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Queens Library: Controversy & Takeover

Queens Boro President Katz's Controversial 'Reform Bill' & NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer's Lawsuit Against the Award Winning Queens Library Resulted in Taxpayers Paying Million$? for What?

queens borough president melinda katz queens library scandal scott stringer nyc comptroller queens library scandal queens nycThis section is dedicated to an important and evolving story happening within the borough of Queens regarding a change to the governance of the Queens Public Library system. We will continue updating it as the story unfolds.

For Queens Public Library program and other announcements click this link to go to the Queens Public Library website.

The graphic at right shows Queens Borough President Melinda Katz wresting control of the Queens Library away from an award-winning non-profit that was chartered by Andrew Carnegie when he made a gift to New York City to create the library in the early 1900's. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer helped her do so, and they were assisted by the NY Daily News in what appeared to be a possible propaganda-for-profit play by the Publisher, Mortimer Zuckerman.

The graphic was created by artist and jazz musician Paul Maringelli of Sunnyside.

Queens Library 'Scandal' - Where was the Beef?

Galante Seeks to Clear his Name as well as the Reputations of the Queens Library & Former Sacked Trustees

How Did Katz's, Stringer's & NY Daily News' Full Year of Accusations & Innuendo Fall So Far Short in Court?

thomas galante wins corruption case queens library scandal thomas galanteSeptember 6, 2016 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Politics & Media / News Analysis & Opinion / Queens Buzz.


Throughout 2014, we witnessed Billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz publicly attack President Thomas Galante and the Board of Trustees of the Queens Library. They appeared to individually and collectively insinuate that there was unforgivable malfeasance going on at the Queens Library.


In late January of 2014, only a day after Juan Gonzales published an EXCLUSIVE muckraking story about the Queens Library President's renovations to his office, in Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer announced an audit of the Queens Library.

Juan Gonzales included in the story what I believe was leaked CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION of the Queens Library, such as the Queens Library President's salary and other confidential employment agreements. Former trustee(s) told me they believed that this information was leaked by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz's ex-Officio Board of Trustees representative on the board, in violation of their fiduciary obligation to the Queens Library [to date this is an unproven allegation].


Katz, Stringer & Zuckerman's NY Daily News Accusations - Appear to Damage Queens Library Reputation - with a Year Long Barrage of, as yet Unproven, Allegations


Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer and Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News then regaled us for the rest of the year [2014] with all kinds of incredible detail about alleged wrongdoing at nyc comptroller scott stringer scandals corruption nycthe Queens Library. Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News published several editorials during the course of the year rousing Queens residents into a frenzy against Galante and the Queens Library trustees, while encouraging these two politicians / government officials to unleash their fury against the Queens Library President and Board of Trustees.


Queens Borough President Melinda Katz obliged by initiating legislation to change a state covenant with the library drafted by Andrew Carnegie over a century ago. Andrew Carnegie founded the library as part of his great philanthropic works. And NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer filed a lawsuit seeking complete access to the records of the private non-profit segment of the library, because he must not have found what he was looking for in the public portion representing 85% of the organizational budget. They appear to have done such a good job of damaging the reputation of the Queens Library, that in the following year [2015/ 2016] donations to the non-profit library fell by almost 40% or nearly $2 million.


Did NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer Break the Law & Slander Thomas Galante & the Former Queens Library Trustees?


NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer made a number of harsh statements during the course of the audit of the Queens Library alleging lies and theft. In a May 22, 2014 story published by the Queens Tribune, Stringer said,

queens library corruption scandal queens library"For them [Queens Library Board of Trustees] to mislead the public and tell the public that they are, in fact, cooperating, is nothing more than a bold-faced lie.”

In a July 8, 2015 story published in Newsday, Stringer charged Queens Library executives with using public funds as their

"personal piggy bank" ...

And later in the same story NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer says,

"As they were scaling back access to books, the Internet and vital programs and services, they were lining their own pockets."

These statements, if untrue, might constitute slander, particularly given the fact that many of the people NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer attacked are private citizens - not public officials like himself.

The title of his final audit report seems to negate his previously made assertions, as the title of the final NYC Comptroller's report is,


The operative word is possible and this is after likely one of the most intense, year and a half long audits, of any library in the city, ever.

