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Parades In Astoria Queens

This section shows many of the parades in Astoria Queens, including the Columbus Day Parade and Halloween Parade and Socrates Sculpture Park Bike Parade.

HORROR on Ditmars ends Ghoulishly in Astoria Park

The Astoria Family Halloween Parade Marches Down Ditmars to Astoria Park Halloween Celebration

astoria halloween paradeOctober 30, 2016 / Astoria Neighborhood / Holidays in Astoria Queens / Queens Buzz.

It was ghoulish, it was hairy and in fact it was just plain, downright SCARY. There’s just no other way to describe the Astoria Family Halloween Parade.

There were ghosts, goblins, witches, monsters and people back from the dead. They came by the hundreds and in all sizes. They were tall, small and everything in between. There were likely over one thousand people who came to participate in the tenth annual Astoria Family Halloween Parade.

Yet, even though I was surrounded by all of these frightening monsters, I felt a certain calm. Why? Why so calm amidst all of this horror?


IT WAS SCARY, BUT ... thankfully there were plenty of Super Heroes Around

Because there were possibly even more superheroes in the crowd. Wonder Woman, Superman, Batwoman, Batman and how about those Ninja Turtles?

The ghouls, goblins and their parents congregated at Ditmars & 31st Street beginning at 11.30 am filling all four corners and then some with plenty of people decked out in full Halloween garb. The weather was amply cooperative climbing well into the 70’s and I heard some of the monsters complain that they were overheating … but not the devils … they seemed to feel right at home – if not a bit chilly.

astoria family halloween paradeThe police cordoned off one lane of Ditmars between 31st Street and Astoria Park and at noon, the families packed up and marched down to Astoria Park along the East River. The families came streaming down the Great Lawn and started taking their places on the grass in front of the stage erected by the Central Astoria Local Development Corporation also known as CALDC.


CALDC had organized a Halloween event, which they called the First Annual Batty Over Halloween Celebration. The free event included face painting, balloon twisting, a children's Halloween sing along, cotton candy and munchkin pumpkins giveaway.

All in all it made for a fun outing for the kids and parents of the neighborhood who embraced both the parade and the Halloween after party. The parade was started around 2006 and continues to be organized by the Astoria Moms Meetup Group and Queens Mamas.


Click here to view the Astoria Family Halloween Parade 2016 slide show.

Columbus Day Parade in Astoria

Beautiful Day to Enjoy a Parade Along Steinway & 30th Streets

columbus day parade astoriaOctober 12, 2016 / Astoria Neighborhood / Holidays in Queens / Queens Buzz.

The 39th Annual Columbus Day Parade returned to Astoria last weekend. People lined the streets of Astoria to watch the parade which included a number of local Italian organizations including soccer groups, Italian clubs, school groups and floats.

A number of local government representatives also marched in the parade including NYC Councilman Constantinides, Assemblywoman Simotas and Senator Gianaris.

The weather cooperated, as it was in the 60's and sunny and dry. The parade commemorates Italian Christopher Columbus' discovery of America in 1492. And the parade was organized by the Astoria Chapter of the Federation of Italian Americans.

The photo above was taken in a prior year.  Click here to view reports of prior parades in Astoria including photos.

FIAO - Federation of Italian Americans - Columbus Day Parade Astoria | FIAO federation of italian americans fiat astoria columbus day parade astoria queenscolumbus weekend parade queens
FIAO - Federation of Italian Americans - Columbus Day Parade Astoria

Astoria Columbus Day Parade

38th Annual Parade Celebrates Italian's Discovery of the New World

October 12, 2015 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic Culture Queens / Queens Buzz.

It was a near perfect day as I made my over to Steinway and 30th Streets to watch the Columbus Day Parade. The parade formed in the lot at Kaufman Studios, then marched north along Steinway Street, west along 30th Avenue before making its way north again along 33rd Street before terminating at Columbus Triangle at Astoria Blvd.

Federation of Italian Americans in Astoria [FIAO]

The Federation of Italian Americans organizes the parade each year, to commemorate Columbus's discovery of America. FIAO [The Federation of Italian Americans] has organized the Astoria Columbus Day Parade since 1978.

Columbus set sail in early August of 1492 and is said to have spotted land on October 12th of that same year, which is why we celebrate Columbus Day on the second Monday of October every year. The land Columbus had discovered was actually an island in the Caribbean and Columbus believed it to be a part of Asia. Columbus's voyage had been funded by the King and Queen of Spain, as they were beginning to compete with other European nations for overseas trade.

That's Mrs. Columbus standing just right of members of her security detail.

Click here to learn a bit more about Columbus's historic voyages, the naming of America, as well as a photo slide show of the Federation of Italian Americans FIAO Columbus Day Parade and the Columbus Triangle in Astoria.

Greek Orthodox Easter Tradition In Astoria

St. Demetrios Cathedral Holy Friday Procession With Epitaphios In Astoria

greek easter celebration in astoria queensApril 21, 2014 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic Culture In Queens / Queens Buzz. Friday night I made my way into Astoria to watch the St Demetrios Cathedral Holy Friday procession with the epitaphios. I arrived a bit after 9 pm, and they had just left the cathedral. The service began at 7 pm and it's followed by the public procession into the Astorian streets to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, some 2014 years ago.

