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Tour De Queens Bike Ride - Cycling In Queens

Tour De Queens Bike Ride 2009

Starting point of Tour de Queens Bike Ride 2009 Flushing Queens NYSecond Annual Queens Bicycle Ride July 12th 2009

Flushing / July 4, 2009. The second annual Tour De Queens Bike Ride begins Sunday, July 12th 2009. Riders will commence around the Unisphere across from the Queens Museum Of Art in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. There are currently about 500 open slots for which one can sign up for on the day of the event. Registration begins at 8 AM and we have been informed that nobody will be there any sooner. Riders of all ages are welcomed, but of course younger children are expected to be accompanied by an adult. In the for-what-it’s-worth category, be advised that at 1 PM in the afternoon the Mets will play Cincinnati, so for baseball fans you could easily make this a full day out of doors with the kids.

Panorama of New York City Queens Museum Of Art Tour de Queens Bicycle Ride Course 2009Cycling In Queens – Tour De Queens Course

The Queens Museum Of Art will be open so that bike riders can visit the New York Panorama which was first built for the 1964 World’s Fair in which the course will be marked out. The course for the ride we understand to be about twenty four miles in length. The exact trail or course the ride is to take has been kept a secret, but through unconfirmed sources we understand that the course will be primarily in the eastern neighborhoods of Queens, since the ride last year was in the western neighborhoods of Queens. Like last year, the ride is expected to end where it began, in Flushing Meadows Corona Park by the Unisphere.

Tour De Queens – Bicycling Queens By Transportation Alternatives

bicycling cycling in Queens NYRiders will hit the road in waves, much the same way as the marathon runners began their journey last fall. In this manner the event will be staggered so that the faster riders can get out in front and the slower ones can take their time. The riders will be accompanied by a police escort in a sort of parade style ride. Part of the intent of this is to help familiarize bike riders with riding on the streets, although for purposes of this ride the police escort greatly simplifies things and reduces the stress and risk, particularly for young ‘uns.

Queens Bike Ride Schedule – July 12th 2009

Tour De Queens Bike Ride Flushing Queens NYBetween 8 AM and 9 AM the day of registrations for the event will be processed and sometime between 9 and 9.30 AM the ride will begin. The ride will likely take between four to six hours, so come prepared with things like sunscreen, water and something to eat. This translates into the event ending between 1 PM and 3 PM depending on whether you are in the front or end of the ride. This translates into riding at about four to six miles per hour which is pretty leisurely.

Tour De Queens Bicycle Ride Registration – Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The pre-registered riders signed up online or via handouts in late May. We understand that the pre-registration sign up filled up in record time, but that there is some attrition which takes place between the initial sign up and the day of the event.

Bike Repairs & Accessories – Queens NY

So start preparing your bicycle for the big ride. Either do it yourself or take it into a bike repair shop. Be sure to purchase whatever safety accessories you need, including helmets, not just for this ride, but the rest of the summer. And if you don’t have a bike, stop by a bike shop and pick one up. You’re likely to save the cost of one over the course of the summer by using it as a local means of transportation. Not only will you save money, but you’ll help your overall health and contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Click this link to view the Bike Repairman Bicycle Shop Home Page serving Astoria, Sunnyside and Long Island City Queens.

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