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St Pats Parade in Queens - Section

Feb 28, 2011 at 07:06 pm by mikewood

st pats for all parade woodside sunnyside queens

St Pat's For All Parades - Section

St Patricks Day Parades In Woodside & Sunnyside 2008 - 2016


Through Rain, Snow, Sleet Or Hail ...

The St Pat's For All Parade Is Like The Mail as March Comes In Like A Lion In Sunnyside Queens

st pats parade sunnyside photos 2015March 2, 2015 / Sunnyside / Ethnic Culture In Queens / Queens Buzz. A bit of snow was falling, and temperatures were just below freezing, as I made my way down to the 16th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in Sunnyside. To add to the challenges on this day, the #7 subway line was out between Times Square in Manhattan and 74th Street / Broadway in Jackson Heights.

It was no surprise that the streets were fairly empty, and there was only a small gathering down near the podium at 46th Street on Skillman Avenue. The event was to begin at 1 pm, but that didn't happen today. Folks were milling about, so I started mingling.

The first Miss Queens [2015] of the Miss America pageant had arrived and posed wearing her tiara along the snowy walks along Sunnyside Gardens. Her name is Catherine Manett who is originally from Patchogue on Long Island and more recently of Whitestone in Queens. She will be competing in the Miss America New York pageant on Staten Island on June 6th - and if successful there - will go on to the Miss America finals in Atlantic City in September.

Given the cold temperatures and snow, it didn't seem to be a great day for a run. But that didn't stop several members of the intrepid WoodsideSunnysideRunners.com club. I found Paz Tanjuaquio, one of the Founders of Topaz Arts in Woodside, dressed in her running suit conversing with Woodside Sunnyside Runners club Founder Jay Radner and a third runner. They were resting after a short run up and down an empty Skillman Avenue and decided to enjoy the fine weather by staying to hear the speeches and view the parade. Jay told me that there are about 1,000 runners on his email list and that they do a run nearly every day. You can learn more about the club on their website www.woodsidesunnysiderunners.com.

Slan. Click here for Irish pubs / bars in Manhattan on St. Patricks Day 2015.


St Pat's For All Parade

Marches Through Sunnyside & Woodside Queens

st pats for all st patricks day parade queens sunnysideMarch 1, 2012 / Sunnyside & Woodside / Ethnic & Religious Culture / Queens Buzz.

This weekend on March 4th, the St Pat's For All - St Patricks Day Parade, marches through Sunnyside and Woodside. The festivities begin at 1 pm, with speeches by an Irish novelist and historian as well as by city government officials. The parade begins at 2 pm.


The parade route has been modified. The festivities will be held at 47th Street and Skillman Avenue and the parade marches uphill into Woodside to 58th Street. Click here to view a map of the St Pats For All Parade route.

Check back here on Monday March 5th for photos and a report about the St Pats For All parade in Sunnyside / Woodside Queens.




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