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Jamaica Restaurants

Jamaica Restaurants

Reviews of Restaurants In Jamaica NY

Dutch Cuisine & Recipes | dutch cuisine and cooking dutch recipes jamaica ny queens
Dutch Cuisine & Recipes

Dutch Cuisine Past & Present

King Manor Presents Delicious Dutch Foods & Recipes

October / Jamaica Neighborhood / Food & Wine / Queens Buzz. In tandem with the NY Open House and the Historic House Festival weekend, King Manor selected an historic food theme that would have pleased New Amsterdam Mayor Peter Stuyvesant.

There were two sections to this historic presentation. The first was a reenactment of colonial Dutch cooking by Diane G. Fish, who is a living historian with a specialty in Civil War reenactments. To the delight of all there, including myself, she’s also an avid foodie who’s well acquainted with Dutch cuisine. And the second section was a lecture and presentation by a renowned historian and food writer, Peter G. Rose. Peter took us back to the Dutch kitchens in the Netherlands of the 1700’s and traced the migration of Dutch foods into the colonial world.

Many of the things she would discuss, we had the opportunity to sample prior to the lecture … click here to read the rest of our report on Dutch cuisine & recipes in Queens New York.

Jamaica Jerk Festival Photos - Caribbean Cuisine in Queens | jamaica jerk festival 2012 photos jamaican jerk festival caribbean cuisine in jamaica queens caribbean restaurants in queens
Jamaica Jerk Festival Photos - Caribbean Cuisine in Queens

Jamaican Jerk Festival

Afro Caribbean Cultural Event In Queens

July / Jamaica Neighborhood / Ethnic Food in Queens / Queens Buzz. It was a warm, dry, sunny Sunday, as I made my way into Roy Wilkins Park in Jamaica. Today was the 2nd annual Jamaican Jerk Festival, that I’d been waiting in anticipation for over the past few weeks. The Jamaican Jerk Festival is a combination reggae concert and food festival.

I entered through the gates of Roy Wilkins Park in the southern Jamaica neightborhood of Queens, as a slight breeze willowed its way through the trees and crowd. There were retail vendor tents to my left, with displays of vibrantly colored clothing and fashion jewelry Afro Caribbean style. Caps, hats, dresses, shirts and scarves hung loosely in little white tents, as shoppers and merchants mingled and did business.

Click here to read our report and view photos of the Jamaican Jerk Festival.

Jamaica Restaurants - Jamaica NY | restaurants jamaica ny restaurants queens African restaurants Caribbean restaurants Indian restaurants
Jamaica Restaurants - Jamaica NY

Jamaica Restaurants - Restaurants In Jamaica NY

Jamaica / Queens Buzz. The Jamaica Restaurants section includes reports about restaurants in the Queens neighborhood of Jamaica NY. Jamaica is known for its Caribbean, African and Indian cuisines.

Click here to view the Jamaica restaurants section.

Jakk - African Restaurants In / Near Jamaica NY | This is a review of the Jakk Restaurant located in Queens Village, which is adjacent to Jamaica and near the Belmont Race Track.  Jakk specializes in Caribbean and African cuisine.
Jakk - African Restaurants In / Near Jamaica NY

Jakk Restaurant

Queens Village / Queens Buzz. Jakk Restaurant was recommended as a place to find real African continential cuisine. Being the venturesome sort, I set out to have a real African meal.

Jakk is a five to ten minute car ride from Jamaica Queens as well as the Belmont Race Track. By public transit it's a bit longer as you have to wait for the bus.

The restaurant sports a modest store front, largely indistinguishable from its neighboring stores. Click here to read a the full review of Jakk - authentic African Restaurant in Jamaica Queens, including many more photos.


Queens Restaurants |  restaurants, dining and food in many key neighborhoods in Queens NY.  Restaurants, dining, ethnic food wine Indian Italian food Chinese Japanese Egyptian Turkish Greek African French cuisine seafood restaurants Astoria Jackson Heights Long Island City Sunnyside Woodside Elmhurst Flushing Jamaica Forest Hills Queens NY NYC
Queens Restaurants

Queens Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants In Queens NY

June 2022 / Restaurants in Queens / Queens Buzz NYC.

This section includes reviews of Queens restaurants.

Click here to view the Queens Restaurants review section including reviews of Astoria, LIC / Long Island City, Sunnyside & Woodside, Jackson Heights & Corona, Flushing and Jamaica.


Shops & Shopping In Jamaica NY | shops shopping jamaica ny jamaica queens shops shopping stores jamaica ny queens
Shops & Shopping In Jamaica NY

Shops & Shopping In Jamaica NY

Jamaica NY / Queens Buzz.  This section contains stories and information about shops and shopping in Jamaica NY.

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