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Queens Restaurants QNS NYC

July 2024 / Queens Restaurants NYC / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Buzz NYC.

This section is dedicated to the Restaurants section on Queens Buzz NYC.


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The reports at the top of this section will reflect the most recent reports - or the reports most relevant to current dining occasions. This is followed by reporting we've done on the restaurants in Queens since our inception in 2007 / 2008. This isn't just a local news site, it's also a database / history of the neighborhood, generally based on events, issues and sometimes personages.

In time, we will organize the reports, photos and videos of this section into the following categories and likely more - French, Italian, Greek, Irish, Asian, American, Seafood - following the reports at the top of the page designed to give you dining suggestions for various occasions. At the bottom of the page there will be links to these reports and many others, organized into the neighborhoods in which the restaurants are located.

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Mother's Day Restaurants In Queens

Mother's Day Restaurants In Queens 2024

mothers day restaurants in queens nyc moms day brunch queens nycMother's Day Restaurants in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside & Jackson Heights

May 8, 2024 / Queens Neighborhoods NYC / Queens Restaurants NYC / Queens Buzz NYC.

Mother's Day is fast approaching. It's a good day to let your wife or mother or daughter know you appreciate their efforts in the most important role of their lives. Flowers, gifts and brunch or dinner are always welcome, as is any thoughtful gesture that provides some measure showing your recognition of her efforts in her role as mother of some children. After all, without mothers, we would all cease to be.

It's best to book a restaurant reservation early for Mother's Day brunch, as on Mother's Day in Queens, many restaurants are full. So if you're thinking about eating out at a restaurant this Mother's Day in Astoria, LIC, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Woodside or Flushing; it's best to do your research early, and call ahead to book Mother's Day restaurant reservations.

Remember, restaurants also have additional capacity since the pandemic, via all of those outdoor shanties built during the pandemic, which greatly increased overall space / seating capacity. And with the weather warming - the temperature is expected to be around 60 degrees on Mothers Day without a 50% chance of about 1/10th inch of rain as of this post, so outdoor dining is likely still a good option.


Mother's Day History - Restaurants In Queens

The origins of Mother's Day in the United States began with the efforts by Anna Jarvis to honor her own mother. According to Wikipedia, Anna began the campaign in 1905 - the year her mother died - and in 1910 West Virginia was the first state to adopt Mothers Day as a holiday. In 1914 Woodrow Wilson made the second Sunday in May as a national holiday to honor mothers.

  • Click this link to view a brief guide of Mother's Day restaurants in Queens 2024 where you will find links to Queens restaurants we've reviewed. The restaurants we've reviewed include a mix of high, medium and budget priced restaurants that are spread throughout the borough and offer a large variety of ethnic cuisines.
  • Enjoy.


Queens St Patrick's Day Bars, Restaurants & Irish pubs In Queens NYC

Queens St Patrick's Day Bars, Restaurants & Historic Irish Pubs in QNS 2024

St Pat's Day Irish Pubs & Restaurants in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights & Flushing

queens st pat's bars restaurants irish pubs queens nyc st patrick's day celebrations queens nyc st pats irish pubs astoria lic sunnyside woodside flushing jamaica

March 11, 2024 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Restaurants & Bars / St Pat's Parade Queens NYC / Queens Buzz NYC.

St Patrick's Day is on a Sunday this year.

There are a lot of celebrations planned for St Pat's Day in Queens. There are a at least three St Patrick's Day Parades in Queens, but they are generally held on the weekends before or after the actual St. Patrick's Day feast on March 17th.

The photo to your right was taken on St. Patrick's Day weekend in a prior year at Donovan's Pub in Woodside.

This report contains a number of suggestions for St. Patrick's Day bars, restaurants and Irish pubs in Queens, including in Astoria, Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside [near Jackson Heights], Bayside [near Flushing], the Rockaways [near Jamaica] and in Maspeth / Ridgewood which are near Kew Gardens and Forest Hills. At the end of the report we've included links to St. Patrick's Day bars, restaurants and Irish pubs in other boroughs, outside of Queens.

Please drink responsibly and let someone else drive if you're impaired. St. Patrick's Day is a bit like New Years Eve, in that the amateur consumers of alcohol of all ethnicities come out to celebrate, and if they are not properly managed / or cared for, accidents may occur, and some of them with life changing consequences.

At a later date we'll add a bit of history of St. Patrick's Day.