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer referred his findings to the IRS and other legal entities for follow up. This is following an investigation by the FBI, the NYC Department of Investigations, Scott Stringer's own office of the NYC Comptroller, and following the initiation of legislation by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz to change a 118 year old covenant between the Queens Library and the State of New York.

Lots of Smoke, but Still No Fire

As of this writing, nearly three years later, the allegations of wrongdoing by Thomas Galante have been all smoke and no fire.

So far, we've still heard nothing more than allegations and innuendo and possibly libelous and slanderous accusations by public officials and a billionaire NYC real estate developer's paper.


thomas galante queens library corruption scandalUnder Galante the Queens Library was a Top Rated Library in the Nation with an Unblemished Financial Record


Each of the accusers rarely, if ever, mentioned that the Queens Library was considered by its peers to be one of the finest libraries in the nation. That the Queens Library had won national awards which confirmed the library's national standing. And the accusers never mentioned that in all the years that Thomas Galante had been President of the jeweled Queens Library, that it had been run fiscally responsibly with a balanced budget and never a hint of scandal ... until they came along, in their newly elected positions, ALLEGING one.


The accusers accounts did not jibe with what I personally knew about the Queens Library, so I set about drafting an alternative narrative to what appeared to be biased accounts provided by Juan Gonzales and other writers of Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News.


Court Rules Against Accusers Katz & Stringer - but You'd Never Know it by Reading Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News


On August 31, 2016, in the ruling of United States District Judge Allyne R. Ross, Thomas Galante got a first taste of what seemed to be a fair hearing. Judge Ross' ruling requires the Queens Library to pay Thomas juan gonzales ny daily news journalistGalante's legal fees to defend himself against accusations by the Queens Library regarding his stewardship of the non-profit.

The newly reconstituted Queens Library Board of Trustees had filed a suit against Galante after he had filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the library. One might interpret this as an intimidation tactic by the newly reconstituted Queens Library, as legal fees are very expensive and it will cost Galante hundreds of thousands (if not more) to enforce his rights. Galante will have to reimburse the Queens Library if the Queens Library's assertions against him hold up in court.

I wonder if the current members of the Queens Library Board of Trustees have to meet the same standard, in order to have the library pay for their legal fees.

It's worth mentioning that Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News took the lead in most or all of the stories to date about the Queens Library - crafting the storyline narrative about Queens Library 'corruption'. And yet, when I did a search for award-winning journalist Juan Gonzales' & Mortimer Zuckerman's NY Daily News follow on story announcing Thomas Galante's recent court victory against Katz's & Stringer's Queens Library - there was none to be found. This sort of information omission / biased reporting by one of NYC's three daily newspapers is more akin to self-serving propaganda than American journalism.


If Galante Succeeds He Will Clear Not Only His Own Name, but also the Queens Library's & its Former Trustees'


melinda katz queens library reform billIf Galante succeeds in clearing his own name, he will also succeed in restoring the stellar reputation of the Queens Library and the reputations of the former trustees sacked by current Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.


Did the Queens Library Reform Act Enable Pols to Morph the Queens Library into a Political Patronage Parking Lot?


It's also worth mentioning that a couple of years ago interested observers expressed concern that the Queens Library would be morphed into a Political Patronage Parking Palace for under-employed or unemployed party apparatchiks. It's been just over two years since Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Katz-inspired legislation, entitled the Queens Library Reform Act, and it appears that this may already be happening.

Earlier this year, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz's newly reconstituted Board of Trustees appointed former NYC Schools Chancellor, Dennis Walcott, as the Queens Library President. Based on my research into Dennis Walcott's background, it appears that he has no formal higher education in library science, nor does he have any professional experience in it.

Quelle suprise.

Click here to view our complete coverage of the Queens Library 'corruption & scandals' accusing Thomas Galante of wrongdoing.

queens library galante lawsuit


Queens Library has been one of the top performing public libraries in the nation and was also believed to be fiscally well managed. In January 2014 the NY Daily News published stories with leaked confidential library information sensationalizing the CEO's compensation and authorized expenditures.

The following is a series about the events following the publication of the leaked confidential information.

The FBI, NYC Department of Investigation and NYC Comptroller's Office are continuing nearly year long investigations. As of the end of 2014 no announcement of any wrongdoing has been made.

We are also awaiting the release of a Whistleblower investigation as several FOIL requests have been made to the Queens Library & Queens Borough President's Office which to date have been ignored or denied.

Stay tuned.

