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Columbus Day Weekend Queens 2018

Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend Queens

Things To Do In Queens Over The Columbus Day Weekend

October 7, 2019 / Things To Do Queens NY / Queens Buzz NYC.

columbus day weekend things to do queens columbus day weekendThis report contains a listing of some of the things to do in Queens including art museums, theaters, live music / comedy & dance venues, sporting & social events, and restaurant reviews [TBD] for Queens NYC. More Columbus Day events coming on the Friday of the weekend.

Weather - see Front Page Friday / Weekend for Update.

The Temperature highs will be in the low to mid 60's throughout the weekend. The temperature lows will be in the low to mid 50's throughout the weekend. There's a 40% chance of less than a half inch of rain on Friday, a 20% chance of a scant amount of rain on Saturday & Sunday, and a 10% chance of an even less amount of rain on Monday. So at this point, once past Friday, the weekend looks pretty good. Winds will be about 14 mph on Friday, dropping to 9 mph on Saturday and for Sunday & Monday wind will remain in the mid single digits. The Humidity will be near 75% on Friday & Saturday, dropping to 65% on Sunday and 55% on Monday. Click for Queens Weather.

Columbus Day Events In Queens

Click here to obtain information about things to do Columbus Day Weekend in Queens. This events calendar is updated monthly with about 100 different Queens fun / cultural events.

Columbus Day Parade - Astoria Queens

There's a Columbus Day Parade in Astoria Queens on the Saturday before Columbus Day. Check the front page of this website for other things to do on Columbus Day in Queens.

Queens Public & Private Parks

Queens has one of the best collection of parks and golf courses in the NY Metro area, if not the best. Queens has at least 17 great parks. Click here for a listing of the Queens Parks including maps showing their locations along with a bit of park history.

Golfing In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

Queens has four golf courses and all of them are open this weekend. Click here for details about Queens Golf Courses including maps and links to the operators' websites.

Columbus Day Weekend In Queens

Things To Do In Queens Over The Columbus Day Weekend

street festivals in Queens Columbus day weekendOctober 7, 2019 / Things To Do Queens / Queens Buzz NYC. Continued.

Street Fairs Columbus Day Weekend In Queens

On Columbus Day Weekend in Queens there are a number of street fairs planned in Sunnyside, Jackson Heights and Astoria. Click here to view the Columbus Day Weekend Street Fairs in Queens, including dates, times and map links.


Shopping In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

This is a great weekend to do a bit of shopping during the pleasant weekend weather. Click here to view our shopping sections of the following neighborhoods: Astoria Shopping, LIC Shopping, Sunnyside Shopping, Woodside Shopping, Jackson Heights Shopping.

Each of these shopping sections includes links to home pages, which have slide shows of merchandise as well as maps, store hours, phone numbers and telephone numbers.


Bicycling In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

bike shopping in queens Columbus day weekendQueens has a long and growing list of bike paths. Click here to view bicycling events in Queens.

I'm working on a useable map of bike trails in Queens, but it'll be a while so don't hold your breath. NYC.gov usually has a good one on their website. In the photo to your right, are the 5 Boro Bike Riders cycling through Queens.


Kyaking Along The East River In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

Click here to view a story about kyaking along the East River in Queens with the LIC Boathouse. Check their website but they generally go on a Saturday or Sunday between 1 and 5 pm at Hallets Cove just north of Socrates Sculpture Park or at Gantry Plaza at 50th Street & Center Blvd [see www.licboathouse.org for update]. Click here to view the date, time, map link and site link to the LIC Boathouse which sponsors kyaking along the East River in Queens on Columbus Day Weekend.


Columbus Day Weekend - Dining In Queens

columbus day weekend restaurants in QueensFood in Queens has always been good. The authentic ethnic restaurant choices are difficult to match anywhere, and the prices too. Click here to view the Queens Restaurants section of the site, which includes reviews of the restaurants we've selected to review.


Music & Art in Long Island City Queens Columbus Day Weekend

The PS1 MoMA Museum in Long Island City is open throughout the weekend and oftentimes hosts a number of different art / music performances.


Theater In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

things to do queens columbus day weekendClick here to view the Theatre section of the Queens Events Calendar to see what's doing this Columbus Day weekend theater in Queens.


Art Exhibits In Queens - Columbus Day Weekend

Click here to view some of the in-progress art exhibits in Queens this Columbus Day weekend.

And if you feel the urge to go elsewhere, here's a list of and Things to do Manhattan Columbus Day Weekend and Queens Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Things to do Bronx Columbus Day Weekend and Brooklyn Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend and Staten Island Things To Do Columbus Day Weekend. More events will be added to the Front Pages of each of these sites on Friday.

Queens Neighborhoods - Queens Neighborhood Links

Click on these advertisements for promotions, discounts and coupons by retailers and restaurateurs in Long Island City LIC and nearby Queens.

Click this link to go to the:

Astoria Neighborhood or Astoria Shops & Shopping or Astoria Restaurants or Astoria Maps

Flushing Neighborhood or Flushing Shops & Shopping or Flushing Restaurants or Flushing Maps

Jackson Heights Neighborhood or Jackson Heights Shops & Shopping or Jackson Heights Restaurants or Jackson Heights Maps

Jamaica NY Neighborhood or Jamaica NY Shops & Shopping or Jamaica NY Maps

Long Island City Neighborhood or LIC Shops & Shopping or Restaurants In Long Island City or LIC Business Directory or Long Island City Maps

Sunnyside Neighborhood or Sunnyside Shops & Shopping or Sunnyside Restaurants or Sunnyside Maps

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