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Seafood Restaurants In Long Island City LIC - Waterfront Crabhouse is now The LOFT LIC

Nov 28, 2007 at 09:05 pm by mikewood

restaurants in lic long island city waterfront crabhouse

Restaurants In Long Island Cityrestaurants in lic

The Crabhouse Seafood Restaurant In LIC

Updated February 2018 / Long Island City Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / Restaurants In Queens / Queens Buzz.

This is a review of the former Waterfront Crab House restaurant in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens NY. The Waterfront Crab House was an historic building that housed a seafood restaurant. The original Waterfront Crabhouse first opened in the historic building back in the 1970's [reportedly in 1977].

This review below was done prior to the closing which took place in February of 2015, a month after the death of Tony Mazzarella, the prior [Waterfront] Crabhouse owner. The LIC Crabhouse then changed ownership, remodeling was done, and the restaurant was re-opened in August of 2016 as the Crabhouse Restaurant with much more modern decor and menu - and it was still a seafood restaurant.

In January of 2018 the restaurant was renamed The Loft LIC and continues to be operated by the same owners as the Crabhouse Restaurant, Joseph Lucil and Skinny Lee of SHI and Skinny's Cantina - both popular Long Island City restaurants. The restaurant cuisine is reportedly surf and turf [seafood and steak] with a Latin influence.

It appears that in Spring of 2018 The Loft LIC closed.

Click here to read our report and view photos of the Waterfront Crabhouse in Long Island City LIC.

Waterfront Crabhouse LIC

The Crabhouse is now The Loft LIC Restaurant

Updated February 2018 / Long Island City Neighborhood / LIC Restaurants / Restaurants In Queens / Queens Buzz.

The rest of this report is of the now defunct Waterfront Crabhouse Restaurant in LIC. In August 2016 two Long Island City restaurateurs took control of the restaurant and it is now called The Loft LIC.

Waterfront Crab House Restaurant - LIC History

The Waterfront Crabhouse is a place with a lot of history. I won't recount it here because you can read about it on their website, but it's a large kitschy place with a lot of activity and a lot of different rooms, and along with a tolerant waiting staff it is pretty family friendly.

Family Friendly Restaurants In LIC

restaurants in licWe arrived on a Friday nite. The restaurant was busy, but not overcrowded. Because of the restaurant's advantageous size and location, it is frequently booked for holiday and other large function events. During our brief interaction with the hostess, my niece and nephew spied a large vat of shelled peanuts. We all quickly dug in and loaded up with small dishes of peanuts. Within minutes we were seated and the service was excellent throughout the night.

Appetizers - Fried Calamari, Clams & Oysters

We started the evening with appetizers of fried calamari, clams and oysters. The calamari serving was generous, and the clams and oysters were good, although a few of them had a chewy texture. The sauces used on all of these appetizers, primarily consisted of butter which was well suited to satisfying the kids palate.

Main Entrees - Black Angus Steak, King Crabs Legs & Maryland Crab Cakes

family restaurants in licMy nephew's main entree turned out to be the peanuts, as he ate so many of them that by the time the main entree arrived, he didn't have any room for it. I have seen this happen before. He also crashed midway through the meal, and found the cushioned booth provided a very comfortable bed. My niece, on the other hand, seemed to relish the extra attention that her younger brother's exhaustion provided.

For the main entrees we had a black angus steak, king crabs legs and Maryland crabcakes. The person who ordered the steak was very pleased with it because the restaurant actually cooked it as well done as he had asked. Apparently in Manhattan, he cannot get a restaurant to serve the steak the way he likes it.

waterfront crabhouse licb cakesThose of us who ordered crab related fare found that our dishes were also cooked in that same well-done manner. Both the King Crab Legs and the Crab Cakes came in the same generous portions.

Dessert - Hot Fudge Cake In LIC

After we finished our entrees, we topped off the evening with hot fudge cake and coffee. All in all, the Waterfront Crabhouse is a great place to go with the family or a large group. It's fun, the service is excellent, the food is served in generous portions and well suited to please childrens' palates. The large airy restaurant allows room to relax and the waiting staff knows how to treat kids.

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