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July 4th Fireworks In Queens 2013

Feb 16, 2023 at 12:15 am by mikewood


Queens Fireworks July 4 2013

4th of July Fireworks in Queens

4th of july fireworks 2012 queens nycJuly 5, 2013 / Queens Buzz. The Macy's 4th of July fireworks will be shown along the Hudson River this year. They were last shown along the East River about five years ago in 2008.

Weather. It's still a bit early for a reliable forecast, but as of this writing, the highs will be in the 80's and the lows in the 70's with a small chance of rain.

Fortunately for Queens, the Astoria Park Fireworks are done by the Grucci Brothers, the same fireworks company doing the Macy's 4th of July fireworks in NYC, and the Astoria Park fireworks in Queens are as good - and from my point of view even better - given the idyllic, grassy Astoria Park location right alongside the East River. See story below about the Astoria Park Fireworks show of 2012 in Queens.

But for those looking for fireworks on 4th of July, you'll have to travel to Manhattan's west side. Click here for a report about the 4th of July Fireworks in Queens NYC & surrounding areas, including times and locations for the Macy's 4th of July fireworks in NYC.

4th Of July Fireworks 2013 - Queens

Macy's 4th Of July Fireworks 2013 On Hudson River

No 4th Of July Fireworks At Jones Beach In 2013 [unconfirmed]

Astoria Park 4th Of July Fireworks - Monday, June 24th

4th of july fireworks queens 2012Updated June 23, 2013 / LIC & Astoria / Queens Buzz. In 2009 they moved the Macy's 4th of July fireworks to the Hudson River on Manhattan's west side claiming they'd moved it there to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery of the river. The Macys 4th of July fireworks display has remained there ever since.

July 3rd Fireworks At CitiField After Game

There will be a fireworks display at CitiField following the game. The game begins at 7.30 pm, and fireworks are expected about 3 to 4 hours later. Tickets are $20 but you can see them from Flushing Meadows Corona Park or the parking lot.

No 4th Of July Fireworks In Queens - On July 4th, 2013

The Macy's 4th of July fireworks [2013] will be lit upon the Hudson River again this year. Nobody we spoke to could explain why the fireworks display was not returned to the East River, so we can only conjecture, given the explanation given several years ago, that this year they are commemorating the 405th year of Henry's discovery of the Hudson River. The net result is that there won't be any 4th of July fireworks 2013 along the East River on July 4th, but there will be fireworks along the East River on Monday, June 24th viewable from Astoria Park [scroll down for more info].

No 4th Of July Fireworks 2013 On Jones Beach Long Island

This year there won't be any 4th of July fireworks at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. My understanding is that this was a New York State budget cut beginning in 2010, which affected the deployment of police officers to provide security at the event. Based on our recent surveillance of the New York State Parks, it appears these cuts remain in place and again there won't be any fireworks on Jone Beach in Long Island, but as of this writing we have not yet confirmed it with the NYS Parks Department.

Fireworks 2013 In Queens - Astoria Park Is The Place To Be - On Monday June 24th

Of course no Macy's 4th Of July fireworks on the East River and no 4th of July fireworks at Jones Beach are both very disappointing, but fortunately Queens residents have had a third option: the July 4th fireworks 2013 in Astoria Park on Monday, June 24th. Click here to read our report on the 4th of July fireworks in Queens & Astoria Park last year.

Astoria Park Fireworks Display June 24th 2013

The Central Astoria Development Coalition sponsors an annual fireworks display in Astoria Park, generally around the end of June. Joe Battaglia and the NY Big Band starts warming up the crowd around 7.30 pm by playing big band music from the thirties and forties on a stage overlooking the East River in front of the great lawn of Astoria Park [between the pool and Hellgate Bridge]. While many Queens residents attend this event [it seems to have become increasingly popular over the past ten years], this year there was still ample room to throw a blanket, enjoy a snack or late picnic dinner and enjoy the show.

Astoria Park Queens Fireworks 2013 - Times & Weather

The weather on Monday is expected to be dry, with highs in the low 90's and the lows in the 70's with humidity above 70%. So this will likely be a seasonally warm night for the Astoria Queens fireworks display of 2013. The fireworks usually begin around dusk, which last year was about 9.30 pm, but I'd get there earlier to find a spot and settle in.

No Queens Fireworks On July 4th 2013 / Other Things To Do

So on July 4th, if the Astoria Parks Fireworks didn’t fit into your schedule or satisfy your yearning to celebrate Independence Day, you have a couple of other entertainment options.

#1. New York City July 4th Fireworks From Queens

You could pack off to the west side of Manhattan amidst what’s likely to be a huge crowd to watch the fireworks from the west side of Manhattan. We understand the fireworks will begin between 8.30 and 9.30 pm. While sunset is at 8.30 pm, it’s still light out, so our experience has been that they generally start closer to 9.30 pm. You're well advised to go early to get a standing room only spot.

Public Transit From Queens To NYC For July 4th Fireworks Display

There’s no sense driving into the city, so you’d have to take the #7, E, F, G, R or V lines into some stop along the west side, including Times Square which is bound to be a zoo. And the subway lines are bound to be packed. So knock yourself out and travel to the land of the $10 Coke and the $20 Hamburger.

#2. No Jones Beach 4th of July Fireworks On Long Island In 2013

The 4th of July fireworks at Jones Beach on Long Island appears to not have been reinstated following NYS budget cuts in 2010. That doesn't mean you couldn't spend an enjoyable evening out at Jones Beach swimming, playing volleyball, picnicking and the like. But there won't be any public fireworks display to watch. The upside is that there likely won't be as big a crowd, but that depends on how quickly word gets out.

Public Transit From Queens To Jones Beach

The LIRR leaves from the Jamaica Station every half hour beginning at 5.05 pm and arrives in Freeport 21 minutes later at 5.26 pm [5.35 / 6.05 etc]. From there you take the N88 Long Island Bus. The off peak one way train fares are $5.25 at the ticket office and less via the web and more buying onboard. I believe a round trip package is available for $13.50 per person, so ask for it. Jones Beach is a nice quick getaway from the city and based on hearsay from last year, not as crowded.

#3. Things To Do On July 4th 2013 In Queens

Check our Queens Events section for a listing of things to do on the weekend after the 4th of July [to be updated before Thursday, July 4th]. There are art shows, including the beginning of the PS1 Warm Up Party on July 6th, as well as all kinds of other local happenings which will be posted in our Queens Events section on Thursday.

Happy July 4th Queens – Happy Independence Day

Please drink responsibly and drive safely for your own well being as well as the well being of everyone else.

July 4th Fireworks In Queens & LIC

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