Role of Daily News Coverage In Queens Library Takeover | queens library sacks ceo gal ante queens library trustees dismiss thomas galante daily news coverage of queens library crisis of confidence
Role of Daily News Coverage In Queens Library Takeover

A Closer Look into Role of the Daily News Coverage in Takeover of Queens Library

  • Real Estate Billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman's Daily News Continuously Portrays the Fiscally Sound, Award Winning Queens Library Board of Trustees & CEO in a Negative Light

  • While Lauding the Brooklyn Public Library Trustees for Sale of Real Estate to Developer to Obtain Needed $40 Million Cash

  • The Queens Library has 62 Branch Locations Sitting Atop Some of the Best Real Estate in Queens Worth Hundred$ of Million$ or more

  • Queensborough President Melinda Katz Appears to have had Prior Relationship with Daily News Owner Mortimer Zuckerman's Boston Properties as Lobbyist

Updated December 20 / December 16, 2014 / Queens Library / Queens News Analysis & Opinion - Issues / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood / Edited By Agnes Wood.


Please note that to date no public official have spoken about any development deals using Queens Library property.


Daily News Publication of Leaks with No Announcement of Real Wrongdoing - What Happened to Presumption of Innocence?

I’m going to work under the assumption that Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante is innocent of all charges until proven guilty. That is the way things are supposed to be done in America.

Many leaks of all kinds of confidential information about the Queens Library CEO have made their way into Real Estate Billionaire Mortimer Zuckerman's Daily News this year - including plenty of minutiae - but not a single word about any real wrongdoing.

Daily News Headlines Appear to Play Role in Queens Library Takeover - Urging Replacement of Governance Team

The Daily News appears to have done more than just report on the Queens Library crisis of confidence. In fact, the Daily News was the first to report the crisis - and they appear to have played a major role throughout it - as their organization urged the dismissal of Galante and the trustees who supported him on numerous occasions in the headlines alone. The following are some examples of headlines taken from stories in the NY Daily News:

  • March 31, 2014 - Headline reads: "Turn The Page On Tom / Why the Queens Library Chief can no longer be trusted"
  • June 27, 2014 - Headline reads: "Sack them all / Bye-bye to Queens Library chief Tom Galante — and the board members who enabled his reign of greed"
  • July 24, 2014 - Headline reads: "Sack Galante next / Incompetent Queens Library board being dismantled"
  • December 11, 2014 - Headline reads: "Fat city fathead / Thousands of reasons to fire Tom Galante"

The Daily News - Name Calling CEO Galante in its Editorial Coverage

daily news coverage queens libraryLast week, the Daily News provided the public with more details of Queens Library CEO Thomas Galante’s expense reports over the past (few) year(s). Their presentation of the information appeared one-sided and cast Queens Library CEO in a negative light, as little effort seems to have been made to explain the business purpose or provide context for the expenditures.

The Daily News also published an editorial, which resorted to name-calling including calling Galante:

  • “fathead”
  • "little piggy"
  • "emperor"
  • and characterizing his spending as “preposterous”

This was not the first time they called him names in their publication this year.

We'll explore recent coverage by the Daily News in a more detail further down in this report, as it is reflective of their coverage of this crisis of confidence in the Queens Library all year. A crisis which the Daily News in fact began, with a series of exclusive reports earlier in the year.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz Appears To Have Had Prior Relationship with Daily News Owner Mortimer Zuckerman's Boston Properties as a Lobbyist

According to a source, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz appears to have had prior relationship with Daily News Owner Mortimer Zuckerman's Boston Properties as a lobbyist working for Greenberg Traurig law firm in 2012.

A New York Observer story dated, April 10, 2012, states:

"... Still, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has expressed skepticism toward the project, which he would like to see reduced in size, and the community panned the rezoning outright."

"To help makes its case, NYU recently retained Ed Wallace and Melinda Katz, two land-use attorneys who have helped shape a number of important development projects as they wended their way through public review—not least because both of them also once spent time as members of the  City Council, the body that will have the ultimate say on NYU’s rezoning."

And a bit later in the story.

"Mr. Wallace served as the councilman-at-large for Manhattan and chief of  staff to the council president back in the old days of the Board of Estimate, after which he joined Mort Zuckerman’s Boston Properties before moving over to Greenberg Traurig, the law firm where he is now co-managing partner of the New York office. Ms. Katz joined the firm in 2010 as a partner in the real estate division after serving two terms in the council, one of which was spent as chair of the influential land-use committee, where she oversaw a number of redevelopments similar to NYU’s."

