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Legislative Revue Queens Theatre In The Park In Flushing Queens NY

Peter Vallone Legislative Revue 2007Legislative Revue At Queens Theatre In The Park - Flushing

Flushing / Queens NY / November 17, 2007. Queens Theatre In The Park opened its 8th bi-annual Legislative Revue. This unique performance features many borough officials who star in a comical musical benefit to raise funds to make the theater more accessible to the citizens of the borough. Much to my surprise there was some theatrical talent in the group. But then, upon reflection it made sense to me, as when campaigning for office and giving speeches it does help to have a sort of theatrical flair. In the photo to your left Council member Peter Vallone plays a fifties version of guitar.

Queens Legislative Revue Photos

The photo below shows a number of officials doing a Simpsons spoof. We had posted a a gallery of photos of this event, but due to technical difficulties we lost them. But the 2009 show isn't far off so you'll have plenty of opportunity to see the new cast of officials in their new starring roles.Legislative Revue at Queens Theater In The Park Flushing NY Queens

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