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New Years Eve Parties & Restaurants In Queens

queens new years eve parties restaurants queens nyc astoria lic new years parties restaurants queens nycFun Restaurants For Dinner in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside & Jackson Heights on New Years Eve

Updated - December 18, 2018 from 12.13.18 / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz NYC.

New Years Eve is almost upon us.

It's generally hard to make restaurant reservations on short notice for New Years Eve. And sometimes it's difficult to make them for the New Years Eve parties in Queens. So if you're thinking about going to dinner or to a party this New Years Eve in Astoria, LIC, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside or Flushing; it's best to do your research early, and call a week or at least a few days ahead to make the reservations.

New Years Eve Parties & Restaurants In Queens

The origins of New Years Eve celebrations will be referenced at a later date.

Click this link to view a brief guide of New Years Eve parties & restaurants in Queens where you will find links to Queens restaurants we've reviewed. The restaurants we've reviewed include a mix of high, medium and budget priced restaurants that are spread throughout the borough and offer a large variety of ethnic cuisines. Enjoy.

New Years Eve Parties & Restaurants In Queens

New Years in Astoria & LIC, Parties & Restaurants

Updated - December 18, 2018 from 12.13.18 / queens new years eve restaurants astoria LIC  queens Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz NYC.

New Years Eve will soon be upon us and it's time for all celebrants to find the right restaurant for their New Years Eve dinner or party in Astoria, LIC, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Woodside and Flushing Queens.

New Years Eve Restaurants & Parties In Queens

Given New Years Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you can wait to take her out for a weekday dinner, or you can jump the gun and do it on the preceding weekend, when you can both relax and enjoy yourselves.

queens NYE restaurants parties queens astoria lic sunnyside woodside jackson heights flushing jamaica ny restaurants news eve parties queens nycNew Years Eve Parties & Restaurants In Queens - Italian in Astoria LIC & Woodside, Greek in Astoria & Jackson Heights, French in Long Island City, Argentine & Indian Restaurants in Jackson Heights, Chinese Restaurant in Flushing, Irish Restaurant in Woodside, Egyptian in Astoria, Turkish in Sunnyside, Albanian and American Restaurants in Astoria

The following is a list of links to Queens Buzz restaurant reviews. These restaurants were selected based the food quality, the ambiance and the service of these restaurants which made them notable within their categories.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list as there are many more fine Queens restaurants we wish to review. But in the meantime this is what we have to offer.queens new years eve restaurants queens NYE parties queens astoria lic sunnyside woodside jackson heights flushing jamaica ny new years parties queens nyc

You may click here to read the reviews of the many restaurants we reviewed including:

1) Tournesol - French Restaurants & New Years Eve Parties in LIC Long Island City,

Tounesol French Restaurant in LIC writes to tell us that they are offering a Prix Fixe of $59 for a three course meal that additionally includes the serving of an hors d'oeuvre chosen by the chef, as well as a small extra dessert at the end. Doesn't include tax & gratuity and they have a small well liked restaurant so I recommend an rsvp at www.tournesolnyc.com and their phone is 718.472.4355. They are located at 50-02 Vernon Blvd [near 50th Street] in LIC.

2) Turkish Grill - Turkish Cuisine in Sunnyside,

3) Donovan's Irish Pub - New Years Eve Parties in Woodside,

Donovan's Irish Pub tells us they're offering a special for New Years Eve wherein for $60, between 10 pm and 1 am it's an open bar, with light hors d'oeuvres, and champagne toast at midnight. They are located at 58th Street and Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside and their website is www.donovansny.com and their phone number is 718.429.9339.

4) Taverna Kyclades - Albanian Restaurant in Astoria,

5) Gastroteca Astoria - Formerly Cafe Bar Locale - Mediterranean Restaurant & New Years parties in Astoria,

Cafe Locale Astoria is now called Gastroteca Astoria and rumored to be under new management [old management was loved too]. They are offering three specials beginning at 5 pm for $65, 7 pm for $80, and midnight seating for $90. The specials vary what's offered in terms of food and drink. They are located at 33-02 34th Avenue [at 33rd Street] in Astoria ther website is www.gastrotecaastoria.com.

