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 Bike Repairman On Bicycle Technology
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Technology by Bikerepairman

928 Carbon SL/Record
Bianchi Reparto Corse continues to pursue technological development and constant research, taking advantage of new concepts and targets achieved to deliver ultimate performance to its customers, professional and amateur alike.

Bianchi Reparto Corse is the utmost expression of the "celeste" philosophy. At Bianchi everything is home-made, an unrelenting activity of tests and experiments takes place at every production stage, from the design of the tubes section all the way through to the release of the finished product.

All frames share the same philosophy in order to maximize the product's potential, taking into account its final destination, from the most cutting-edge prototype design to the entry-level production version.

Tubing is therefore machined to the most suitable dimensions and gauges. The differences between a top range frame and one conceived for a more popular clientele are the weight, the materials, the tubes sections and the type of welding.

But all the bicycles from Reparto Corse share a unique, identical shape concept; they all come from the same design, whatever their base material is: aluminum, steel, carbon or titanium.
Mega-Pro Concept

MegaPro is the name of the latest Reparto Corse philosophy goal. The MegaPro shape characterises the XL frames, the most outstanding expression of our "celeste" passion and technology.

By the MegaPro Concept, all the frame tubes undergo heat treatment, in order to restore the original features of the materials which are stressed during forced deformations and the TIG welding process.

The upper side of the downtube has a half-circle section, the lower one is a rounded truncated-cone, which gradually enlarges as it goes down to the bottom bracket set, until it achieves its maximum dimension at the distance of about 20 cm. At this point it starts to shrink in order to change into an elliptical shape, thus inserting itself into the bottom bracket shell.

The three principal advantages of sloping geometry frames are as follows:

Stability when descending: With a sloping geometry frame the combined center of gravity of the rider and the machine is marginally lowered with respect to a conventional "direct" frame, thus making the bicycle more stable when descending and more maneuverable when cornering, particularly at speed.

Weight savings: A sloping frame will typically be 30-40 grams lighter than a "direct" frame, a significant advantage, especially in a thoroughbred racing frame, in which a further weight saving through reduction of the tube wall diameters cannot realistically be achieved.

Increased rigidity: By reducing the size of both the main triangle and the rear triangle, the overall rigidity of the frame is significantly increased. This means that the bike will react in a more responsive manner to the forces of the rider, particularly in situations when this force is delivered in an 'explosive' manner, for example during fast climbing accelerations.

Technology Solutions

Structural Foam Injection is a 2-component non-toxic foam developed by Henkel Spa Surface Technologies and patented by Bianchi for specific cycling applications, i.e., as a tube strengthening material.

The results obtained through the introduction of SFI have been noteworthy: a weight increase of only 20 grams yielded a 15% improvement in stress resistance, while resistance to fatigue doubled in the bottom bracket area.

All this was made possible by the special properties of this foam, which is able to distribute the loads evenly, avoiding fatigue build-up in high stress areas and in welded parts whose composition has been thermally altered.
Obey Traffic Signs and Signals: As vehicles, bicycles must obey all NYC Traffic Rules. Cyclists have the same rights, privileges and duties as other vehicular traffic. Never Ride Against Traffic: Motorists and pedestrians are not looking for bicyclists riding against traffic. It is illegal and dangerous. Ride with traffic to avoid accidents. Stay Off Sidewalks: Bikes are not permitted on sidewalks unless bike wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter and the rider is 12 years or younger, or signs allow. Be Visible: Ensure your visibility at night by wearing light-toned clothing with reflective tape material. Outfit your bike with lights as you would for riding on the roads.

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