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Hispanic Parade In Jackson Heights

Kaleidoscope of Costumes & Dance Performances By Latin Cultures

hispanic day parade jackson heightsSeptember 24, 2012 / Jackson Heights / Ethnic & Religious Cultures in Queens / Queens Buzz. On Sunday I went to Jackson Heights to watch the Hispanic Day Parade. The aesthetics of the parade provided a vibrant peek into the many cultures of our Latin neighbors who live here in Queens; and whose nations collectively represent our fastest growing and largest trading partners.

It was a beautiful sunny dry day, with highs in the high 70's. The parade started at 12 noon, lead in part by NYS Senator Jose Peralta and City Councilmember Danny Dromm. I settled in along the street side and struck up a conversation with a woman in the audience. We began talking about Latin cultures as the floats and performers came passing by.

In the photo to your right are some of the parade participants, who performed traditional dances in tune with the Latin and Indian music. Click here to read the rest of our report and view a photo slide show of the Hispanic Day Parade in Queens & Jackson Heights. Story & photos by Michael Wood.

Hispanic Parade In Jackson Heights

Kaleidoscope of Costumes & Dance Performances By Latin Cultures

September 24, 2012 / Jackson Heights / Ethnic & Religious Cultures in Queens / Queens Buzz. Continued. The Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights impressed me by the number and quality of the choreographed performances. In many cases, a dozen or more participants would execute their dance roles in a tightly synchronized manner not native latin american cultures in jackson heights hispanic day paradeoften seen in most parades.

Hispanic Day Parade - The Beauty & Pageantry of Latin Cultures

My street side acquaintance would point out some of the costumes, performers and roles; as we watched the parade pass by. We began identifying each of the Latin American nations represented in the parade, which included Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. I asked Pilar [her name] why we didn't see much of a Brazilian persence in the Hispanic Day Parade, given Brazil is Latin America's largest nation. We both thought about that, asking ourselves where the Brazilian community is in Queens. She reminded me that there is a noticeable Brazilian presence in the Astoria / LIC neighborhood.

Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights - Columbia & Ecuador

mexican dancers in jackson heights hispanic day parade photos 2012Jackson Heights is home to many first, second and third generation Columbians, as well as many first and second generation Ecuadorians. Both groups had a large presence in the parade, showing many of the traditional Spanish and Indian costumes and dances. You can see the parade performers throughout the parade, wearing the beautiful, frilly flamenco dresses, dancing to Spanish tunes. As well as watching performers dressed in vibrant, multi-colored South American Indian outfits, dancing to ancient rhythmic music.

In the photos above you can see parade performers dressed in native South American outfits as well as dancing in flamenco dresses in the Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights.

Hispanic Day Parade - Peruvian Inca Legends

peruvian incas hispanic day parade jackson heights photosThe Hispanic Day Parade provided not just street theater and a visual feast, but performances and costumes that were rich in culture and legend. We saw people dressed as the famous Incas of Peru, who's legendary engineering skills enabled them to create over a thousand miles of underground aqueducts, that were built so well, that over four hundred years later they are still being used today in parts of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The aqueducts not only provide irrigation to the fields but function as a water system for local towns. The Inca aqueducts make possible some of the regions agriculture, including wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina.

In the photo to your left, you can see a couple of parade marchers dressed up as the South American Incas at the Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights.

Hispanic Day Parade - Mexican Traditions

hispanic parade brinco de los chinelos jackson heightsThere were people dressed in outfits of old Mexico performing one of the traditional dances found in many parts of Mexico entitled, El Brinco De Los Chinelos. The Leap of the Chinelos, is a tradition coming from the Mexican state of Morelos in southern Mexico. The dance orginated with the native Indians, following the Spanish conquest of Mexico. In the Leap of the Chinelos [chinelos means disguised], the Aztec Indians would dress up as Europeans, imitating their attire, beards and white skin. Eventually the tradition merged into the fabric of Mexican culture, especially in southern Mexico [south of Mexico City], where it became a part of the Carnival festivities. You can see the Chinelos costumes in slides x - z.

In the photo to your right, you can see some of the parade marchers dressed up in the traditional Mexican outfits for Brinco de los Chinelos en Jackson Heights.

Hispanic Day Parade - Uruguayan Carnivale

hispanic parade jackson heights queensUruguay was represented in the Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights by a troupe of Carnivale dancers. The women wore risque outfits, that included the flamboyant head dresses of the Carnivale. Uruguay is home to one of South America's best known Carnivales, in a fashion similar to neighboring Brazil. In the photo to your right you can see the dancers marching in the Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights.

Nearly two hours after it began, the Hispanic Day Parade in Jackson Heights was winding down. I headed east into Corona where I came upon a street fair at 96th Street off Roosevelt. There many people had wandered after the show to find some delicious Latin American fare to eat on the street while listening to various bands perform on a stage set at the end of the street. After that we dispersed and headed home.

Photos of the Hispanic Day Parade 2012

Click here to view photos of the Hispanic Day Parade 2012 in Jackson Heights Queens, or you can view the photos below at your own pace by clicking on the arrows.

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