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Shaba Continues Here - Part II
Shaba Continues Here - Part II | Woodside, Bayside, Astoria fiction in Queens NY
Julie lie nestled in her bed. She was lying on her side in a near fetal position, hugging a pillow and a clump of covers. As she lay there, still as a stone, her mind was wide awake. It was just past 6.30 in the morning and the light of day was beginning to enter the room through the curtains. She could hear other members of her family beginning to stir.

The events of the prior night were on her mind. An empty stomach full of butterflies and a feeling of guilt permeated her being on the one hand … and a curious warm glow occasionally wafted in and out of her consciousness. She began to replay the events of the evening in her mind.

Early Saturday evening she had met her friend in Astoria for a glass of wine at the Grand Café. Yaritsa was a fiery Greek who liked to enjoy herself and usually brought energy to where ever she went. She was also Julie’s closest friend from work. They ordered some champagne to celebrate her engagement to Robert.

After a couple of celebratory glasses of champagne, they took the subway to the party in Woodside to celebrate the end of the year for the St Sebastian Community group.

Julie’s mother entered her bedroom. “Julie, it’s time to shower. You’re going to have to hurry if we’re to be on time for services.”

“Sure. Thanks mom.” Julie started to go through the motions of getting ready for a shower.

Julie was usually one of the first ones up in the house. Especially on a Sunday. “How was the party last nite? You must have come home very late.” Her mother inquired as she studied Julie’s face.

“Yes, I was. Yartisa and I went out for dessert after the party. And we stayed out for a while celebrating my engagement to Robert.” Julie could feel the intense interest in her mother’s gaze.

Her mother began to ease up. “Oh, that’s nice. How is Yaritsa? We haven’t seen her in a while.” Her mother began to move back toward the doorway.

“She’s fine. She says hi.” Julie felt the pressure easing.

“Well, hop in the shower. We’re running late.” Her mother left the room.

Whew, thought Julie. The last thing she wanted was her mother’s scrutiny. Julie had a lot of thinking to do about things she knew her mother would not understand. And Julie knew from experience that her mother was a harsh and largely unforgiving judge when it came to evaluating her daughters’ personal affairs.

Julie’s thoughts returned to the prior evening. As the party was winding down, Yaritsa pulled Julie aside saying, “I’m going to be leaving pretty soon. Do you want me to wait for you?” She looked at Julie smiling inquisitively, wondering what she would say. She and Sam had been nearly glued to each other the entire evening.

Julie thought for a moment. She returned Yaritsa’s smile and said, “No. We’re both heading in opposite directions. You’re going to Astoria and I’m going to Bayside. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Yaritsa kissed her on the cheek and soon left.

Julie and Sam left the church and headed up to Queens Blvd where they found a place to continue their semi-serious, semi-playful conversation about why we’re all here living on this planet. Other members of the group had wafted in and out of the conversation throughout the evening, but Julie and Sam were the only ones that had stayed with it. They were like the talk show hosts at one of the tables at the party.

In a quiet nook within the bar, Julie took an abrupt turn in the conversation, “Sam, why haven’t you ever married?” she asked.

Sam paused. He gazed into Julie’s eyes. “Never found the time.”
Julie could see that this line of questioning wasn’t going to be easy. Sam continued, “Why are you getting married now?”

Julie contemplated his question, gazing back. Tonite his eyes were deep blue pools, swirling with some sort of supernatural energy. They were almost hypnotic and she couldn’t help gazing into them. This was the first time that they had been alone together in the three years they had known each other. She slowly answered his question with the same trite response he’d given her: “Because Robert and I are in love and we want to get married.”

Sam looked at her. He smiled. “Oh, come on now, that’s a line of crap. You’re not on some sort of national television show. This is just you and me. And I’m asking you a real question.”

Julie looked at him. She also smiled. “Well then why did you give me that line of ‘crap’, as you call it, that “you haven’t had the time to get married”. I know that that’s line is right out of one of your favorite movies.”

Sam smiled. Julie knew she’d hit a bulls eye. They both started giggling and then laughing pretty hard. They were watching each other closely, sharing a funny and yet profound moment. He leaned into her and then hugged her. MMmmm, oh how good this hug felt. She hugged his long lean torso harder. His hands began to move up along her back. She felt an exciting electric zing tingling in her heart.

After what seemed like a moment, they slowly began pulling away, staring at each other in an expectant lovers’ sort of way. He leaned back into her to kiss her on the lips. His lips were oh, so, soo very soft and tender. He began moistly nibbling on her upper lip … she extended her tongue…

The church service was over. Once outside, Julie’s cell phone began to ring. It was Robert calling.