A contingent leads the parade, including a man carrying a crucifix, symbolizing the cross that Jesus was nailed to, when he was executed as a threat to the Roman Empire. Following behind the first contingent is another group of men who carry the epitaphios. The epitaphios is a floral covered structure that looks a bit like a carriage and coffin. And following the epitaphios are the parishoners, which in the case of the St. Demetrios Cathedral procession likely numbered in the low single digit thousand(s).

In the photo to your right you can see the epitaphios at left and the St. Demetrios parishoners on Holy Friday night in Astoria. We'll post a photo slide show later this day or week.

I. Astoria Parades & Photos

Columbus Day Parade In Queens - FIAO | columbus day parade in astoria queens fiao in astoria queens federation of italian americans in queens
Columbus Day Parade In Queens - FIAO

Columbus Day Parade - FIAO

The Federation Of Italian Americans In Queens

Updated October 4, 2012 / October 11, 2011 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic & Religious Culture / Queens Buzz. I attended the Columbus Day Parade in Astoria on Saturday. The parade is organized by the Federation of Italian Americans or FIAO in Queens, an organization that celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

There were about 1,500 people who marched in the parade which is one of the biggest parades in Queens. As I covered the parade, many of the folks watched the pageantry from along Steinway Street and from cafés along 30th Avenue. It was a sunny, spectacular Indian summer day, with temperatures in the low 80’s and little humidity.

Click here to read our account of the Columbus Day Parade in Astoria Queens, including a photographic slide show and an account of two Italians [Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci] contributions to the discovery of the Americas.  Click here for details about the Columbus Day Parde 2012.

St Markella Festival - Astoria Queens | st markella greek orthodox church parish in astoria queens
St Markella Festival - Astoria Queens

St Markella Festival In Astoria

14th Century Saint From Greek Island Of Chios Honored

September 19, 2011 / Astoria Neighborhood / Queens Buzz. I visited the parish of St. Markella this Sunday as they were winding down their weekend long celebration in honor of St. Markella. They had closed the block on 26th Street between 23rd Avenue and Ditmars Blvd, creating a warm, relaxing, village-like feel to the public occasion.

The local parishoners had brought home made dishes of stuffed tomatoes, skewered lamb, mixed vegetables, moussaka, baclava and other desserts and delectables to celebrate the occasion. I talked with several people affiliated with the church including Father Michael. And in the report that will follow sometime in the future, we'll provide a bit of history and a slide show of St Markella in Astoria.

Greek Orthodox Easter 2011 & Photos | greek orthodox easter astoria 2011 photos greek holy friday in astoria queens photos 2011
Greek Orthodox Easter 2011 & Photos

Greek Orthodox Easter 2011

St. Demetrios Procession Photos - Astoria

April 22, 2011 / Astoria / Ethnic & Religious Culture / Queens Buzz.  Tonight I attended one of the most interesting religious events of the year – the Holy Friday procession through the streets of Astoria by the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Demetrios.  It’s an ancient tradition, dating back thousands of years, and having come to this country from nearly eight thousand kilometers away.

St Demetrios Church services had begun two hours earlier, commemorating the holiest week of the year, on one of the holiest days of the year.  Holy Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and the procession through the streets is a sort of symbolic funeral procession for Him.

Click here to read more about and view photos of the Greek Orthodox Easter 2011 in Astoria.

Greek Independence Parade NYC

greek culture in queensApril 7, 2013 / Astoria Neighborhood / Ethnic Culture in Queens / Queens Buzz. It was a beautiful Spring Day as I ventured into Manhattan Sunday to watch the Greek Independence Day Parade march along Fifth Avenue from 64th Street to 79th Street.

A number of Queens government officials marched in the Parade including NY State Senator Gianaris, NY Assemblywoman Simotas and City Councilmember Vallone. A couple of prospective City Councilmember candidates also marched in the parade. We'll have more on the parade, including a photo slide show later today.

In the photo at left are the Greek Independence Day Parade marchers representing the Spartan warriors.

St Markella Holy Friday in Astoria

st markella astoria greek orthodox church

April 14, 2012 / Ethnic & Religious Culture / Astoria Neighborhood / Queens Buzz. I visited the parish of St. Markella to observe the Greek Orthodox Holy Friday evening procession through the streets of Astoria. It was a beautiful, clear night, with temperatures in the 50's and the stars were shining brightly in the sky above.

The local parishoners had gathered to commemorate the crucifixtion of Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. The tradition dates back centuries, whereby the parish gathers on this night and walks through the community with an epitaphios which is symbolic of the shroud of Jesus.

Look for future coverage of Holy Friday at St Markella in Astoria.

Columbus Day Parade Astoria - FIAO - October 2011

Greek Orthodox Easter Astoria - April 2011

Greek Orthodox Holy Friday At St Demetrios In Astoria

Columbus Day Parade In Astoria Queens

Greek Orthodox Easter In Astoria

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