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Places To Buy An Xmas Tree In Queens

Christmas Tree Buying In Queens

Places To Buy A Christmas Tree In Queens

Continued / Jackson Heights / December 5, 2010 / Queens Buzz. It was a dry, cool night out, in the 30's as I was making my way up 37th Avenue. It was around 6 pm and shoppers were still out, finishing up their pre-holiday shopping. I came upon a Christmas Tree vendor at 81st Street, his trees standing tall and lusciously green as they lined the sidewalk well into the block, along the corner flower shop.

A number of passers by would stop and examine the trees, making a mental note that this might be a good place to buy a tree. And a few stopped with the intention to buy and lug the large tree back home. So the little one's recommendation turned out to be pretty good, after mommy examined it and eventually papa bear.

So the treeman wrapped it up in a netting and papa bear lugged it home, with mommy and the toddlers watching. Happy Holidays to all of you papa bears, mommies and your little munchkins.

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