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election day in queens voting in queens 2012

Obama Wins Re-election

Democrats Pick Up Seats In Senate & House

Queens County Voting Results Shown Below

November 7, 2012 / Queens Buzz Election Headquarters. The results are in with Obama queens county election results 2012winning re-election. The numbers were close in the popular vote count, but there was a wide margin in the electoral college count, where Obama won all but one of the swing states. In the Senate the Democrats strengthened their majority by picking up two seats, and it appears the Democrats picked up some seats in the House too, but the Republicans are still in control of it, albeit with a smaller majority.

In New York federal races, Kirsten Gillebrand handily beat her opponent for the U.S. Senate with well over 60% of the vote. Incumbents Joseph Crowley (7), Gregory Meeks (5), Nydia Velazquez (12) and Carolyn Maloney (14), and newcomers Grace Meng (6) and Hakeem Jeffries (8) - all Democrats - won their races for the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the NY State Senate election Tony Avella (11), Michael Gianaris (12), Jose Peralta (13), Malcolm Smith (14), Joseph Addabbo (15), and Toby Ann Stavitsky (16) - all Democrats - won their races generally by wide margins.

In the NY State Assembly election David Weprin (24), Margaret Markey (30), Michael DenDekker (34), Aubry Jeffrion (35), Aravella Simotas (36), Catherine Nolan (37), Ron Kim (40), and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (65) - all Democrats - won their races generally by wide margins.

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Long Voting Lines In Places

Two Poll Sites Tell Very Different Tales

November 6, 2012 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Issues / Queens Buzz. We went out tonight to take the pulse of the voting public. We made two poll stops - one in electon day in queens voting in queens county nyWoodside and one in Sunnyside - and they told two very different tales.

I breezed into the Woodside poll site where there wasn't a line outside and there wasn't a line inside either. But there was a steady trickle of voters coming in, and there were plenty of people busy filling in the ballots inside the main room. I asked a couple of people if this year it seemed like the same level as voter interest as four years ago, during the last presidential election. Nobody seemed to be sure, so we settled on an 'about the same as four years ago' with some hesitation on my part, based on my visit four years ago to this same site.

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Long Voting Lines In Places

Two Poll Sites Tell Very Different Tales

November 6, 2012 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Issues / Queens Buzz. I then headed down to the Sunnyside poll site where I saw quite a different picture. There were people standing in a line that lead nearly all the way down a very long block - about a football field long. I found this heartening, because it showed, that in spite of all the obstacles we've encountered the past week or so, that the denizens of Queens are still very interested and willing participants in the electoral process. They showed a faith - if you election day in queens voting in queens nywill - in the American democratic system.

I made my way down the line conversing with some of those waiting in it. One told me that the line had been like this since early this morning. Another complained to me that she had waited in line in the morning, but had to get to work, and now here she was again, waiting in line again to cast her ballot.

I told her that I had heard from another voter that the reason this site was so backed up was because many of the people who lived in the Rockaways had come to the Sunnyside / Woodside area to cast their votes. She seemed to believe that that rumor was true and then asked, "Why isn't the media reporting this? And why haven't government officials election day in queensexpanded the voting capacity at this site to accommodate the influx of displaced voters?"

While I could see her point, at the same time I knew that NYC and NYS government officials were likely up to their ears in managing the Hurricane Sandy recovery, the coming Noreaster storm preparations; all while managing the voting process. And it was, afterall, actually quite a pleasant evening. Most of the other voters seemed not to mind, and perhaps even to enjoy the communal democratic experience. And so I began my journey home.

The French say 'Viva la France', the English say 'God Save the Queen'; but in America we say 'Power to the People'. May the best candidates win.

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