Astoria Restaurants Section

Astoria Restaurants Queens NYC



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Flushing Restaurants - Queens NYC



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Jackson Heights Restaurants - Queens NYC



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LIC Restaurants - Long Island City NYC



Sunnyside Woodside Restaurants Section

Sunnyside Woodside Restaurants - Queens NYC


Queens Food & Wine Shops & Stores In Queens

food & wine queens wine stores grocery stores unique food shops unique foods made queens nyc

Click the heading above to view food & wine events this month in Queens. Click the following links to go directly into one of these Queens Neighborhoods: Astoria, Flushing, Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Long Island City and Sunnyside.

Queens Halloween Parties Parades & Events In Queens NYC

Queens Halloween Parties, Parades & Events in Queens NYC 2023

Halloween Parties, Parades & Events in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona, Elmhurst, Jamaica & Flushing

queens halloween parties queens nycUPDATED _ October 28, 2023 from 10.16.23 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Restaurants & Bars / Queens Buzz NYC.

Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, so there are likely to be a number of events that hit the preceding weekend. Here's a listing of some of the fun Halloween parties and events open to the public in Queens.

There are a lot of parties planned for Halloween Weekend and Halloween Day this year. There are costume parties and live music for adults, and parades and parties for the kids. This report will provide you with a sampling of party opportunities for adults in the borough of Queens surrounding the Halloween holiday. And this page also includes links to the kids Halloween parties in Queens, as well as Halloween parties in other boroughs.

The photo to your right was taken of a Halloween party crowd in Queens in an earlier year. Halloween allows the latent artist and theatrical actor in us all, to come out of its inhibition. In earlier times it was said that masquerade events were to give the upper and lower classes a chance to mingle without being scandalized - as everyone was in costume.

Click here to read about Halloween Parties Parades & Events in Queens NYC this year.

Restaurants In Astoria - Taverna Kyclades

restaurants in astoria kycladesRestaurants In Astoria

Kyclades - Albanian Seafood Restaurants

Astoria Neighborhood / Astoria Restaurants / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz. Taverna Kyclades is located on Ditmars in northern Astoris. The Albanian style seafood restaurant provides its clientele with a full Adriatic menu and is well known for its delights from the sea. One could get the feeling of being along the Adriatic on a rainy windswept evening as we dined on octopus, red snapper and lamb chops, as well as a full complement of side dishes.

Kyclades is located along Ditmars Blvd and can be reached via the N Subway line.  Click here to view the full review of the Taverna Kyclades - Albanian Greek restaurants in Astoria.

Restaurants In Long Island City LIC - Tournesol French Bistro

French Restaurants In Long Island City

Tournesol French Bistro in LIC - Background

french restaurants queens astoriaLong Island City Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / French Restaurants Queens / Queens Buzz. This is a review of Tournesol Restaurant which is located in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens NY. Tournesol is an authentic French bistro style restaurant which serves french food and wine.


Click here to read our report and view photos of Tournesol French Bistro in LIC Long Island City.

Restaurants In Long Island City - Taste of LIC Restaurants Bars & Brew Pubs

Taste of LIC 2018 Feeds the Hungry

Culinary Tasting Event at Kaufman Astoria Studios Lot A

taste of lic restaurants bars pubs long island city tasteJune 5, 2018 / Long Island City Neighborhood / Astoria Neighborhood / Long Island City Restaurants / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz NYC.

The afternoon before the 2018 Taste of LIC it had rained. I paused from my work, contemplating whether the rain would affect attendance at the Taste of LIC which was to begin at 5.30 pm. But by late afternoon, as I began getting ready, it was a beautiful Spring evening full of sunshine and clouds and a slightly warm breeze. Perfect, I thought, … for the Taste of LIC tonight.

Taste of LIC at Kaufman Astoria Studios Lot

I arrived at the Kaufman Astoria Studios Lot, situated in a very changed neighborhood, compared to just ten years ago. After picking up my wristband I made my way under the big top tent sheltering the event. There were in the neighborhood of fifty restaurants and beverage companies participating in the event tonight. I knew I couldn’t sample them all, but I would try to photograph as many as I could. See the slide show at the end of the story to view some of the photos I took.

The first item I sampled was a burger named Priscilla. She was a tall, shapely burger filled with Thai peanut sauce, triple smoked bacon, pepper, cheddar cheese, sea salt and served in a pretzel brioche bun. Yes, she wasn’t your every day burger … and I could tell that from the first bite. The juicy, finely ground beef fought hard to compete for the attention of my taste buds, winning only some of the time.

