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Astoria Columbus Day Parade

38th Annual Parade Celebrates Italian's Discovery of the New World

columbus day parade astoria photosOctober 12, 2015 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic Culture Queens / Queens Buzz.

It was a near perfect day as I made my over to Steinway and 30th Streets to watch the Columbus Day Parade. The parade formed in the lot at Kaufman Studios, then marched north along Steinway Street, west along 30th Avenue before making its way north again along 33rd Street before terminating at Columbus Triangle at Astoria Blvd.

Federation of Italian Americans in Astoria [FIAO]

The Federation of Italian Americans organizes the parade each year, to commemorate Columbus's discovery of America. FIAO [The Federation of Italian Americans] has organized the Astoria Columbus Day Parade since 1978.

Columbus set sail in early August of 1492 and is said to have spotted land on October 12th of that same year, which is why we celebrate Columbus Day on the second Monday of October every year. The land Columbus had discovered was actually an island in the Caribbean and Columbus believed it to be a part of Asia. Columbus's voyage had been funded by the King and Queen of Spain, as they were beginning to compete with other European nations for overseas trade.

That's Mrs. Columbus standing just right of members of her security detail.

Click here to learn a bit more about Columbus's historic voyages, the naming of America, as well as a photo slide show of the Federation of Italian Americans FIAO Columbus Day Parade and the Columbus Triangle in Astoria.

Astoria Columbus Day Parade

Federation of Italian Americans FIAO 38th Annual Parade

October 12, 2015 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic Culture Queens / Queens Buzz. Continued.

Discovery of America - Italian Style

columbus day parade photos astoria hair salonsColumbus made four round trips to the Americas, but technically never set foot in North America. All the time Columbus believed that he had found a quicker passage to Asia, rather than having discovered something completely new. It was another Italian, Amerigo Vespucci, who put forth the idea that the lands Columbus had first discovered were hitherto unknown to the western world and something completely new: The New World.

Countryman Amerigo Vespucci Wins The Naming Contest

Vespucci, like Columbus, also made four round trips to the New World in the latter part of the last decade of the 1400's and the early part of the first decade of the 1500's. It was during these trips that Vespucci made the claim that these were undiscovered lands and hence they were named using the Latin translation of Amerigo Vespucci's first name, Americus.

Columbus Day Parade in Astoria - Some of the Parade Participants

istria sports club astoriaThere were a number of groups marching in the parade as well as a number of current and former elected officials. A mix of soldiers and sailors, Veterans and Aviation High School Air Force JROTC marched in the parade. The East Coast Car Association drove some vintage cars in the parade. There were several marching bands, the Istria Sport Club and the Societa Gioventu Quagliattana, the Italian American Women's Center, and the Joe Petrosino International Association were all there in force. Also present was former City Council Speaker, Peter Vallone Sr., former City Councilmember, Peter Vallone Jr., State Senator Michael Gianaris, and City Councilmember Costa Constantinides.

Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia in Astoria - Columbus Square / Columbus Triangle

Lastly, but not least, Christopher Columbus was there in full 15th century garb, along with a woman who appeared to be his better columbus day parade astoria photoshalf. Mrs. Columbus was also dressed in 15th century garb. Over the past five centuries Mrs. Columbus has made very few public appearances, so it was nice to see her come out in support of her husband for the occasion. The parade terminated and congregated at Columbus Triangle, where a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus erected in 1941, as part of the WPA [Works Progress Administration]. The Parks Department says that Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia came to the commemoration.

Along Steinway Street and 30th Avenue people were lined up or stopped along the street to watch the parade march by. On 30th Avenue a number of shopkeepers came out to enjoy the pageantry, as did those who had taken front row seats in the outdoor seating areas of some of the local cafes.

Spero che tu abbia avuto un buon fine settimana [I hope you had a good weekend]. Godere / enjoy.

Click here to see the photo album of the FIAO Federation of Italian Americans Columbus Day Parade in Astoria.

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