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Art in Queens News

Feb 22, 2013 at 06:24 pm by mikewood

art museums in queens art news

art museums in queens art news

News Briefs about art exhibits, events, galleries and museums in LIC, Sunnyside, Astoria, Jackson Heights, Flushing, Jamaica, Corona Queens

Langston Hughes Literary Landmark

langston hughes literary landmark in coronaLangston Hughes Library In Corona Becomes Landmark

February 10, 2013 / Jackson Heights & Corona / Queens History / Queens Buzz. I attended a celebration of the commemoration of the Langston Hughes Library as a literary landmark. The event encompassed an array of activities, some of which were rescheduled due to the snowstorm.

The event celebrated the life of Langston Hughes, a famous African American poet who lived in Harlem. In the coming days we'll file a report about the event which included a speech given by the author of Panther Baby, who told us about his experience growing up in Harlem in the 1960's. His speech included a vivid description of his days on the streets, during the Harlem Riots which followed Martin Luther King's death. The event also included a film and song and dance performance - the photos of which we'll include along with our report later in the week.

Click here this week to read our report about the commemoration of the Langston Hughes Library in Corona as a literary landmark in Queens.

Click here to go to the Jackson Heights Neighborhood section of this site, or click here for other Jackson Heights News.

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Flushing News - Paralleling Narratives

Ana De Orbegoso At Crossing Art Gallery In Flushing

ana de orbegoso paralleling narratives crossing art gallery flushingFebruary 9, 2013 / Flushing / Queens Buzz. Today is the final day of the Paralleling Narratives exhibit at the Crossing Art Gallery in Flushing.  The exhibit is the work of Ana De Orbegoso who grew up in Peru and now lives in Manhattan.  Her work is a combination of photos and hand / computer graphics which she used to tell a story about balance in the universe.

Ana's work incorporates Eastern philosophy of various origins, such as the Yin and Yang of the universe [positive and negative charges or good and evil], as well as allusions to a higher order in the universe.  The exhibit ends this weekend and she will be giving a lecture at 2 pm Saturday [today].

Click here to read other Flushing & Corona News Briefs.

Emerging Artist Exhibits At Socrates Sculpture Park

things to do in queensOctober 1, 2012 / Astoria News / Queens Buzz. I visited Socrates Sculpture Park recently, and met some of the artists as they were finishing their installations for the Fall exhibits. This year the exhibits don't conform to any theme, but were chosen because they are "visually compelling expressions of some passion of the artist" [I am paraphrasing].

In looking at them prior to meeting the artists, I found them engaging, as I asked myself: "why burnt wood? what do these letters mean? this looks a little bit like Burger King crown, and I know where that is". And the explanations provided by the artists were as engaging as their work.

In the photo above you can see people relaxing on a Sunday morning at Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria. Click here for other Astoria News Briefs.

In Spite Of Rain .. The Shows Went On

things to do in queensSeptember 10, 2012 / LIC News Briefs / Queens Buzz. Weather. This week it will be sunny with highs in the mid 70's to low 80's; and the lows in the 60's.

On Saturday rain came down heavily mid morning and returned early evening around 6 pm. The Astoria Music Now concert was moved to a location in Kew Gardens, while the Sculpture Center Block Party had scheduled their event perfectly, weatherwise. The weather didn't appear to deter partygoers attending the final PS1 Warm Up Party, although we departed shortly before the rain arrived. And we stumbled upon a 5 Pointz block party going on nearby.

Throughout the day on Sunday the Century Bike Riders came streaming through the Astoria Park rest stop on their way to tour Queens and the NYC boroughs. Meanwhile Socrates Sculpture Park opened their fall / winter EAFE exhibits in the afternoon. And Flushing Town Hall celebrated its 150th anniversary, by opening a new exhibit which includes the first full presentation of items contained in a time capsule buried alongside the building cornerstone in 1862.

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M55 Art Gallery in LIC - Relationships Undressed

m55 art gallery lic relationships undressedAugust 8, 2012 / Long Island City / Art Galleries in LIC Queens / Queens Buzz. To beat the heat on the second full week of August, I'm planning on attending Relationships Undressed at the M55 Art Gallery on 44-02 23rd Street in LIC.

The exhibit is a one woman show by Emily Stedman who explores male / female relationships in watercolor, moving beyond the depiction of coy females in post Renaissance art, to modern era sexual equality. In her art, Emily depicts men and women interacting in a sensous manner. Take a cold shower before arriving.

The opening reception is Wednesday, August 15th from 5 - 8 pm and includes a wine tasting - but you must rsvp in advance using the information provided on the M55 Art Gallery website.

Art Exhibit At M55 Gallery in LIC

m55 art gallery in licJuly 24, 2012 / Long Island City / Art Galleries in Queens / Queens Buzz. On Friday I made my way down to Long Island City to attend the M55 Gallery opening of a new exhibit featuring dozens of Long Island City artists. The exhibit is entitled In The Place We Live and naturally the LIC neighborhood played a significant role in some pieces of the exhibit, while in others abstraction and perspective freed the artwork from any specific geographical location.

I arrived about an hour and a half into the opening reception and found people milling around, viewing the art work while engaged in casual conversations. The exhibit runs through August 11th. M55 Art Gallery is located at 44-02 23rd Street in LIC.

