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Forest Hills / Kew Gardens Neighborhood - Queens NY

Sep 28, 2009 at 04:24 pm by mikewood

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The Forest Hills / Kew Gardens Neighborhoods

Cadillac Man Plight of Homeless in Queens NYCadillac Man - Survival On The Streets

Year 2009 / Forest Hills Neighborhood / Queens Buzz NYC.

I attended a fascinating talk on Saturday afternoon given by a man who had lived for thirteen years on the streets of New York City. He goes by the name of Cadillac Man and he is the author of the newly released book entitled 'Land Of The Lost Souls' which is available in Barnes & Noble and Borders books. It was released on March 17th of this year.

Cadillac Man told us how he survived living on the streets of Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn where the average life expectancy of a homeless person is about two years. A former GI from the Vietnam War, Cadillac Man vacated his home following the loss of his job, a spate of alcohol abuse and regular arguments with his wife. During one of those arguments she asked him to leave and he did. Once on the street, he had to learn how to survive, finding a place to sleep, food to eat and earning a enough to keep himself a bit clean and clothed. We'll post more on a fascinating tale of one man's journey into and out of the abyss later in the week.

Green Possibilities Dances Into Forest Hills

Flamenco Dancing at Tierra Sana restaurant in forest hills ny QueensYear 2009 / Forest Hills Neighborhood / Queens Buzz NYC.

This was an unexpected treat. Who would have expected to encounter Flamenco dancing on a Sunday afternoon at Tierra Sana restaurant? Out of curiosity I decided to cover an event which a new member, Maria Tabone, posted in our members calendar just a week or so ago.

The event, Green Possibilities, was sponsored by a group formed under the leadership of Stephanie Fiallo, co-owner of the Tierra Sana restaurant. The environment was the theme and the program included entertainment, food, educational seminars [held in a comfortable back room], as well as booths where ten vendors sold environmentally friendly products and services.

In the photo a performer dances to entertain the crowd at the Green Possibilities event at Tierra Sana restaurant in Forest Hills.


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