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Snowfall Sunnyside Woodside Queens NY
weather & snowfall in sunnyside queens new york ny

Snowfall Blankets Sunnyside

And The Rest Of Queens

Sunnyside / February 3, 2009. Flurries started around midday today and began to accumulate by mid afternoon. It currently looks like Queens will receive between one and three inches of the beautiful cool wet white flakes. Because the temperature is currently 30 and so close to melting, the snow has been sticking to the trees and everything else, giving us a magical blanket of white. As the temperatures are expected to drop down into the low twenties tonight, the snow will be with us into tomorrow.

But like every fairy tale, this one ends by the weekend when this snow will turn to water, as the highs will climb into the high forties by the weekend. So enjoy it today for it will be gone in a couple of days. You can read a full forecast by clicking into the Weather / News link under the Weather / Horoscope section located along the left side bar. Scroll down for weather, horoscope, news, sports and business news.

weather in queens ny

Queens Gets First Real Snow Of The Winter

Sunnyside Queens / February 22, 2008. On Friday Queens was blanketed with between four to eight inches of snow. It was the first real snowfall of the 2008 winter season. In fact in January 2008 the borough recorded not even an inch of snow, which is highly abnormal.

Many children enjoyed playing in the magical white stuff, while it lasted. Meanwhile the snow caused the children's parents a bit of consternation by snarling traffic and generally making their commutes a bit more difficult. Given March and Spring are just around the corner, we were happy to see the snow, knowing full well it won't be staying around for very long.

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