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NYC Marathon in Queens 2013

Preview NYC Marathon In LIC Queens

NYC Marathon LIC Queens Long Island City 2010October 28, 2013 / Long Island City / NYC Marathon in Queens / Queens Buzz. Long Island City / LIC spectators of the NYC Marathon get one of the best front row seats of the NYC Marathon right here in Queens.

We get to see the runners about half way through the 26 mile course - after they've loosened up and hit their stride, the sweat pouring off their brows, their lungs pumping, their legs hammering the hard pavement as they strive to do what we mere mortals don't dare try.

Over the years I've met a few runners who've completed the NYC Marathon course. They generally begin training months before the race begins; logging ten, fifteen mile runs several times weekly before beginning the big one. It takes a lot of willpower, endurance and perhaps mostly motivation. Good health helps, but it's worth noting that many people overcome their handicaps and complete the race too.

Best Times, Views, Locations For NYC Marathon in LIC & Queens. Click here to view details of the course the runners will follow through Long Island City LIC in Queens tomorrow. This brief report will include some estimated times that various groups will arrive, so you can 'more or less' plan your visit to cheer them on.

Click here to read our report about the upcoming 2013 NYC Marathon in Queens. And click the following links to view reports about the: NYC Marathon in Queens 2010, NYC Marathon in LIC in 2009, NYC Marathon in Queens photos in 2009, NYC Marathon in Long Island City in 2008 with photos. There wasn't any NYC Marathon in 2012 because of the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy.

NYC Marathon In LIC Queens

Best Views, Times & Locations For Viewing The NYC Marathon In Queens

Continued / NYC Marathon LIC Queens Long Island CityOctober 28, 2013 / Long Island City / NYC Marathon in Queens / Queens Buzz. On the day of the NYC Marathon, the highs will be in the low 50's and the lows in the high 30's, and it will be partly cloudy, but dry. These are pretty good conditions for a good solid 26 mile run.


NYC Marathon Starting Times

The first wave of NYC marathoners starts at 8.30 am. The race begins with those competing in wheelchairs and is followed by those competing in handcycles. At 9.10 am the professional women join the race and at 9.40 am the Waves begin.

The first wave beginning at 9.40 am is comprised of the professional men and women, and includes the lead runners in the sub-elite men and women categories, as well as the lead runners who compete locally. The second wave begins at 10.05, the third wave begins at 10.30 am and the fourth wave begins at 10.55 am.


NYC Marathon In Long Island City - Queens Course

nyc marathon viewing locations in queensThe course through Queens comes north off the Pulaski Bridge from Brooklyn. It turns left / west onto 48th Avenue. The course then turns right onto Vernon Blvd and continues north until 44th Drive where it turns right [east] and heads up toward the Citicorp Center. At Crescent St [aka 25th Street] it turns left [north] and heads up to Queens Blvd and the Queens Boro Bridge, at which point we bid our runners farewell.


A place to get some great best times locations to view nyc marathon in queensphotos is along 44th Drive - Citicorp Center is in the background and NYC is in the foreground. The runners generally 'freshen up' in flight on Crescent Street just before they head up over the Queens Boro Bridge. And one can obtain good viewing locations along Vernon Blvd and as the runners come off the Pulaski Bridge.


best times to view nyc marathon in queens licNYC Marathon In Queens - Best Viewing Times In LIC

The first wave of runners begins in Staten Island early on Sunday [remember it's Daylight Savings Time so set your clocks back an hour]. The race begins at 8.20 am with the wheelchair division, followed by the handcycles and a couple of other select groups [one appears promotional]. The bulk of the runners leave Staten Island in three waves. The first wave of runners leaves at 9.40 am, the second wave of runners begins at 10.10 am and the third wave of runners is released at 10.40 am. There are approximately 15,000 runners per wave.


nyc marathon in queensThe NYC Marathon In Queens - Best Viewing Locations

Queens constitutes the 13th through 15th miles of the race. Allow about an hour or so for the first runners to reach our shores [10.40 am] and it heats up to droves which continue to pass by for about two hours, before it all trickles down. There are a number of great views, from 44th Drive with the NYC Skyline [see photo in introduction of story on page one of Sports], to Crescent Street while the runners 're-fuel in flight'. Vernon Blvd also provides a nostalgic scenic view to cheer the runners on.


Public Transportation To NYC Marathon

Great Viewing Locations Of The NYC Marathon In Queens

best viewing location in queens nyc marathonThe best way to get into / out of the viewing locations is either by the MTA: 1) #7 Line to Vernon Jackson, Hunters Point, Court Square or Queens Boro Plaza; 2) E, G, or V to 23rd Street; or 3) N or Q to Queens Boro Plaza. We understand that the LIRR is running a reduced schedule, so you'll have to work that our yourselves. You can also drive to nearby neighborhoods, park your car and walk. North of the Queens Boro Bridge you may find unencumbered parking / traffic, but likely not during the NYC Marathon in Queens.

Check back here after the race for a few tidbits / details of the race, including photos. The slide show below is of photos taken of the NYC Marathon in Queens in 2009 and there are links to related stories including photos of the 2010 NYC Marathon in Queens. Enjoy.


NYC Marathon In Long Island City / LIC / Queens

Click the following links to view prior reports about the NYC Marathon. These reports include photos as well as some of the history of the NYC Marathon. Click here for the NYC Marathon in Queens 2010, NYC Marathon in LIC in 2009, NYC Marathon in Queens photos in 2009, NYC Marathon in Long Island City in 2008 with photos.

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