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Douglaston Golf Course Queens NY

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Douglaston Golf Course / Queens NY / May 2008.

It was a cool windy day Saturday out at the Douglaston Golf course. Much to our surprise the golf course was not crowded. One of the managers told us that contrary to what the mass media tells us, most people still travel for the weekend.

So we hit the links around three in the afternoon. None of us had been out for over a year, so we had excuses well in hand. The first leg of the journey turned out as expected, with an occasional good hit here and there, and plenty of adjustments being made in terms of club selection, judging distances, and getting oriented on the course.

Toward the end, I'm happy to report, my game took a turn for the better, with the last three holes turning out to be my three best. In any case the links were very well kept, there wasn't any wait and I recommend getting out there to anyone who's interested.

Douglaston Golf Course Fees

Douglaston Golf Course / Queens NY / May 2008.

douglaston golf course photo NYC public golf courses Queens NYFor the 2008 season greens fees after 3 pm were $18 and the golf carts were $34, although we both thought that it might have been better to rent the walking carts. And because it's a public course you have to purchase a membership which if I recall correctly was only $6.

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