The NYC government maintains a website showing registered lobbyists' relationships with clients. We took this image from the NYC.gov website which shows that from March through December of 2012 - one year before she became Queens Borough President - Melinda Katz was a registered lobbyist working for the lawfirm of Greenberg Traurig, with a client relationship with Mortimer Zuckerman's Boston Properties.

melinda katz former lobbyist for boston properties


Click here to read our report regarding the Queens Library controversy and the Daily News reporting of it.

Galante Dismissed by Queens Library Board

Statement Says Dismissal is "for Cause" - but no Specifics Given

Updated December 19 / December 17, 2014 / Queens Library / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. We received this statement from the Queens Library regarding the sacking of the now former CEO of the Queens Library.

No Specific Cause Cited By Government Officials

"This evening, the Board of Trustees heard a report by counsel. Based on that and a prior report by counsel, a decision was made to terminate immediately Mr. Galante's employment. As the Library moves forward, the Board of Trustees will continue working to ensure greater transparency and the proper administration of the Library and its funds in furtherance of its mission. Queens Library will continue to provide outstanding value to the people of Queens."

Queens Borough President Katz issued a press release that essentially provided the same information.

A subsequent statement issued by the Queens Library said that the Board of Trustees vote was unanimous and that Galante was dismissed "for cause". When we inquired what the cause for dismissal was, they declined to comment further. The question now becomes whether former Queens Library CEO Galante will contest the judgment, because a $2 million severance package is at stake.

Daily News Alleges That Galante Terminated For "Wild Spending"

According to a December 18, 2014 Daily News headline:

"Queens Library Director Thomas Galante fired for his wild spending habits".

Government & Library Officials Will Not Confirm Daily News Statement

We asked both the Queens Library spokesperson and the Queens Borough President's Office to confirm the Daily News statement and neither would. Both the Queens Library and the Queens Borough President stuck to the printed statements as shown above.

We made an effort to contact his lawyer for comment and this was their reply.

"Tom Galante devoted 27 years of his professional career to the Queens Library, the past eleven 11 as its President and Chief Executive Officer. So, of course, Tom is disappointed by the action taken by the newly reconstituted Board of Trustees. He is extremely proud of his service to the Library and his accomplishments for the people of Queens. As Gabriel Taussig, Esq., the current Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Jacqueline E. Arrington, then Chair of the Administrative Committee, stated back in February, “The Queen’s Library’s record of accomplishment and its tremendous success as a leader in the field and as a critical resource for the people of Queens is largely attributable to Mr. Galante’s leadership.” Indeed, under Tom’s tenure, contributions to the Library increased by millions of dollars, and the Library has been recognized nationally as a role model and innovator, receiving the 2009 Library Journal’s “Library of the Year” Award and the 2014 ALA/Information Today “Library of the Future” Award, to name just two significant achievements under Tom’s leadership. For the past year Tom has been under constant attack in press accounts that have been based on inappropriate comments about and leaks of Library information. Because of his integrity and respect for the Library as an institution, Tom has chosen not to respond in the press. When he does speak publicly, it will be in a forum that values the truth and not the half-truths and distortions that so far have monopolized the press accounts."

Click here to view our reporting on the Queens Library crisis this year.


Queens Library Trustees Drop Lawsuit | queens library trustees drop lawsuit queens boro president melinda katz says its dismissed
Queens Library Trustees Drop Lawsuit

Queens Library Trustees Drop Lawsuit

Whistleblower / Freedom Of Information Law Request Continues

QBP Katz Does About Face On Providing Public With Transparency

 Updated Dec 12th / December 1, 2014 / Queens Library / News Analysis & Opinion / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. Last week the six former trustees of the Queens Library decided to drop their lawsuit against Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, Attorney General Schneiderman and the State of New York.

The Judge signed their Notice of Dismissal [shown at right] on November 26, 2014. The Notice of Dismissal states:

"PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that whereas no party has served an answer or motion for summary judgment, Plaintiffs, by their undersigned counsel, hereby dismiss the above-captioned action, and all claims asserted in it, without prejudice, pursuant to Rule 41(a)(1)(A) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure."

The Queens Borough President issued a press release stating,

"Judge dismisses lawsuit against BP Katz".

