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crane street studios 5 Pointz

Crane Street Studios / 5 Pointz

Grafitti Building / Artists' Lofts & Studios In Long Island City LIC

Transcendent Love Affair Found At Crane Street Studios Open House

joseph morales artist crane st licLong Island City Queens NY / November 2007 / VIDEO. This was a video of an interview with Zito, an artist who paints portraits of a broad spectrum of people. He talked about his most recent work: a 19th century woman whom he met online. We ceased doing video in late 2007 / early 2008 for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the amount of resource it consumed, so the video and Zito, are no longer shown. Joseph Morales is featured in the photo to your right with his vibrant grafitti-style work.

Other Artistic Works At Crane Street Studios

inside crane street studios lic long island cityIn addition to Zito's work there were a number of oil paintings by several artists that cover a wide range of subjects from abstract modern, to political commentary to psychedelic madness. There was also some stonework by a female sculptor and carvings by an artist who worked with wood. The studio of one of the artists, Maia Martinelli, is shown to your left.

Click this link to a photo album of our visit to the Open House at Crane Street Studios in Long Island City LIC in November 2007.

Brief History Of Crane Street Studios In Long Island City LIC

Crane Street StudiosCrane Street Studios aka 5 Pointz was a collection of artists' studios for many years, possibly dating back to the 1980's. The outside of the building was provided to the artists to use as a sort of living canvas, as well as a means to publicize their work. We had done an earlier video of that as well, but have ceased running it. A photo of the building, with artists at work is shown to your left.

In 2009, due to building code issues, Crane Street Studios has either winded down or is winding down operations. The fate of the building, long an iconic landmark for Queens residents who travel along the #7 subway line, remains uncertain. The artists meanwhile have been scrambling to raise funds to keep the building going, but the outcome of that also remains uncertain, particularly during these lean times.

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