A Taste Of The World Flushing Queens

A Taste Of The World 2011 Photos

Fun Way To Sample Many Queens Restaurants

May 11, 2011 / Flushing / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz. Continued / If needed use the search function to find the story introduction.

This year I decided to focus on the food stands that I hadn’t hit last year. There were many returning restaurants, including Dazies of Sunnyside and Parpazzio of Bayside, both of which received the Icon Restaurant award from the Queens Economic Development Corporation, organizer of the event.

Peking Duck, Parmesan & Artichoke - Finger Food

taste of the world photosI sampled a couple of appetizers made by Creative Concepts NYC. They informed me that they had just opened up a location at 36th and Northern Blvd in LIC, but that information wasn’t contained on any of their printed materials nor on their website, so I think they’re using the QEDC entrepreneur space for their Queens address. I sampled the Peking duck appetizer, which had the sweet tender taste of duck atop a crispy wafer. This was followed by parmesan and artichoke rolled in moist dough. I ended with a mixed vegetable roll, which paled in comparison. I suppose this was due in part to being much lighter fare, following the cheese and duck appetizers.

Some of the appetizers served are shown in the photo to your left.


The Strawberry Grill - Smokin' Good

strawberry grill in douglaston nyMy next stop was Strawberry Grill. I heard from a fellow reporter, that Darryl Strawberry’s brother was on hand. I started by sampling their house smoked pork which had a wonderful hickory and cherrywood flavor. This was followed by a sampling of their Championship Chili which was a sweet broth containing ground beef, smoked brisket and beans. The Strawberry Grill is located at 235th Street in Douglaston near the train stop and they just opened within the past six months or so.

Darryl Strawberry's brother is shown in the photo to your right along with some of the employees of the Strawberry Grill in Douglaston and a fellow reporter [far right].

Restaurants In Sunnyside - Turkish Grill

The Turkish Grill Restaurant

Ottoman Style Cuisine - Restaurants In Sunnyside

Turkish Grill Sunnyside NY QueensSunnyside Neighborhood / Sunnyside Restaurants / Queens Restaurants. It was a warm Friday night as two friends and I set out to sample the Turkish delights I’d heard about from acquaintances in the neighborhood. I had made reservations through Aziz who is one of the four partners who own and run the popular restaurant found at 42nd Street and Queens Blvd in Sunnyside. Yasemin, Aziz’s wife and sister of the chef, Ferhat, seated us at a table in the corner where we could enjoy the restaurant’s ambiance and converse with her about the food without disrupting the rest of the restaurant.

Appetizers - Hummus & Tabbouleh

hummus eggplant white beans tabouleh Turkish Grill Sunnyside NY QueensOn Friday night the Turkish Grill offers some specials so we decided to go with the house suggestions. We started with a mixed appetizer plate that featured four different delectables. In the photo you can see the hummus, which is a dip made of chickpeas mashed with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and tahini. Next to it was the tabbouleh, which is a salad of ground bulgur (dried wheat), parsley, tomatoes, scallions, green peppers, olive oil and lemon juice. This provided a nice complement to the creamy yogurt included on the plate. The next two offerings were both eggplant dishes, one smoked with garlic pepper and ground into a soft, very fine creamy grainy paste that we ate like a dip with the pita bread. And the other offering was fried eggplant which was cut into small soft chunks garnished with tomato and red pepper that melted in our mouths as we savored them. These last two appetizers were my favorites. And, as you can see in the photo, soft white beans rounded out the plate.

cucumber tomator olive salad Sunnyside NY Queens NYThe mixed appetizers were followed by the chef salad, which was made of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and olives. The salad was properly dressed in a mixture of vinegar, olive oil, dill, parsley and Turkish bell pepper. Yasemin told us that they generally shop for their vegetables in New Jersey in order to get fresh-from-the-farm-produce, which frequently comes from Pennsylvania. They buy halal meat, which like kosher meat, requires it to be processed in accordance with well defined standards and guidelines that have a long history and tradition.

sigora borek Turkish Grill Sunnyside NY Queens NYSigara borek was served along with the chef salad. These are thin rolled doughy crepes filled with creamy feta cheese, dill and herbs; which is then pan fried. The taste of the soft feta cheese complemented the doughy exterior. We also tried the fried liver cubes, which had a nice breaded covering, and as we bit into them, had an almost cheddar cheese-like consistency. And for those who love liver, well, they had a very ‘liverly’ taste. The liver was complemented by onions, tomatoes, lemon and sprinkled with Turkish bell pepper.

