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Jackson Heights restaurants queens nyc restaurants jackson heights

jackson heights restaurants queens nyc restaurants jackson heights

Pool Halls In Jackson Heights Queens | pool halls queens ny jackson heights woodside billiards jackson heights queens pool halls fun things to do kids parties jackson heights queens ny
Pool Halls In Jackson Heights Queens

Pool Hall Tournament In Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Queens Buzz.  This is a report about a billiards tournament which took place in the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens NY. Many of the top players in the nation were there, including a top ranking female and last year's pool champion. This was for the Tony Robles tournament in the Jackson Heights section of Queens. Click here to view the story of the pool tournament at BQE in Jackson Heights Queens including photos.

Restaurants In Jackson Heights - Jackson Diner Indian Restaurant | Jackson Diner restaurant Jackson Heights Queens NY Indidan Restaurant food vegetarian restaurants food dining fun things to do Jackson Heights Queens NY
Restaurants In Jackson Heights - Jackson Diner Indian Restaurant

Jackson Diner In Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Jackson Heights Restaurants / Queens Buzz.

This is a review of the Jackson Diner Indian Restaurant which is located in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens NY. The Jackson Diner is an Indian restaurant serving Indian food tailored to suit the American palate in Jackson Heights.

Click here to read our report about the Jackson Diner - Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights.

Viva La Comida - 82nd Street Partnership Jackson Heights | jeff orlick iwantmorefood 82nd st partnership jackson heights viva la comida festival 2012 jackson heights food trucks in queens
Viva La Comida - 82nd Street Partnership Jackson Heights

Viva La Comida - 82nd Street - Jackson Heights

82nd Street Partnership Hosts Festival At Dunningham Triangle

September 24, 2012 / Jackson Heights / Food in Queens / Queens Buzz. On Friday evening the 82nd Street Partnership hosted Viva La Comida at Dunningham Triangle on 82nd Street at Baxter in Jackson Heights. The event was a fun, quirky preamble to the Hispanic Month activities that officially began on Sunday with the Hispanic Day Parade [click for Hispanic Day Parade report & photos].

I arrived while it was still light out. City Councilman Danny Dromm, Seth Taylor and City Councilmember Julissa Ferreras were standing for photos sandwiched between two men who’s names I will try to obtain and post at a later date. A performance by the youngsters from the Mestizo Art Center followed, much to the delight of the warm and enthusiastic crowd.

I made my way over to the food trucks where I tasted some delicacies and met interesting people … click here to read the rest of our report on Viva La Comida festival hosted by the 82nd Street Partnership in Jackson Heights. The photo to your left was taken from the inside of the Solber Pupusa food truck at the Viva La Comida festival on 82nd Street in Jackson Heights.

Viva La Comida en Jackson Heights

Food Trucks and Latin Culture on 82nd Street

viva la comida jackson heightsOctober 5, 2015 / Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Queens Restaurants & Queens Food / Queens Buzz. A couple weeks ago I attended the fourth annual Viva La Comida Festival in Jackson Heights.


The festival began as a showcase for some of the neighborhood food trucks in tandem with dance and music cultural performances. The first year the event was held at Dunningham Triangle with some of the trucks lined up along 82nd Street, but the space was too tight for the venue and busy street. In the subsequent years 82nd Street was blocked to enable pedestrian traffic and picnic tables, and the stage was moved from facing a narrow sliver of Ithaca Street, to facing 82nd Street.


jackson heights viva la comidaOriginally the festival ran through the day and into the evening, but this year it was scheduled to begin at noon and run until 7 pm. I arrived about 2 pm and stayed a couple of hours as things were just getting going. There were folks lined up in front of several food trucks and others seated at the picnic tables. I noted about a half dozen food trucks, some of which were returning from prior years. And before deparating I saw a dance performance by a local group.

'Viva La Comida' means 'Live Food' which is intended to be a cheer of sorts, kind of like "long live the Queens". Salud.

Viva La Comida

Jackson Heights Celebrates Queens Food & Culture

viva la comidaSeptember 22, 2014 / Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Jackson Heights Restaurants / Queens Buzz. Saturday afternoon I headed over to Dunningham Triangle at 82nd Street & Baxter in Jackson Heights. The third annual Viva La Comida Festival had begun earlier in the day and I decided to check it out.

They had blocked off 82nd Street between Roosevelt Avenue and Baxter and had converted the short one block adjacent to Dunningham Triangle into a performance area - complete with elevated stage.

Along 82nd Street there was a musical / dance performance going on with a distinctly Latin flavor, reflecting the indigenous roots of many of Jackson Heights and neighboring Corona residents. My first stop was the D'Angelo food truck for a spicy Italian handmade sausage with sauteed peppers and onions on a fresh semolina bread. It tasted even better than it sounds. We'll have more about D'Angelo's later in the story, including a couple more photos of the sandwich I devoured.

viva la comidaI headed over to the main stage to see what was going on. By late afternoon the Jay Rodriguez Trio had taken the stage and began playing some really good Latin flavored jazz tunes. They played their instruments like jazz magicians, deftly transitioning the melodious rhythm from one musician to another in a string of rhythmic solos that had the audience jamming to the beat.

I started photographing them doing their thing and came up with a separate photo slide show which will show them gettin' down. I visited the Jay Rodriguez website and the music on the site, is a bit more artsy and esoteric than what they played for us at Viva La Comida.

Special thanks goes to outgoing 82nd Street Partnership Executive Director Seth Taylor, as well as iwantmorefood curator Jeff Orlick. We'll have more about both of them and their past and future endeavors in the full report later this day / week.

