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11:55 am

 Angel Spa Waxings
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Woman’s Waxing


Upper Lip   $10

Chin   $10

Under Arm   $15

Full Arm   $35

Half Arm   $25

Full Leg   $48

Upper Half Leg   $33

Lower Half Leg   $25

Upper Half Leg & Bikini   $55

Lower Half Leg & Bikini   $49

Bikini   $28

Full Leg & Bikini   $72

Brazilian (Strip)   $40

Brazilian (Bare)   $45

Stomach or Back   $20

Jaw line & Chin   $20

Cheeks   $10

Men’s Waxing


 Back or Chest   $38

 Full Arm   $40

 Half Arm   $33

 Full Leg   $60

 Half Leg   $33

 Shoulder or Stomach  $25

 Stomach (Sides)   $20


Eyebrows & Eye Lashes


 Eyebrow Clean Up   $12

 Eyebrow Tweezing   $18

 Eyebrow Shaping   $20

 Eyebrow Tinting   $20

 Eye Lash Tinting   $15


Eyelash Extensions  - See facial enhancements


11:18 am

 Angel Spa Facials - Menu Of Services
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 European Facial                                         60 mins ~ $70

A deep pore cleansing and exfoliation treatment to reduce congestion and redefines the skin. This relaxing treatment helps to promote a healthy and balanced appearance.


Oxygen Facial                                             60 mins ~ $79

This treatment energizes the skin and defends against aging. It cleanses the pores, increases blood circulation & lightens hyperpigmentation.


Cryogenic Facial                                         60 mins ~ $88

Outstanding algae mixed with essential oils & vitamins, customized to your needs. Treatment will deeply hydrate, detoxify, and firm the skin. Skin will illuminate with a warm glow.


V.I.P Biologique 02 Facial                        75 mins ~ $110

Ideal therapy for all skin types. Oxygenating the skin helps to simulate, hydrate and protect it from pollutants. A light weight peel encourages skin cell regeneration which reduces fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, & uneven pigmentations.


Sensitive Skin Facials                                60 mins ~ $90

This treatment carters to the specific problems of sensitive skin. Soothes and tones down redness while replenishing the epidermis with lipids. For rosacea and reactive skin.


Vitamin C Facial                                         60 mins ~ $85

A complete aging solution for all skin types. Designed to provide nutrients improve skin tone, firmness and reduction of fine lines.  Hydration with topical infusion encourages natural collagen production.


Angel’s Signature Facial                          90 mins ~ $150

A customized anti-aging facial designed to restore overall balance youthful texture and radiance of skin. A four layer masque, blended with concentrated serums Vitamins C&E, is used to deeply hydrate & repair the skin. Treatment is finished with an application of a vitamin peel. The results are amazing.


Acne Enzyme Facial                                    60 mins ~ $85

This intensive treatment brings a multi-facet approach to treating acne and helps to clear the skin without dehydrating or irritating effects. Fruit enzymes are used to digest surface debris, refine the pores & calm inflamed acne. For oily and problem skin.


Antioxidant Facial                                       60 mins ~ $90

Deeply cleans pores & gently exfoliates dull skin cells, restoring the skin to a vibrant complexion. The facial massage relaxes the mind while creating healthy muscular tone. The Mask provides complete restorative care for your skin.


Back-Up                                                           60 mins ~ $72

A facial for the back with cleansing, exfoliation and thorough extractions. A deep cleansing while rejuvenating & relaxing


Booster Facial                                               30 mins ~ $45

Steaming, Cleansing & exfoliating.


Teen Purity   (16yrs. and under)              50 mins ~ $59

Lots of cleansing, exfoliating, extractions and a revitalizing mask to leave the skin unbelievably purified!  Tips on home care and skin education. 


Facial Acid Peels                                          $85 & up.

An intensive treatment designed to rapidly exfoliate the epidermal cells. It reduces scars & improves hyper-pigmentation caused by sun or acne. Also accelerates new cell growth, softens facial lines while healing & promoting healthier facial tissues.


 >NEW< Microdermabrasion                    30 mins ~ $85

This treatment removes the top or used layer of skin cells, allowing the new layer of cells to emerge.  It is highly cleansing to the pores while hindering possible break outs. It also stimulates collagen for an even skin texture and appearance.  Excellent for fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, blotchy, acne-scarring and sun damaged skin.  (For maximum results, this treatment is recommended in a series)


Microdermabrasion w/ Facial                   80 mins ~ $135


   Enhancement add-ons


Eye Treatment         $25               Added on to facials $18

This special eye treatment reduces fine lines & wrinkles.  Leaving the eye area smooth and radiant.


Splash Ampoule       $15

Choose from a variety of miracle serums that firm, calm, lift & hydrate.


Glycolic Peel             $25             Add on to any Facial


11:15 am

 Angel Spa - Astoria / Sunnyside / Woodside / LIC
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 This is the first blog post of Angel Spa.  In the beginning our posts will include a menu of the services we provide, along with prices.  Be sure to click into our home page to view our current specials.

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