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PS1 Warm Up Party - LIC Queens

Nov 07, 2008 at 01:39 pm by mikewood

PS1 Warm Up Party

PS1 Warm Up Party

PS1 Warm Up Parties - Live Music & Modern Art In LIC / Long Island City

Summers in PS1 Warm Up Parties in Long Island City LIC Queens NYCLIC / Long Island City / Queens. In August we attended one of the famous PS1 Warm Up parties. The PS 1 Warm Up parties are held every weekend during the summer months on Saturday afternoons / evenings until sundown.

PS1 Warm Up Party - Admission & Info

PS1 holds the warm up parties in the back, in their large court yard which used to be the school grounds. Frequently there are artistic installations which provide the surroundings for the warm up party. Food and beverages are served in the cafeteria, as well as on a table in the back. Admission is $15 and does not include any food / beverages.

Art Installations Are Warm Up Party Surroundings

PS1 Warm Up PartyThe evening we attended the art installation was called PF1 for Public Farm 1, which was a play off the PS1 name. The creator of this installation was the Work Architecture Company, which is a collaboration by Dan Wood [not related to the publisher of this web magazine who shares the same last name] and Amale Andraos.

The PF1 installation was comprised of 50 varieties of various plants, which are housed in large cylindrical containers that rest on huge angular beams rising from the ground of the court yard floor up to the PS1 school yard walls. The theme of the exhibit is eco-friendliness and, as such, the exhibit was built using recycled materials and includes eco-friendly technology to provide water and sunlight to the plants included in the installation. PS1 is located in LIC / Long Island City Queens and we've provided a map below.

Inside Museum PS1 Art Exhibits Are Available For Viewing During PS 1 Warm Up Parties

PS1 Museum QueensInside PS1 on the first floor, the museum had also featured 'Arctic Hysteria'. The theme of this exhibit was the hysteria that arises in Finland during the dark summer nights of winter. Sleep deprived, hysterical events sometimes occur. An unrelated footnote is that for as remote as Finland is, it was also cultural world leader in that it was the first nation to give women the right to vote.

Upstairs on the third floor we found an exhibit called 'Looking Up' which was done by Olafur Eliasson, a Danish / Icelandic artist. In this exhibit a large round rotating mirror is affixed to the ceiling of an empty gallery room. We found many people sitting on the floor looking up at themselves. See the photo, because it did provide a kind of natural special effect.

art exhibit at PS1 in LIC Long Island City Queens NYCThere were two other works I found visually interesting which were included in the 'That Was Then .. This Is Now' exhibit. In the first display, there were perhaps 100 tools hung from the ceiling in a kind of spherical mobile taking up the better part of one gallery room. It was an interesting work to look at for many reasons, including the precision of the hangings, the space between the tools, as well as the tools themselves.

PS 1 Art Museum LICThe second piece included a police car hung upside down from the ceiling. The themes of 'That Was Then ... This Is Now' included weapons, flags and dreams and harked back to the sixties and seventies when the socio-cultural institutions of America were in a significant state of flux.

Generally Live Music During PS1 Warm Ups

The night we attended the PS1 Warm Up party on August 23rd, the rock bands had an affinity to the Nordic exhibits as they too were from Finland. They included DJ Poodlecannon, Jimi Tenor and Op:L Bastards. The band photos are of Op:L Bastards who I really enjoyed listening to. They have a presence on many pages in YouTube, the beginnings of which you can get to by clicking this link to the Op:L Bastards of Finland.

PS1 Warm Up PartyFor other stories about PS1 on the site, type PS1 in the search box at the top of the site and scroll down to the Articles section or scroll down further on this page for related links.

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