia Social Media





LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center Map

LPAC - Easy Public Access From Most Queens Neighborhoods

The LaGuardia College Performing Arts Center is within easy reach from all of Queens. It is easily accessible via public transit from Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Flushing and Corona via the #7 and F or E trains. And it's walking distance from anywhere in the Long Island City LIC neighborhood of Queens.

Click this link for a map with transit directions into the Long Island City neighborhood where you'll find the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center [also known as LPAC] - one of the leading places for Things To Do / Events In Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside & LIC.


LaGuardia Performing Arts Center Residency Programs


Not everyone has a venue, and the LPAC Lab is committed to making sure that performers can find a stage, rehearsal room, even skilled technicians to develop their original work in progress. Going strong since 2006.
The purpose of Lab Grant is to present works-in-progress (Open Dress Rehearsal/Stage Reading, Lecture Demonstration. Submissions are accepted by LPAC on an ongoing basis and awards will be made based on availability of the theatres. Please send your submission to lpaclab@lagcc.cuny.edu
Artists must submit the following -

• one page artistic statement
• half-page description of proposed project
• an excerpt of script (if applicable) not to exceed 5 pages
• bio or resume of primary artist(s)
• work sample
• request for performance or workshop date for Little Theatre.

Artists receive -

Up to 40 hours of rehearsal space in the theatre with 4 hours of technical support.
• Suggested donation  $5.00
• Barebones production elements (existing light plot must not be changed, sets will consist of simple furniture such as: tables, chairs, platforms, etc).
Artists provide -

• Opportunities for students of LAGCC to attend open rehearsals
• Their own marketing and publicity efforts
• A public presentation of work being developed (open rehearsal or workshop)
• Q & A with the audience



The CUNY Dance Initiative (CDI) is a new residency program providing rehearsal and performance space to New York City choreographers and dance companies. With lead funding from the New York Community Trust, the CUNY Dance Initiative offers subsidies to participating CUNY colleges to assist with artist fees, rehearsal expenses, and production, marketing, and administrative costs.



Global Exchange Program: Balkan Region is the first in LPAC’s newly established five-year initiative  intended to create new, collaborative theatre pieces with resident directors based in NYC and already established international theatre partners in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Serbia. These collaborations will allow LPAC and partners to enrich their current artist development initiatives and support for emerging, international work, through the sharing of ideas and practices, and the exposure to new audiences both in New York City and abroad.



The Impact Residency is a new opportunity for ensembles and devised theatre makers.  The Impact Residency awards a director working with or inside a devising ensemble/company the tools to create an entire new performance piece: development support, rehearsal space, technical staff, mentorship, a in-progress workshop presentation at The Drama League Theater Center in Tribeca, and a presentation of as part of LPAC's Rough Draft Festival, with the opportunity to stage the premiere of the work there as well in the future, if desired.
The Impact Residency includes:
Up to 120 hours of rehearsal and up to 30 hours of tech time at LPAC.
The director will receive $10,000, which can be used to cover workshop expenses including the hiring of professional artists or production needs.
The artist will receive periodic mentorship from LPAC and Drama League staff.
The work will receive two in-progress showings at the Drama League Theater Center in Tribeca and a full tech work-in-progress showing at LaGuardia Performing Arts Center to conclude the residency. There is also the possibility of staging the premiere of the work at LPAC.
Applications are now open and will close at 5:00pm, Thursday November 10th, 2016

RENTALS - LaGuardia Performing Arts Center Residency Rentals

Whether you are planning a concert, theatre production, recital, graduation, conference, or fundraiser, our professional and courteous staff will help you organize a successful event.  Located on the campus of LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center is easily accessible by public transportation and only ten minutes from Manhattan.  We offer state-of-the-art facilities for rental at reasonable rates.
Both the 740-seat Mainstage Theatre and the 199-seat Little Theatre are available for rental.  Attributes and services available when you rent either theatre are listed in the enclosed documents.  Get a sneak peek by taking a virtual tour of the theatres.  Select the link to the Mainstage or Little Theatre located on the right.

Please call 718-482-5152 or email Carmen Griffin at cgriffin@lagcc.cuny.edu. We look forward to discussing your upcoming event.

Mainstage Theater

The Mainstage Theatre seats 740 guests on a single level plus up to 12 guests in wheelchairs. The Theatre was designed as a proscenium theatre with a level of finish appropriate to formal, public presentations of the performing arts. It is served by a lobby and by a box office facility.
• Stage area: 44 feet wide x 36 feet deep x 24 feet high
• 47 counterweighted fly line system
• Orchestra pit seating 18 musicians
• Two principle dressing rooms and two chorus dressing rooms, each with shower and rest room facilities.
• Workshop for scenery repair and touchup
• Fully equipped lighting system with computerized board
• Basic sound system ? 24 channel mixer, house speaker system
• Upright piano & Marley Dance flooring where needed

Little Theater

The Little Theatre features a raised, thrust stage surrounded on three sides by 199 steeply raked seats which offer excellent sightlines. Space for eight people in wheelchairs is available behind the last row offixed seats. The theatre also contains a movie screen for showing films. The Little Theatre is also capable of multi-media presentation and internet connection upon request.
• Stage area: 46 feet wide x 25 feet deep x 13 feet high
• Three dressing rooms with shower and rest room facilities

Location & Contact Information for LPAC in LIC

  • 31-10 Thomson Avenue/ For Tickets & Info 718.482.5151
  • Box Office Hours: 10 A - 4 P / Box Office will be open two hours prior to showtime / See Schedule Above For Showtimes and Tickets

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