Buena Salud.

Restaurants In Jackson Heights - La Portena Argentine Steakhouse | La Portena argentinian restaurant jackson heights queens ny steakhouses in queens skirt steak good sirloin tenderloin steaks in queens argentinian steakhouse
Restaurants In Jackson Heights - La Portena Argentine Steakhouse

Restaurants In Jackson Heights

LaPortena Argentine Steakhouse

Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Jackson Heights Restaurants / Queens Buzz.  La Portena Argentinian Steakhouse isn't exactly the kind of restaurant that would come to mind when you think of Jackson Heights ... that is unless you live there. La Portena Argentinian Steakhouse is located at 74th Street and 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights. It's quite a popular restaurant which is what first caught my attention. While Indian, Bangladeshi, Thai and Nepalese restaurants first come to mind when thinking about Jackson Heights / Elmhurst restaurants, there's an entire Latin American flavor to the restaurant mix in the neighborhood - and the food and service are both very good. Click here to read a the full review of La Portena Argentinian Steakhouse, including more photos.

Restaurants In Jackson Heights - Arunee Thai Restaurant | Arunee Thai restaurant in Jackson Heights Queens Thai restaurants in jackson heights thai food chicken massaman hot soup satay tom yum thai restaurants jackson heights queens
Restaurants In Jackson Heights - Arunee Thai Restaurant

Restaurants In Jackson Heights

Arunee Thai Restaurant

Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Jackson Heights Restaurants / Queens Buzz. Tonight I ventured out to a Thai restaurant in Jackson Heights that I had discovered on pure happenstance. I arrived at the restaurant around 7.30 pm on an cool overcast Saturday evening. More than half of the sixty seats had already been filled and it seemed the waiting staff had fallen a bit behind. As I sat there waiting, I began to doubt my choice.

As I surveyed the restaurant I noted that many of the customers were Thai, which I took to be a good sign, as I was looking for real Thai food, not some Americanized version of it. Within the next five to ten minutes, things completely turned. The waiting staff turned up the energy and within minutes it seemed that everyone who had been waiting now had a drink or appetizer sitting in front of them … myself included. Click here to read the full review of Arunee Thai restaurant including photos.

Bars & Restaurants In Jackson Heights | bars restaurants in jackson heights queens lounge acts in jackson heights fun things to do in jackson heights
Bars & Restaurants In Jackson Heights

The Jazz Age Returns To Jackson Heights

Jackson Heights / Update February 7, 2010.  The Cavalier closed its doors today.  The details may be obtained via a link which we added to the following story.

Jackson Heights / January 18, 2009. I spent part of last Friday evening at the Cavalier Restaurant and Lounge in Jackson Heights, enjoying the return of a retro forties lounge act. Bethany Wild sang some beautiful tunes reminiscent of the jazz age, while the crowd enjoyed dinner and / or drinks.

Her soft, sensuous voice wafted through the lounge with piano [via track] in the background. The crowd included an eclectic mix of people who might have enjoyed similar tunes in their youth, as well as young couples in their twenties, thirties and forties. It was a nice mix of ambiance, alcohol, acoustics and alliteration. Bethany returns next Friday from 7 to 10 pm.

Jackson Heights Restaurants | restaurants jackson heights elmhurst restaurants reviews indian restaurants italian restaurants thai restaurants argentine argentinian restaurants in jackson heights elmhurst queens ny
Jackson Heights Restaurants

Jackson Heights & Elmhurst Restaurants

Reviews of Restaurants In Jackson Heights & Elmhurst

Jackson Heights Neighborhood / Queens Restaurants / Queens Buzz. This section is dedicated to reviews of restaurants in the Jackson Heights and Elmhurst neighborhoods of Queens NY. Jackson Heights and Elmhurst are known for a wide range of diverse restaurants including Indian, Thai, Nepalese, Argentinian and other Asian and Latin American cuisines.

Click here to go into the Jackson Heights Restaurants section of this site.

Queens Restaurants |  restaurants, dining and food in many key neighborhoods in Queens NY.  Restaurants, dining, ethnic food wine Indian Italian food Chinese Japanese Egyptian Turkish Greek African French cuisine seafood restaurants Astoria Jackson Heights Long Island City Sunnyside Woodside Elmhurst Flushing Jamaica Forest Hills Queens NY NYC
Queens Restaurants

Queens Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants In Queens NY

May 2017 / Restaurants in Queens / Queens Buzz NYC.

This section includes reviews of Queens restaurants.

Click here to view the Queens Restaurants review section including reviews of Astoria, LIC / Long Island City, Sunnyside & Woodside, Jackson Heights & Corona, Flushing and Jamaica.


Jackson Heights Shops & Elmhurst Shopping | shops shopping jackson heights elmhurst shopping roosevelt avenue 37th ave jackson heights queens center mall elmhurst shops and shopping queens ny
Jackson Heights Shops & Elmhurst Shopping

Jackson Heights Shops & Elmhurst Shopping

Jackson Heights & Elmhurst / Queens Buzz. Jackson Heights and Elmhurst provide local residents with a number of shopping venues, from shopping centers along 37th and Roosevelt Avenues, to 74th Street the hub of all things Indian, to Northern Blvd which includes a number of auto dealerships, to the Queens Center Mall in Elmhurst.

Click here to go into the Jackson Heights & Elmhurst Shopping section of this site.

Jackson Heights Restaurants Archive

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