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Dentists In Queens

Sep 24, 2010 at 04:11 pm by mikewood

dentists queens

Dentists In Queens

Dentists & Dental Hygienists In Queens

dentists in astoria long island city licSeptember 23, 2010 / Queens Buzz. This report is about dentists and dentistry in Queens. Our primary focus will be to identify dental conditions and how to solve them. As well as a bit of information about general dental hygiene which can go a long way toward reducing your dental emergencies and expensive dental procedures.

Queens Dentists – Dentist Offices In Queens

There are over one hundred dental offices in Queens. They vary greatly, as some are small offices of a single dentist and a dental hygienist; while others are dental clinics containing several dentists, some of which specialize in certain dental procedures. All of the dentist offices we visited in Queens provide access to dental hygienists.

Dental Hygiene – Reduce Crisis Visits

Good dental hygiene can reduce crisis visits to the dentist, which is when costly procedures must be employed to restore the general health of your teeth. Good dental hygiene consists primarily of four essentials: 1) good diet, including a mix of proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates, 2) brushing one’s teeth minimally every morning and every evening, 3) flossing every night before bed and 4) having your teeth cleaned once or twice per year by a licensed dental hygienist.

Cavities – Dentists And Dental Offices In Queens

dentists in jackson heights, flushing jamaica coronaUnfortunately a lot of people don’t do properly care for their teeth. Hence they must make emergency visits to the dentist. There are a number of conditions, which occur that cause one to visit the dentist, the most common of which is a cavity.

Our mouths are one of the most active sources of germs in our bodies because they are warm and moist and the host to a lot of ingestion / traffic. Cavities occur because some food and beverages remain stuck to the teeth after a meal or a drink. While food particles and sugar from drinks linger on your teeth, they begin to organically interact with the tooth, and can ultimately cause tooth decay. Over time the decay will rot through the tooth enamel exposing the tooth nerve.


Cavities, Tooth Decay & Fillings

The most common procedure a dentist follows is filling a cavity. Today there is more than one option for filling cavities, although the trend seems to be leading to the newer technologies. Many older people used to have gold or silver fillings. These fillings were fit into the hole, which the dentist cleans out with a drill, and bound by specialty adhesives. Today they have filling materials that are not metallic per se, but compounds that contain properties that also bind the substrate with the teeth. Also, unlike the old metallic fillings, the new compounds can be colored to match your other teeth for a better cosmetic appearance.

Braces – Orthodontists In Queens

dentists in astoria lic sunnyside woodsideOrthodontists provide braces to guide the growth of children’s teeth so that they will grow in straight. The benefit of this is both cosmetic and it also facilitates teeth cleaning. Generally this procedure takes years, and the braces are adjusted throughout the process, until the teeth settle into their new alignment.

Broken Teeth – Dentistry In Queens

Teeth can become brittle as one ages. This is especially true for teeth that have cavities or fillings, as the overall organic life of the tooth has been disrupted. This systemic disruption can deprive the tooth of sufficient nutrients. Hence some teeth may break and must be filled or capped.

Caps – In Queens Dental Offices

Caps are artificial teeth that are fastened to the base of a decayed tooth. Caps enable one to go about living a normal life with respect to eating and prevent the acquisition of ‘false teeth’, which are inserted into the mouth in the morning and taken out at night.

Root Canals – Dentists In Queens

Root canals are the draining of the organic root / nerves of a tooth. Essentially the tooth goes ‘dead’ but may stay in place for a long time thereafter. Sometimes a root can decay and die naturally, while in many cases it is assisted with the help of a dentist.

Gum Disease – Dental Hygiene In Queens NY

Gum disease occurs as a result of insufficient flossing, brushing and visits to the dental hygienist. What happens is that organic material from food and beverages become lodged between the gum and the tooth and cause the gum to decay. Sometimes this is corrected with surgery, wherein the gum of one part of the mouth is moved to another part of the mouth.

Queens – Dental Insurance In Queens

Many employers have discontinued offering dental insurance, as companies have tightened their belts during the great recession. This trend seems to ebb and flow with economic times. Today many of the unemployed are without dental insurance. It is recommended that you visit the dental hygienist once or twice per year to maintain your dental hygiene. In the long haul this will enable you to avoid more costly visits to the dentist at a later date. Generally a teeth cleaning costs in the neighborhood of $75 - $150.

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