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Sunnyside Art Show Queen Of Angels Church Sunnyside NY Queens

Art Fair In Sunnyside

The art fair in Sunnyside held at the Queen Of Angels church was also a popular event. During the course of the day hundreds of people walked through the fair, many of whom bought a painting to bring home. There were classic landscapes, modern abstractions and there was even some animation / comic style artwork. In the photo to the right you can see residents mingling with one of the artists. Some of his abstract paintings are shown in the background. Scroll down to see the rest of the story and more photos of the Art Fair in Sunnyside at Queen of Angels church.

Sunnyside Art Show Attracts Hundreds


Sunnyside / October 19, 2008. The second annual art fair was held at the Queen of Angels church in Sunnyside. About 25 artists participated in the event, which was overbooked as there was not enough space to accommodate all of the interested local artists. The watercolor painting to your left is by Lorraine Varley and the red mark in the lower part of the painting is part of the prize ribbon awarded at the Jackson Heights Film Festival.

Art event in Sunnyside

Although just in its second year the event has grown in interest as the demographic changes in the community are beginning to slowly alter community events and commerce. Some of the artists presented landscapes, such as the paintings shown in the photo to your right, which is the work of Laura Heim. There were only a few urban landscapes, and even fewer with the depiction of human forms, such as the one shown below to the right by artist Patricia Dorfman. Please pardon the reflection of the outside doorway on the painting glass.

Sunnyside Art Show

Bliss and Quaint restaurants and Lowery's wine store contributed food and beverages to the event. A free glass of wine was offered with every art purchase and the food contributed by the two restaurants also upped the ante on the overall appeal of the show. Proceeds including a percent of each artists' sale went to charity.

Sunnyside Art Event animated

The artistic offerings were largely comprised of oils and watercolors, and at least one artist did works that resembled the animated form. Special mention should be given to the local Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, who contributed their time in helping set up the events and signing people in at the door. Patricia Dorfman was the event organizer, while Vincent Daly, the church pastor was the event host. My compliments to Ms Dorfman on her organizational skills as the event attracted hundreds of visitors to the successful art fair. The photo above left shows some of the works of Paul Maringelli, as well as Paul himself.

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