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Biking Queens 2011

Apr 26, 2010 at 09:27 am by mikewood

Biking In Queens

Biking Queens

Bicycling Queens in 2011

bike shops in astoriaMarch 21, 2011 / Queens Neighborhoods / Queens Buzz. The good weather has arrived and bicycling is about to begin in earnest. Queens is blessed with one of the most interesting arrays of biking trails in the NYC metro area and provides the added pleasure of not being so crowded ... yet.

But there are pitfalls too. Queens Blvd is one of the most dangerous streets in all of the city as some motorists seem to drive it more like a highway than the city street that it is. So caution is always important to bear in mind, but that is true for any sport, be it swimming, football or skiiing.

In our soon to be posted report we'll provide you with a view of the biking landscape in Queens. We'll highlight the key biking events, show you a rough outline of Queens biking trails and finish up with a few biking maintenance tips including links to neighborhood bike stores in Queens. Click here to view our story about the biking / bicycling in Queens 2010.

Biking Queens

Biking Events & Bike Paths In Queens 2011

bicycling in queensQueens NY / March 21, 2011 / Queens Buzz. I think it’s safe to say that the biking season is about to begin. The weather reached the 60’s and 70’s last week and I spotted a number of cyclists whizzing about and they weren’t just delivery men.

Queens plays host to three major New York Biking Events, two of which are city-wide and one of which is exclusively Queens.

NYC 5 Boro Bike Ride

Event Date – May 2nd 2011
Registration Closed

42 miles – All five NYC borough bike ride
Entrance Fee - $25 / $60

bicycle events in queensTour De Queens 2011

Event Date – July 11th 2011
Registration Opens June 20th
20 – 25 miles - All Queens & only Queens bike ride
Entrance Fee - $5 / $10

NYC Century Bike Ride

Event Date – September 12th 2011
Registration Now Open

15 - 100 miles – All five NYC boroughs
Entrance Fee - $25 / $55

Five Boro Bike Ride 2011

The first event of the year is the Five Boro Bike Ride, which begins next Sunday, May 2nd, in Battery Park in Manhattan. This ride has been completely booked, so it’s too late to register to participate this year. The course takes bikers up through Manhattan, Central Park and Harlem into the Bronx. Cyclists circle back around and take the FDR to the Queens Boro Bridge and then head up to Astoria Park for a rest stop. Then down through Brooklyn, and up over the Verrazano Narrows Bridge to Staten Island. Bikers then take the Staten Island Ferry back to lower Manhattan where they started.

five borough bike ride queens 2010Tour De Queens 2011

The second event is the 3rd Annual Tour De Queens Bike Ride which begins on July 11th, and for which registration opens on June 20th. This ride begins in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and each year circles through a different string of neighborhoods. The first year the Tour De Queens circled up through Astoria, Jackson Heights, LIC, Sunnyside and Woodside. Last year the Tour De Queens circled down into Jamaica, Jamaica Estates, Kew Gardens and Kew Gardens Hills. This is a family-oriented bike ride through Queens neighborhoods that has a doable 20 – 25 mile ride which is doable for most ages.

Century Bike Ride 2011

5 boro bike ride queens 2010The third major Queens Bike Ride is the NYC Century Bike Ride, which begins on September 12th. This ride offers alternative tracks ranging from 15 mile rides to the full 100 mile [hence the name Century] bike rides with choices in between. This bike ride starts in Central Park, and generally includes riding through bike paths in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island. The ride allows younger bikers / cyclists to enter accompanied by their parents. And this year has instituted a second starting point at Prospect Park due to overwhelming demand from the residents of Brooklyn.

Biking Queens

Spring 2011 / Queens Buzz. What about biking in between major events? Queens has a wide assortments of bike paths. It seems every year, thanks in part to Transportation Alternatives, the city continues to expand NYC bike paths in all five boroughs. We think Queens is an ideal biking county, as it has beautiful waterways, ponds and parks, alongside an urban landscape steeped in the history of the last 400 years and surrounded by architectural landmarks, statues and near great shopping and authentic exotic cuisines from around the world.

Bike Paths In Queens

New path additions. Care & Maintenance. Things to see / do including Rockaways. Kissena cycling club. Transportation Alternatives. NYC map. And links to the event sponsors via the Biz Dir. Link to NYC bike paths - can't find decent map.

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