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taste of sunnyside 2016 photos

Serving Sunnyside a Taste

Neighborhood Businesses Provide Samplings of Beverages & Cuisine

May 24, 2016 / Sunnyside Neighborhood / Queens Food & Wine / Queens Buzz.

Lowerys Wine & Liquor Prepares for Taste of Sunnyside 2016

taste of sunnyside photosOn Tuesday afternoon on my way home from a gig, I found myself stopping in at Lowerys Wine & Liquors for a brief hello. Lowerys has long been an institution serving the Sunnyside community, and I found Owner Anthony Lodati and Manager Janet Rios hard at work, preparing for the 7th Annual Taste of Sunnyside, which was to be held later in the day.


Along the casked walls there was an ample selection of wines, and I found Anthony moving about the store like a sommelier in pursuit of a mix of wines for the evening. Meanwhile, back in the office and staging area, I found Janet preparing party favors for the event, which were to be gifted at half-hour intervals, during the Annual Sunnyside Taste 2016.

As they were both pre-occupied, I shot a few photos and continued my journey home.


Later that afternoon, I headed over to the Taste of Sunnyside, for a few nibbles and sips. This year the Taste of Sunnyside featured seven beverage companies and 25 Sunnyside restaurants.


7th Taste of Sunnyside 2016 in Photos & Video

taste of sunnyside 2016 photosThe Taste of Sunnyside 2016 is in its 7th year, the first of which started at Queens Boulevard and 39th Street in 2010. The intent of the Taste of Sunnyside event is to raise awareness of some of the restaurants and beverage companies serving the neighborhood, while simultaneously raising funds for the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District [BID].


The Sunnyside Shines BID’s mission is to promote a specified commercial district of the neighborhood running from about 50th Street down to about 38th Street along Queens Blvd and the eastern section of Greenpoint Avenue through a combination of area maintenance and business enhancement services.


Click here to read the rest of the story about the Taste of Sunnyside 2016 with photos & video.

Serving Sunnyside a Taste

Neighborhood Businesses Provide Samplings of Beverages & Cuisine

May 24, 2016 / Sunnyside Neighborhood / Queens Food & Wine / Queens Buzz. Continued.

Sunnyside Shines BID Organizes Taste of Sunnyside

taste of sunnyside 2016 photosThe Sunnyside Shines BID assists with extra services in the commercial district including trash pickups, holiday decorations along the streetlights, and promotional events such as the Taste of Sunnyside 2016.


The restaurants and local businesses that participate in the event donate the food and beverages for the benefit of the Business Improvement District. This year the audience entrance fees were $65 for the early bird VIPs and $35 for general admission. Over 600 people were expected to attend.


Wines in Sunnyside at the Taste of Sunnyside 2016

Once inside the Taste of Sunnyside tent, I made my way to the Lowery’s booth where I found Anthony and Janet setting up the wines on the display table. Lowerys has one of the largest selections of wine in Queens, as well as all of NYC. They are a family-run business that’s been around since the early 1930’s, and over the years they have developed a knack for providing their customers with a wide range of wine and liquor choices based on countries of origin, vintage and price.


In the past few years Lowerys has begun stocking a wide assortment of the half and quarter bottles of wine, which are great for singles who wish to end their day with a glass or two of wine. These smaller sized bottles are also a great convenience on trips. Tonight they were serving Ay Carumba Sangria, "a sangria with a flair" to fit the festive Spring-like May mood, along with a Mouton Cadet Rose and a sparkling Ruffino Rose.


Nibbles & Sips at the 7th Annual Taste of Sunnyside

dazies italian restaurant taste of sunnyside 2016I took photos of many of the tables before the crowd arrived, which you can view in the video below. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to sample the wares, as I had other commitments requiring me to depart shortly after the event opened.


But I did get a chance to capture some of the ambiance and a bit of the music from the warm up performance by two local musicians, Smidge Malone & Matthew Dallow, along with two of their friends. I also included photos of many of the vendors, and of some of the crowd as they began aggregating in anticipation of the event.


Many thanks to Sunnyside Shines BID for organizing the event and to all of the local businesspeople who donated the food and beverages served.


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