What actually happened is that the Notice of Dismissal was made at the request of the plaintiffs as shown in the document to your right and signed by the Judge.

Many of the local newspapers re-published portions of the press release without citing that the dismissal was at the request of the plaintiffs - thus making it appear as though the Judge had decided to dismiss the case - not that the plaintiffs had decided to drop it. Since we first published this piece, several have updated their reports.

Queens Library CEO Put On Administrative Leave

September 12, 2014 / Queens Library / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. The Queens Library Board of Trustees met Thursday evening. Three new trustees have been added to the Queens Library Board since the court denied the temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction requested by six Queens Library Trustees who were dismissed.

The Board approved a motion that places Queens Library CEO Thomas W. Galante on paid administrative leave, effective immediately. Bridget Quinn-Carey, the current Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, will serve as Interim President and CEO.

The Board directed its Audit Committee to provide Comptroller Stringer full access to all financial documents from state, federal and private sources that he has requested. The Board will also investigate opportunities to resolve the current dispute through mutual agreement.

Click here for full coverage of the Queens Library Reform Bill, the Queens Library Trustees' dismissal and the important community issues and precedents associated with the Queens Library Trustees' lawsuit against Queens Borough President Melinda Katz.


Magistrate Judge James Ornstein Recommends Against Granting Six Former Trustees' Request for Injunction

Takes "Rare" Step of Providing Recommendation from the Bench

August 14, 2014 / Queens Library / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. Brooklyn Magistrate Judge James Ornstein forwarded the request for a preliminary injunction by the six recently dismissed Queens Library Trustees, onto Judge Margo Brodie with a report and recommendation [R&R] against granting the preliminary injunction to allow the trustees to remain in their positions pending a review of their lawsuit.

On August 13, 2014 the NY Daily News reported:

Their [six former Queens Library Trustees] lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court argued that the trustees' free speech rights under the First Amendment had been violated, but Orenstein disagreed.

"They were not speaking as citizens ... They were removed for the way they performed their jobs, not the content of their speech" ...

The Queens Chronicle on August 12, 2014 quoted a source who told them:

"I think it's worth noting that it's rare for a magistrate judge to dictate a report and recommendation from the bench," the source said. "The judge felt strongly enough about what he had heard in arguments to render the decision then, and it was unequivocal."

We confirmed the former statement - that Magistrate Judge recommendations are not commonplace - by using search results as a proxy to gain some sense of the number of reports & recommendations made in the Brooklyn Court in the past decade. We reviewed the cases presented using the search 'Brooklyn Magistrate Judge issues recommendation' in the first three pages of the two search engines [Google & Yahoo] and found seven cases over the course of the past decade.

Over the past decade, two of the seven Magistrate Judge recommendations we found coming from the U.S. Eastern District Court of New York in Brooklyn, were issued by Judge James Ornstein. The first recommendation was in connection with a Visa/MasterCard anti-trust suit in 2008. Judge Ornstein's recommendation in the MasterCard case was at first accepted and then overturned according to the notes contained on page 126 of the MasterCard Annual Report of 2008.

A recommendation by a Magistrate Judge is just that - a recommendation, not a final verdict. The six former trustees have said they will continue to go forward with the lawsuit.


Judge Recuses Self From Queens Library Trustees Lawsuit | judge mauskopf recuses self from queens library lawsuit relations to lawyer attorney whistleblower case
Judge Recuses Self From Queens Library Trustees Lawsuit

Judge Recuses Self In Queens Library Trustees' Lawsuit

Judge Mauskopf Recuses Herself As Queens Library Trustees' Lawsuit Includes Reference To Whistleblower Complaint Currently Being Investigated By Close Friend

August 11, 2014 / Queens Issues / News Analysis & Opinion / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. The lawsuit filed by the Queens Libary Trustees took a bit of turn in the road as Judge Roslynn Mauskopf recused herself today, citing close relations to the attorney retained by the Queens Library who is working on an investigation of a whistleblower complaint referenced by the six Queens Library Trustees. The whistleblower complaint investigation is ongoing and preceded the plaintiffs' dismissals and subsequent lawsuit. The photo of the statue to your right was taken in Manhattan in front of the State Supreme Court Appellate Division building.

