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Jackson Heights Food Festival Jackson Heights NY Queens

Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival

Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival Food Festival Jackson Heights NY Queens

Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival

Food, Art & Music Outdoors Jackson Heights NY / September 13, 2008. This past Saturday Jackson Heights hosted over a thousand people at the food segment of the third annual Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival. The event took place from noon to 4 pm at the Garden School Courtyard on 79th Street near Northern Blvd. A number of artists from the Jackson Heights Art Club participated in the event by exhibiting their work at the fair for all to see. At the bottom of this page there's a link to a map showing the location of the Garden School Courtyard where the event was hosted, as well as to contact info to the Jackson Heights Arts Club.

Food In Jackson Heights

Over twenty different restaurants from all around the neighborhood, set up food stands offering small plates of the most delectable food in the world, for anywhere from one to three dollars. Artists from the Jackson Heights Art Club joined in the fun by showing their work along the perimeter of the school court yard.

A three piece band played a variety of tunes in the corner of the courtyard, back underneath the trees, where there were tables set up to accommodate the visiting diners. Kids found plenty of space to play in [after all this was in the playground of a school] and adults found plenty of food, art, music and people to attract their attention.

The collage shown above is comprised of photos taken at the event this year. Art work shown in the collage was created by Caryn Gerega, Geraldine Benfante and Lorraine Valerie, and the food shown is from Cannelle Patisserie, Tomo Japanese, Armando’s Italian, Raja Sweets and Raj Bhog. The food pictured in the image to the right is from Lety's and the Jackson Diner.

History Of Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival

The Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival began two years ago in 2006 [the program is now in its third year]. Bryan Pu-Folkes, a local immigration lawyer made a run for city council earlier in the decade. He ran on a platform that focused on interests he pursued since arriving in the Jackson Heights community over a decade ago. These causes were focused on the development of the local arts and culture in the community and strengthening the local economy so it could withstand economic shocks, such as the one currently sweeping the nation.

He lost the election, but in the process brought together a group of people who wanted to continue working toward the goals upon which he ran for office. And out of the ashes of his campaign, the phoenix of the Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival arose.

Jackson Heights Food Festival

The Food Festival segment in the first year was catered into the Natives Theater Lobby during intermissions. It was such as success that this segment of the Festival was separated in the second year and held at St Marks Church [and the film screenings moved to Eagle Theater - the current location]. Again the Food Festival was so well attended that this year it was moved to the school grounds of the Garden School.

Now in its third year, the festival appears to be on firm footings. Based upon our review of attendance Saturday, the success continues and the Food Festival and Art Show appears to be drawing interest from other parts of the borough and even the larger metro area.

Jackson Heights Film Festival

So, now it’s onto the Film Festival which begins Thursday at the Eagle Theater. Our coverage of this event resumes on Thursday evening when the film segment of the event begins, and remember, this week, beginning Monday, September 15th starts Restaurant Week [s] in Queens. See the Events Calendar or the story below for further information.

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