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Italian Restaurants In Long Island City LIC - Manducatis

May 08, 2023 at 12:15 am by mikewood

Italian Restaurants In Long Island City

restaurants in lic long island cityManducatis Italian Restaurant In LIC

Long Island City Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / Restaurants In Queens / Queens Buzz. This is a review of Manducatis Italian restaurant in the LIC / Long Island City neighborhood of Queens NY. The Italian restaurant has a wide selection of authentic Italian appetizers, main entrees and desserts. It has spacious dining rooms with a warm atmosphere.

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Italian Restaurants In Long Island City

Manducatis - A Welcome Back To The Old World

Long Island City Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / Restaurants In Queens / Queens Buzz.

seafood medley at manducatis licA group of us met Friday evening for dinner. As we walked into the restaurant, the warm, homey, old world atmosphere quickly washed away the day's cares. There was real wood burning in the fireplace and the lighting was soothing. Vincenzo Manducatis, the proprietor was our gracious host.

Manducatis Restaurant - History

The restaurant has been serving the Long Island City area for nearly thirty years. It's a family restaurant, with Vincenzo the father hosting and overseeing things, while his wife Ida is an accomplished chef who has won a number of honors for her culinary skills. She manages the kitchen.

We also met their son Anthony who helps manage the business end of things. Unfortunately we didn't have the pleasure of meeting his sister who also contributes to the family restaurant's success.

Restaurants In LIC - Ambiance & Atmosphere

italian restaurants in licThere's an old world feel to the place, that in this day and age is difficult to find. The immaculate stone floors, the clean white table cloths and the professional service all make one feel like they've stepped out of the rat race and into a calmer, slower time. The menu provided an enticing array of Italian pastas, veal and seafood delights.

We agreed to eat home style, which means that we would share all of the appetizers as well as the entrees.



Long Island City Restaurant Appetizers

Seafood Medley And Bean Pasta In LIC

seafood medley restaurants in licThe first dish was the seafood medley which included juicy shrimp, tender calamari and clams that had been cooked and then cooled immediately after, so that they were cool on the outside and still warm on the inside. In a word, they were puuurrrfect.

It was believed that the bean pasta was hand made pasta [unconfirmed]. The beans had been seasoned with a bit of red pepper which provided a pleasant little zing to the dish.



Italian Restaurants In LIC - Main Course - Veal

veal at manducatis italian restaurant in licThe veal entree was served with fennel, and we had ordered a side of escarole. The veal was tender, juicy and mostly left to stand on its own, which it did very well. The anise taste of the fennel was almost sweet and melted as it entered my mouth. And the escarole was served as an additional vegetable.


You can see from the picture to your left how good it looked, and it had been cooked to provide a texture and taste to match.


Long Island City Restaurants - Chianti

The house Chianti we drank was full bodied and mellow, with a clear taste. The serving portions were enough, but not too much, which quite honestly is the best way to describe most of what we experienced all evening. Manducatis seems to find the right balance between interesting and completely natural, so that your taste buds can experience the all of the natural elements of the meal, cooked and served to near perfection.

Manducatis Restaurant In LIC - Tiramisu Dessert

italian restaurants in lic tiramisuThe evening was topped off with tiramisu. The creamy texture and its sweet taste, were the end of a perfect meal. One of the reviewers summed it up as follows: "The genuine Italian menu coupled with exceptional service, made for an outstanding celebration of distinctive food and friendship."

Manducatis Restaurant In LIC Queens

Manducatis is located near the G and 7 subway stops and the Hunters Point LIRR train station, and it is just off the Van Dam exit of the LIE. Hence, access to this amazing restaurant is made easy for Queens and Long Island residents, as well as for Manhattanites. One reviewer recommends trying the meal family style, so that everyone can sample more mouth watering selections from the menu, since the challenge to decide which single item to choose.

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