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Greater Astoria Historical Society Long Island City Queens NY

Historian & New Book At Astoria Historical Society

Queens Then and Now at Greater Astoria Historical SocietyAstoria / LIC / Long Island City / February 22, 2009. Jason D. Antos gave an hour long slide presentation at the Greater Astoria Historical Society on Saturday afternoon to an attentive audience of some twenty plus history buffs. The slide presentation provided a look at the borough over the past 400 plus years, and photographically related it back to things today.

The lecture and slide show seemed to be of great interest of those attendees with whom I spoke. To read a brief story about the book release and the Greater Astoria Historical Society, keep reading the story below.

Background - Greater Astoria Historical Society

Greater Astoria Historical Society Long Island City Queens NYLong Island City Queens / February 21, 2009. On Saturday afternoon, a slide presentation of the new book, Queens: Then And Now, was given by its author Jason D. Antos at The Greater Astoria Historical Society. The Society is located on the fourth floor of the Quinn Building on Broadway and 36th. Somewhere between 20 and 30 people were in attendance.

The New Book - Queens: Then And Now

Jason showed slides of various historical sites throughout the borough as they were decades and centuries ago, and then showed us slides of these same structures or their current day sites today. It was an interesting trip in Jason’s time machine and was sort of a ‘Queens Roots’ experience.

Blackwell Door Exhibit - Greater Astoria Historical Society Queens NY

Robert Singleton Astoria Historical Society President Long Island City Queens NYAfter the lecture I was given a brief tour of some of the Society’s collection, which include a number of iconic artifacts from the American past as well as a several collections of photos along the walls. One of the more recent additions to the Society’s holdings is the famous Blackwell Door, which dates from the Revolutionary War period, when a British officer carved an arrow into the door, confiscating the house as premises for the British Army. In the photo you can see Bob Singleton, society president, pointing to the famous carved arrow on the door. Please note that because it’s been painted over it’s difficult to see in real life too.

Bob Singleton Historian - Greater Astoria Historical Society President

old cameras Greater Astoria Historical Society GAHS Queens NYBob and the Society collaborate on with other historical sites in the borough in an effort to inform the world about Queens’ past. Bob is involved in hosting tours of the Steinway & Sons Piano Factory on Tuesdays during the school year, and communicates with the owners of the Lent Riker Homestead in an effort to provide tours of it as well. The Lent Riker Homestead is the longest continuously occupied home in the borough [erected in the 1700’s].

The Society’s historical focus is primarily with the Astoria, Long Island City and Sunnyside / Woodside neighborhoods, as these once comprised what used to be known as Long Island City, dating back to its heyday from 1870 to 1898. In 1898 Long Island City, Brooklyn and New York City [Manhattan] merged into one government entity.

History Books At Greater Astoria Historical Society

Greater Astoria Historical Society Books Long Island City Astoria NYSeparate from Jason’s work, the Society has published four books to date. These include Long Island City, Long Island City [the postcard series], The Queensboro Bridge and the East River. While perhaps not New York Times best sellers, these books provide a treasure trove of information and images about Queens’ past.

The Society is open from 6 pm to 8 pm on Wednesdays and from 12 noon to 6 pm on Saturdays. They also sponsor a number of monthly events, which are posted on their website, many of which we will post on Queens Buzz. Click here for a map of The Greater Astoria Historical Society location or click here for a link the The Greater Astoria Historical Society website.

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