Turkish Grill - Culture, History And Background

Yasemin Ferhat Turkish Grill Sunnyside NY Queens NYThe Turkish Grill is run by two married couples, both of whom come from restaurant families back in Ankara, which is the capitol of Turkey. The Turkish Grill prepares and serves their food ‘Ottoman style’, which is cuisine that dates back to the traditions developed during the Ottoman Empire. In the photo to the right is Yasemin and her brother and chef, Ferhat.

Taste of Sunnyside 2016 Photos & Video

Serving Sunnyside a Taste

Neighborhood Businesses Provide Samplings of Beverages & Cuisine

May 24, 2016 / Sunnyside Neighborhood / Queens Food & Wine / Queens Buzz.

Lowerys Wine & Liquor Prepares for Taste of Sunnyside 2016

taste of sunnyside photosOn Tuesday afternoon on my way home from a gig, I found myself stopping in at Lowerys Wine & Liquors for a brief hello. Lowerys has long been an institution serving the Sunnyside community, and I found Owner Anthony Lodati and Manager Janet Rios hard at work, preparing for the 7th Annual Taste of Sunnyside, which was to be held later in the day.


Along the casked walls there was an ample selection of wines, and I found Anthony moving about the store like a sommelier in pursuit of a mix of wines for the evening. Meanwhile, back in the office and staging area, I found Janet preparing party favors for the event, which were to be gifted at half-hour intervals, during the Annual Sunnyside Taste 2016.

As they were both pre-occupied, I shot a few photos and continued my journey home.


Later that afternoon, I headed over to the Taste of Sunnyside, for a few nibbles and sips. This year the Taste of Sunnyside featured seven beverage companies and 25 Sunnyside restaurants.


7th Taste of Sunnyside 2016 in Photos & Video

taste of sunnyside 2016 photosThe Taste of Sunnyside 2016 is in its 7th year, the first of which started at Queens Boulevard and 39th Street in 2010. The intent of the Taste of Sunnyside event is to raise awareness of some of the restaurants and beverage companies serving the neighborhood, while simultaneously raising funds for the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District [BID].


The Sunnyside Shines BID’s mission is to promote a specified commercial district of the neighborhood running from about 50th Street down to about 38th Street along Queens Blvd and the eastern section of Greenpoint Avenue through a combination of area maintenance and business enhancement services.


Click here to read the rest of the story about the Taste of Sunnyside 2016 with photos & video.

Queens Romantic Restaurants for Valentines Day - Queens NYC

Queens Valentine's Day Restaurants & Events 2024

Romantic Restaurants For Dinner in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights & Flushing

February 6, 2024 / Queens Restaurants / Queens Neighborhoods NYC / Queens Buzz NYC.

queens valentines day restaurants queens romantic restaurants queens astoria lic sunnyside woodside flushing jackson heights valentines restaurants romantic queens nycValentine's Day is less than a month away. Valentines Day is a good time to let your loved one know you care. Flowers, gifts and dinner are always welcome treats, and / or some thoughtful gesture that shows that the lady [or man] you're with, still means a lot to you.

The photo at right shows a main entree at a restaurant in Astoria.

This report provides a selection of various romantic and casual restaurants in which to celebrate Valentines Day in Queens. We also highlight a few local restaurant closures.

All restaurants that have been asterisked have either been updated or added in 2024. Those restaurants without an asterisk are from 2023, so watch the dates / year to be sure you're looking at 2024 specials.

Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday this year, so it may be fair game to make your VDay reservation on Valentine's Day or any day of the preceding weekend. Also, many restaurants have retained their outside dining capacity - so depending on the weather - NYC restaurants may have more capacity for Valentine's Day weekend than they did prior to the prepandemic.

It's worth reminding folks that there were a number of restaurant casualties during and following the pandemic, so it's best to do your research early. If you're thinking about doing something this Valentine's Day for dinner in or around Astoria, LIC, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Woodside or Flushing; call or go online to make the reservations as soon as you can for this Valentine's Day .


Valentine's Day Brief History - Queens Romantic Restaurants on V Day

The origins of Valentine's Day are not well documented. It's believed to have been named after Saint Valentine who was apparently a Catholic martyr who died over 1500 years ago. Today the holiday is not associated with religion so much as flowers, candies, cards and romantic dinners. And the holiday spokesperson is now Cupid, a Roman god of desire, and quite a mischief maker.