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at QMA

caribbean crossroads of the world queens museum of artThe Queens Museum of Art Collaborates in Three Museum Exhibit

June 16, 2012 / Flushing / Art Galleries & Exhibits in Queens / Queens Buzz. The Queens Museum of Art opened a new exhibit entitled Caribbean: Crossroads of the World. This is an expansive exhibit that is being hosted simultaneously by three museums. Fortunately for us, the Queens Museum is the largest of the three and is presenting the works of just under 200 artists with about twice as many works.

The Caribbean exhibit explores the Caribbean from a variety of perspectives ranging from religion and government, to the many aspects of culture, as well as the geography and history of the Caribbean as one of the great crossroads of the world.

The photo to the right shows one of the artworks on display at the Queens Museum of Art in its new exhibit entitled Caribbean: Crossroads of the World.

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Friend Or Foe? Hector Canoge ...

Commemorates World Migrants' Day In Queens

international migrants day in queens 2012December 18, 2011 / Flushing News Briefs / Queens Buzz. I went to watch Hector Canoge's art performance on Sunday at the Unisphere where he commemorated the occasion of World Migrants' Day in Queens.

About half of the 2.2 million people living in Queens are immigrants. Hence, one might think that this day might mean something to them, but alas this appeared not to be the case.

While admittedly the weather was a chilly 29 degrees, I had attended a Flushing Historic Walk that had greater attendance.

Nonetheless, the art performance by Hector was rather interesting to watch. As was the intensity he brought to the occasion. Hector Canoge's art performance was entitled Clandestino.

PS1 Warm Up Parties & Pleasures

ps1 warm up partiesSummer 2011 / Long Island City LIC / Queens Buzz. PS1 began its warm up parties the first weekend of July. The PS1 Warm Up parties are held in the court yard of the art museum, where eash summer they present a new installation which creates a new environment in which the parties are held. The parties include music performed by musicians from around the city, nation and globe.

This year the installation was done by Interboro Partners and is entitled Holding Pattern. Throughout the summer the stage will be accentuated by different groups. Later this week you can click here to view the rest of our report including photos on the PS1 Warm Up parties in Long Island City LIC Queens.

Long Island City Artists Show

LICA Weekend 2010Spring 2010 / LIC News Briefs / Queens Buzz. This weekend there was an Open Studio Weekend put on by the Long Island City Artists organization. Painters, sculptors, photographers, and installation artists working in the LIC area agreed to open their studios to the public, for a once a year peek into the spaces were the creative process occurs in the art infused neighborhood of LIC in Queens.

We visited a ceramic studio as well as the old clocktower building near Queens Plaza on this weekend and a soon-to-be published report, including photos of the works will soon follow.

Leee Childers photo exhibit Long Island CityLeee Childers Is The New Comeback Kid

Fall 2009 / LIC News Briefs / Queens Buzz. Leee Black Childers was once the photographer for David Bowie. Just two years ago he was living out on the street. In the seventies and eighties he managed top bands like the Ramones, Iggy Pop and Sid Vicious. He's a man who's lived life on the edge.

He's making a comeback with the help of his friends. From 6 to 9 pm this Saturday there will be a wine and cheese reception at Subdivision Art in Long Island City where some of his photos will be on exhibit and also for sale. The core of the group will be a seventies rock CBGB's crowd. All are welcome and it's free. Click here to view a map of Subdivision Art in Long Island City.

PS1 Warm Up Party Event Long island City QueensPS1 Warm Up Party

The Beauty & The Beat

Summer 2009 / LIC News Briefs / Queens Buzz. This weekend PS1 unleashes the beauty and the beat at it's first warm up part of the season. Given there isn't any fireworks along the East River this year [click here for No Fireworks In Queens July 4 2009 story], we think this will be one big happening event. Click here to view a story of a report on a PS1 Warm Up Party from 2008.

PS1 Warm Up parties continue through the summer months, every Saturday starting around 4 pm and going until sunset in the museum court yard. The events include rock 'n roll and eclectic bands and access to art and sunshine and an opportunity to meet hipsters from all over Queens, NYC and frequently, the world. Drinks are also served. Check out the schedule below.

The Sculpture Center LIC

A Journey Into The Artistic Mind

sculpture center wine long island city nyWinter 2009 / LIC News Briefs / Queens Buzz. I attended the Sculpture Center walk-through one Saturday evening. Several of the artists and the curator walked between twenty or thirty of us through the various works on exhibit in the gallery. The artists in attendance spoke about their work and what they were trying to convey. This week we'll post a full story aobut this event, including photos. It was an intellectually engaging outing where the artists talked about what issues they were dealing with and how they conveyed them. The work above will be discussed in the full story.

June In Jackson Heights

Art & Photography & Other Cultural Events In Jackson Heights

art & photography jackson heightsJackson Heights / June 2010. June In Jackson Heights is an effort to showcase the arts and culture in Jackson Heights. As part of that broader effort, artist Afzal Hossain and photographer Greg Stowell held a two person show that opened June 24th at Novo Restaurant in Jackson Heights. The exhibit will be shown in the restaurant on 37th Avenue between 78th and 79th Streets through July 22nd.

The photo to your left shows an observer at the opening reception, studying the black and white photos and artwork shown in the exhibit. This restaurant / exhibit was one of many that participated in a June effort to showcase the arts and culture in Jackson Heights.

Jackson Heights / Elmhurst Related Info

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