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December Shabakowsnowski: Do The Shaba. It's Good For You.
December Shabakowsnowski:  Do The Shaba.  It's Good For You. | Fiction, graphics, literature in Queens, NY

As she stumbled into the empty restaurant, the earth began bouncing beneath her ...
Shabakowsnowski is a free form collaborative interactive story with graphics and possibly video. The origin of the name 'Shabakowsnowski' will provide you with an example of how this is going to work. The root of the name came from the expression "Not too shabby" which meant something was actually good. My brother stylized the expression, by saying, "Not too shabakowski". I applied for the domain name 'shabakowski' and the computer suggested I purchase 'shabakowsnowski'. I thought it had a nice ring to it, so I bought it and decided to keep the random string going. So that's kind of how this section of the site will work. We will start a story, like someone coming up with the expression "Not too shabby". Then one of you will take the story in a related but different direction. And then someone else will pick up from where the second participant left off, and so on.

So here's how it's going to work, specifically. Queens Webzine staff will get the ball rolling by starting a story that may or may not include graphics at the time. The story will start on Sunday, December 2nd. And all of it must take place in Queens.

You, the viewers, will read the beginning of the story and get involved by sending us your submissions which take the story in any direction you want. We'll need to receive the first installment by Sunday, December 9th. We'll review the submissions, possibly edit them and then add the best one onto the story by Wednesday, December 12th. And again you read the story and provide an extension / submission by Sunday, December 16th. And again we read the submissions and post one by Wednesday, December 19th. Then you submit on Sunday, December 23rd, we post on Wednesday, December 26th, you submit on December 30th and we post on January 2nd, 2008.

For clarity, Queens Webzine will end up owning the final work and can do with it what it will. The contributors however, can continue to own their original submissions, but give Queens Webzine full perpetual licensing rights to use their submissions. To participate in this collaborative interactive experience you must sign up to become a member. It's free. And once we have achieved sufficient member involvement, we will turn over the weekly selection process to you, the viewers, by virtue of voting.

See you December 2nd. The picture above and the picture below with their captions are out of no-where examples of how Shabakowsnowski could get started, but likely with a bit more context ... and then again maybe not ...

He looked across the street, only to see what he had hoped he would never see again...