The six trustees' reference to the whistleblower complaint is alleged to be a seminal event relative to the First Amendment claims made by the Queens Library trustees against Queens Borough President Melinda Katz as an individual. This was Claim 3, which is outlined with the other claims, as well as the Queens Borough President's defense, in a prior report about the Queens Library Trustees' Lawsuit.

Sacked Queens Library Trustees File Lawsuit - LANDMARK CASE | queens library lawsuit queens libraries sacked trustees dismissed trustees lawsuit
Sacked Queens Library Trustees File Lawsuit - LANDMARK CASE

Landmark Case: Battle For Queens Library Stewardship

Six Sacked Queens Library Trustees’ File Lawsuit Alleging Queens Borough President Violated Constitutional Rights & That NYS Law Changing Queens Library Charter Is Invalid

Temporary Restraining Order Fails But Lawsuit Goes On

August 5, 2014 / Queens Politics / Queens Issues / News Analysis & Opinion / By Michael Wood & Edited By Patrick Wood. Queens Buzz. On August 1st, the six Queens Library Trustees who were sacked by Queens Borough President Melinda Katz on July 23rd, filed a lawsuit against her in both her official capacity as well as that as an individual. Eric Schneiderman, the NYS Attorney General [in his official role], and NY State were also named in the lawsuit.

Sacked Queens Library Trustees File Lawsuit

The six trustees and plaintiffs are Jacqueline Arrington, Joseph Ficalora, William Jefferson, Grace Lawrence, Terri Mangino and George Stamatiades. Two others were sacked by Mayor Bill de Blasio - Patricia Flynn and Stephen Van Anden - and they are not participating in the suit. There are a total of 19 Queens Library Trustees.

Click here to read the rest of the story about sacked Queens Library Trustees filing lawsuit.

Queens Library Reform Bill:  Quality & Controversy | queens library queens libraries
Queens Library Reform Bill: Quality & Controversy

A Trojan Horse: Queens Library Reform Bill

NYS Senator Ushers Bill Through Assembly Calling For Czar-Like Control Of Queens Library Trustees

In Whose Best Interest Is This ... Really?

June 12, 2014 / Queens Education / Op Ed Queens / News Analysis & Opinion / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood & Edited by Patrick Wood.

This report goes behind the fanfare and political posturing that have gone on the past few months, and looks at the issues surrounding legislation that is currently working its way through the New York legislature. It also compares the legislation to a similar prior bill which was passed into law less than a year ago. And ultimately we provide rationale for intelligently asking whether this legislation is a political play or good for the Queens Library and its constituents. The report contains links to our Queens Opinion section which contains the comments of two informed sources who have been following the controversy from different vantage points.

Click here to read our report on the Queens Library Reform Bill: Quality & Controversy.

Queens Library Leads The Pack

Teams With Google To Bridge Digital Divide

queens library awardsJune 6, 2014 / Jamaica NY / Queens Education / Queens Buzz / By Michael Wood. In November of 2013 the Queens Libary teamed with Google to roll out 5,000 tablets via Queens Library card checkouts to help provide information access to people living in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The tablets contain online as well as offline information which is updated when the tablet is within the Queens Library. Queens Library President Thomas Galante said that this program was part of the Queens Library initiative to help bridge the information divide by using digital resources to provide additional access to information and education to Queens Library constituents.

The library's interface was given the Library of the Future Award by ALA / Information Today. The interface is icon driven to facilitate use by non-technological people and contains content curated by the Queens Library so that some portion of the information is available whether the user is online or offline. Given the language diversity of the Queens Libary constituency, Google Translate was made availabe on the tablet so that users can obtain translations into their native languages.

Award Winning Queens Libraries: Governance & Politics

This year the governance of the Queens Library has become the subject of much public posturing and political debate by Queens & NYC government officials. While the issues in question continue to be debated, it's worth mentioning that the Queens Library has long been recognized by national library publications and organizations as one of the nation's best libraries.

In addition to being named in the award above, the Queens Library won the Top Innovator Award in 2013 by the Urban Libraries Council, the Library of the Year Award in 2009 from the Library Journal and just last year the Corona Library was among the first to win the 2014 NYC Neighborhood Library Awards with citations for helping people who are learning English as a Second Language, providing after school homework facilities, school course book access and internet access.

The Queens Tribune published an editorial which they've given us permission to post in our Queens Op Ed section which we thought you might find of interest. Learn on.

Click here to read our report on the Queens Library Reform Bill: Quality & Controversy.

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