The restaurants we've reviewed include a mix of high, medium and budget priced restaurants that are spread throughout the borough and offer a large variety of ethnic cuisines. Click this link to view a brief guide of Valentine's Day restaurants in Queens / V Day events & romantic restaurants Queens NYC where you will find links to Queens restaurants we've reviewed. Enjoy.

Queens New Years Eve Parties NYC & NYE Parties & Events QNS NYC

Queens New Years Eve Parties NYC & NYE Parties & Events QNS 2023 / 2024

queens new years eve parties restaurants queens nyc astoria lic new years parties restaurants queens nycFun Restaurants to Celebrate New Years Eve / News Years in Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside & Jackson Heights in Queens on New Years Eve NYC

December 29, 2023 / Queens New Years Eve Parties & Restaurants / Queens Buzz NYC.

Weather Forecast. NYE Sunrise in NYC - 7.20 am. NYE Sunset in NYC - 4.38 pm. The temperature highs will be in the mid 50's on Friday, dropping to the mid 40's for the rest of the three day holiday weekend including Monday. The temperature lows will be around 40 through Sunday, dropping into the low 30's on Monday. Humidity will be around 70% on Friday, descending into the 60's for the rest of the three day weekend. The winds will be about 8 to 10 mph on Friday & Saturday, dropping to about 5 to 7 mph on Sunday and Monday. No precipitation is in the forecast, although it will be cloudy all days except NYE Sunday. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

New Years Eve occurs on a Sunday this year. While New Years Eve is one big party, it's important to keep in mind, that like St. Patrick's Day, all the amateurs come out to play [it's not just the Irish who are out drinking on St. Patrick's Day]. So some measure of caution is advised and you have to be careful.

The following are a number of different New Years restaurants in Queens NYC where you might consider booking a reservation.

Click this link to view a brief guide of Queens New Years Eve parties and NYE parties & events in Queens NYC where you will find links to Queens restaurants we've reviewed. The restaurants we've reviewed include a mix of high, medium and budget priced restaurants that are spread throughout the borough and offer a large variety of ethnic cuisines. Enjoy.


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Late Night Dining in Jackson Heights

BQE Billiards Serves Eclectic Mix of American, Greek & Latin Favorites

late night dining jackson heights queens restaurantsOctober 18, 2016 / Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Jackson Heights Restaurants / Queens Buzz.

I headed over to BQE Billiards and Bar for a photo shoot last week. They were working on developing a new website and I was helping them create the food photos. The side benefit of this excursion was that I was also able to partake in the feast that followed, where we all sat around and enjoyed sampling much of the food that was photographed. In the photo at right is the gyro plate sitting atop a counter space located within the pool area and overlooking the ping pong and arcade sections of BQE Billiards and Bar in Jackson Heights.

This story is going to include a review of some of the food I sampled, as well as delving into the history of one of Jackson Heights intrepid small businesses. BQE Billiards and Bar was founded 25 years ago by four partners, two of whom remain involved in the business today. So get comfy as we begin by traveling back in time, to the not-so-ancient Greece of the 1960's.

One of the founding partners, Nick, told me that as a boy he used to keep a watch in a Grecian winemaker's vineyard. As he grew older he was given the responsibility for tending a flock of sheep on the hills of Greece. Around the time he became a legal adult, Nick talked to his father about leaving the small town he grew up in, to seek out places and opportunities where he might be able to make a better go of things. His father, while reluctant to see his son depart, understood the calling of the young man, and sent him on his way.

late night dining jackson heights queens restaurantsNick sought work aboard a ship, the SS Andreas Panou. The ship ran into technical difficulties in the Greek port of Piraeus, so Nick and his crewmates were sent ashore to get a bite to eat, since the mess hall had no electricity. The foreman wanted the young lads to return before they had been able to get some food and they refused. The foreman and the Captain subsequently discharged Nick and his friend in October 1965.

Nick recalled how he sought and secured passage working aboard another ship. Less than six months later, in March of 1966, while on a transition in Vancouver, Canada; he noticed a newspaper written in Greek. Since he had not read anything in Greek for weeks, he bought the paper where he learned that the SS Andreas Panou had crashed off the coast of Spain.

In the photo at right, from left to right, are Andreas, Nick and Theo of BQE Billiards and Bar in Jackson Heights.

Click here to read the rest of our story about the history and the late night restaurant dining at BQE Blliards and Bar in Jackson Heights.