6) Al Omda - Egyptian Restaurants in Astoria,

7) Manducatis - Italian Restaurants in LIC, NYE parties restaurants dinners astoria lic sunnyside flushing jackson heights NYE queens nyc

8) The Creek and The Cave American Restaurant in LIC,

At the Creek and the Cave the fun begins at 7 pm for $5 there will be sketches about character assassinations. At 8 pm or 9 pm for $50 there will be performances of the Legion of Skanks and this includes a midnight toast and light hors d'oeuvres. They're located at 10-93 Jackson Avenue [at 11th Street] in LIC and their website is www.creeklic.com.

9) Jackson Diner Indian Restaurant - NYE Jackson Heights Queens,

10) BQE Billiards & Bar Restaurant - New Years Eve in Jackson Heights,

The BQE Billiards & Bar Restaurant grill is open into the early morning hours daily. They have plenty of games including pool, ping pong, air hockey and foosball and a full bar. They're located at 70-02 34th Avenue [at 70th Street] in Jackson Heights and their website is www.bqebilliards.com and phone is 718.779.4348.

11) Joe's Shanghai Chinese Restaurant - NYE Parties in Flushing,

12) Quaint American Restaurant - Sunnyside New Years Parties Queens.

13) Arunee Thai Restaurant - NYE parties in Jackson Heights

14) Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden New Years Eve Party Astoria

The Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is hosting a New Years Eve Gala which is not open to the public UNLESS YOU HAVE A TICKET which is for sale to the public. From 8 pm - 2 am they are having an open bar, special buffet, special DJ and a midnight champagne toast. They request "Business attire for gentlemen and cocktail attire for ladies" [no jeans] and you can purchase tickets $125 for a single and $225 for a couple at www.bohemianhall.com. They are located at 29-19 24th Avenue [at 29th Street] in Astoria and their phone is 718.274.4925.

15) Ravel Hotel - Ravel Penthouse 808 NYE Party in Long Island City Queens

The Ravel Hotel Penthouse 808 is offering three New Years Eve party specials costing $30 / $50 and $85. They include open bar for limited period [1 - 4 hours], food options, party favors, the ball drop viewing from 8 pm to 4 am. They are located at 8-08 Queens Plaza South, their website is ravelhotel.com and their phone is 718.289.6118.

16) Terrace on the Park - New Years Eve Party in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Terrace on the Park Restaurant in Flushing Meadows Corona Park is hosting a Flushing / Corona New Years Party that includes surf and turf dinner and an open bar all evening for $150. There will be music by Bravo Sound. They are located at 52-11 111th Street in Flushing, their phone is 718.592.5000 and their website is www.terraceonthepark.com.

17) Vivo at Clearview in Bayside NYE Party

Vivo Bayside near the Clearview Golf Course is hosting a Bayside Queens New Years Eve Party. They're offering a buffet for $125 or a prix fixe dinner for $150 and both include open bar all night. The event runs from 9 pm - 1 am. They are located at 201-10 Cross Island Parkway in Bayside, their phone is 718.352.2300 and their website is www.vivobayside.com.

18) Knockdown Center in Ridgewood

The Knockdown Center at 52-19 Flushing Avenue in Ridgewood is hosting a New Years Eve party entitled Time & Space from 9 pm to 5 am. It's organized by Bang On NYC with multiple live music performances and they describe it as, "... Ring in the new year with three musical stages, a silent disco, live painting, interactive art installations and performances, a bartering blackjack table, and more cosmic creations to transcend time and space on December 31st ..." It costs anywhere from $75 to $150.

19) Resorts World Casino in Jamaica / Richmond Hill

Resorts World Casino is hosting a New Years Eve party at Bar 360 for $40 that begins at 8 pm and includes a live performance by TKA K7.

Editor's Note - Sometimes Photos Don't Do Justice, Check Review

Be anew years eve parties restaurants astoria lic new years parties restaurants nycdvised that some of the reviews have been written and photographed far better than others based on the (in) experience of the writer / photographer. But we have visited all of these restaurants and believe them to be quite commendable within their price range and category. Also note that telephone numbers and maps to each of these restaurants may be found using the search function on this site.

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