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Click on the link above entitled Queens Classifieds to view classified ads.

To post a free classified ad for personal use you must first create a Queens Buzz ID. Scroll down to view other member privileges and to create a Queens Buzz ID.

photo image1. Create Queens Buzz ID

Click this link to create your Queens Buzz ID. The ID gives you immediate access to the ID Directory.

The ID and attendant privileges are free for non-commercial or personal use. Commercial, political or fundraising use of ID's costs $50 per month if you purchase a full year and includes a number of additional components not included with personal use ID's.

queens community calendar2. View Or Post To Member Events Calendar

Click this link to view or post your event to the Member Events Calendar. A Queens Buzz ID is required to post an event and event postings are free. Event postings must be of an cultural, entertainment, educational, athletic or community nature, and must take place in the borough of Queens.


Queens Buzz Classified Ads3. View Or Post Free / Paid Classified Ads

Click this link to post a free, personal-use classified ad in Queens Buzz Classifieds. Individuals and non-profit organizations can post classified ads for free.

Commercial classified ads cost $10 per ad per month. To pay for a classified ad, send a check to us using the information contained in our About section [a link is also located in the stie footer].

photo gallery on Queens Buzz NYC4. View Or Post Photos To Gallery

Click this link to view the Queens Buzz Photo Gallery. Anyone can view the photo galleries, but currently only Queens Buzz staff can post photos to an album. Businesses may click this link to obtain a phone number to contact us regarding our web presence suite of services.

forums in astoria lic long island city sunnyside woodside jackson heights jamaica flushing queens nyc5. Read Or Comment On Stories

Click this link to view a comment made follwoing a Queens Buzz Story. Only members with a Queens Buzz ID are able to comment in the Forums. Also, anyone can click on a forum commentator's ID to view their home page to learn more about them.

queens buzz community website6. View / Create Your Own Home Page

A Queens Buzz ID is required to create a home page, which is free to individuals for non-commercial use and to non-profit organizations. A modest fee of $50 per month is charged to businesses. Businesses may click this link to obtain a phone number to learn more our web presence suite of services.

For individuals, after you create a Queens Buzz ID, return to the Community area along the left sidebar and click into My Home Page to begin creating your own home page. Anyone can view a member's home page and all of their related linkages [except their Private Profile and their Site Mail Inbox]. Currently one can find other members by clicking on their ID in the ID Directory and photo Gallery.

queens blog on queens buzz nyc7. View / Start Blogging

Click this link to view or start your own Buzz Blog. Anyone can view the blogs, but a Queens ID is required to create one. Click here to learn more about Queens Buzz - one of the leading Queens Blogs.

8. Member Directory

The member directory enables you to scroll through the various member home pages so you can view store offerings, hours, specials, product and service information and click to their contact information and online map.

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