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The Taste of LIC

Rains Fails To Dampen Turnout and Spirits

June 2, 2015 / LIC Long Island City Neighborhood / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz.

queens things to doThe weather cooled down this week, dropping into the 50’s accompanied by rain. The streets were wet and it was cloudy above as I made my way through the intermittent drizzle down to the East River waterfront to attend the 10th annual Taste of LIC.

As I approached the East River, I could see the grand white tents in the distance, filled with people, light and the distant murmurs of conversations. I had planned to arrive a bit later at the event, after things had calmed down, so the restaurateurs and chefs at the event would have a bit of time to talk.

Inside the tents the mood was pretty buoyant as I found folks drinking and dining buffet-style, sampling the offerings of a mix of about sixty different restaurants, food producers and beverage makers. Conversations were flowing too about the food, the feast and the other fun things to do in the Long Island City neighborhood.

The Chocolate Factory Theatre is the organizer of the Taste of LIC. The theatre was co-founded by Sheila Lewandowski, the Executive Director; and Brian Rogers, the Artistic Director. They showcase the works of up-and-coming writers, producers, directors and actors / actresses as well as the development of in-house works.


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Astoria Restaurantsrestaurants astoria


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Long Island City / LIC Restaurantslong island city restaurants

Curated Cuisine At The Taste Of LIC

lic restaurants queensWatery Weather 'Dampens' Attendance But Not Mood

June 3, 2014 / LIC Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / Queens Buzz. It was a dark and stormy evening as I began preparing to head down to the Long Island City waterfront to cover the 9th Annual Taste of LIC. I could hear the raindrops falling on my airconditioner, making a sporadic tinny pitter patter that told me I should not go.

An angelic voice whispered in my ear, "You're going to miss the Chocolate Factory's signature event". My tummy grumbled, "I'm sick of your cooking" ... thus making it's voice heard and it's vote counted too ... so soon I was on my way, umbrella opened, walking through the rain to the fabulous #7 subway line - the main artery of public transit in Queens.

As I came up the stairway onto Vernon Blvd, I began to feel like I had made the right decision. To be sure, clouds were overhead, but there weren't any raindrops fallin' on my head. E'nuf said.

lic neighborhood queensI sauntered down to the ticketing tent where I picked up my entrance band. I asked the ticketing agents to pose for a photo, which I'll post into the event photo slide show at a later date.

As expected, the inclement weather had impacted attendance and thinned out the crowd relative to prior years - but there was still a good turnout - of likely over a thousand people. The attendance provided more opportunity for relaxed interactions and more space to photograph and converse with the restaurateurs. Some of them remarked the same, telling me that in the past they were so busy serving folks that they scarcely had a moment to talk to any of them. But tonight Mother Nature, as sometimes it is her way, took control of the remainder of the day.

Next Monday we'll take you into the tent of the Taste of LIC, share with you a sampling of some of the fine foods, a bit of the fun & fancy, and introduce you to a few beverage makers and a new chocolatier too. Included with this account will be an accompanying photo slide show of the curated cuisine event. Proceeds go to the Chocolate Factory Theatre in LIC and many thanks to Sheila Lewandowski and Brian Rogers, both of whom organized the event.

Bon Appetit & Bon Jour.


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Sunnyside / Woodside Restaurantssunnyside restaurants woodside restaurants


Jackson Heights Restaurantsjackson heights restaurants


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Flushing Restaurantsjackson heights restaurants


Jamaica Restaurants


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Queens Neighborhoods - Neighborhood Links

Click any of the following links to go to that neighborhood in Queens. Links are also located along the left side bar.


Queens Food & Wine News Shopping Briefs

queens food wine news

News Briefs about food and wine in LIC, Sunnyside, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Jamaica, Corona Queens

Eating Right in Queens in the New Year

mt sinai nutritionDecember 14, 2012 / Astoria & LIC / Food in Queens / Queens Buzz. I attended a lecture on nutrition sponsored by Mount Sinai Hospital of Astoria at the LIC YMCA. The presentation was given by Effie Nerantzis, Registered Dietician, who is shown in the photo to your left.

She provided a lot of information that one can use to begin to make smart, healthy choices in their diet, while continuing to lead an on-the-go modern lifestyle. Some of the lecture including how to read nutrition labels on the backs of packages, how to interpret the claims on the front of food packages, she touched on how organic foods factor into the mix, and how to shop and prepare foods in short order.

We'll have more on this seminar later in the quarter. In the meantime, click here for other Astoria Food & Wine Shopping News briefs.