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jackson heights lgbt parade

Jackson Heights LGBT Parade & Photos

Story of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade 2012

2012 lgbt parade in jackson heights photosJune 3, 2012 / Jackson Heights / Multi-cultural Queens NY / Queens Buzz. It was a perfect day for a parade on Sunday in Jackson Heights. It was sunny, dry with temperatures in the 80's.

And so it was, that the 20th LGBT Parade in Jackson Heights was greeted with warm weather, and likely the biggest audience it has ever had. There were easily thousands, and possibly surpassing ten thousand people in the audience. The parade started on 37th Avenue at 86th Street and ended at 75th Street. The parade ran about two hours, which includes about a half hour of government official speeches given shortly after the start of the parade.

Click here to read our report and view a photos of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade 2012.

Jackson Heights LGBT Parade & Photos

Story of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade 2012

danny dromm jackson heights gay parade photo 2012June 3, 2012 / Jackson Heights / Multi-cultural Queens NY / Queens Buzz. We arrived in time for the speeches which were given in front of the U.S. Post Office on 37th Avenue near 78th Street. City Councilmember Danny Dromm, a long time community activist for gay rights in Jackson Heights, spoke about the history of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade, and the story of Julio Rivera. City Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn were also on the podium and made a few remarks as well.

The photo to your left shows Danny Dromm in the 2012 LGBT Parade in Jackson Heights. The photo below shows the press corps taking photos of the speakers on the podium at the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade 2012.


lgbt parade in jackson heightsFirst Jackson Heights LGBT Parade Since NYS Passed Law Allowing Gay Marriage

Gay marriage has been passed in eight of the 50 states, and the District of Columbia. The states passing gay marriage are: 1) Massachusetts (2004), 2) Connecticut (2008), 3) Iowa (2009), 4) Vermont (2009), 5) New Hampshire (2010), 6) District of Columbia (2010), 7) New York (2011), 8) Washington State (2011), and 9) Maryland (becomes effective 2013). President Obama is the first sitting president to back gay marriage, which he did in May of 2012. The primary reason gays want their unions to be equivalent to marriage has to do with the rights bestowed upon a spouse with regards to healthcare, visitation right and so forth [see link to gay civil rights below].

Floats & Costumes in the Jackson Heights Gay Parade

We moved along up 37th Avenue to take a look at the colorful floats and costumes being worn by the parade performers and participants. Dance music was being played on a number of the floats; and the parade participants were enjoying the warm weather and the large crowd that had turned out to watch them. You can see most of them in the photo slide show below.

photos of gay parade in jackson heights 2012

There was a spectacular acrobatic demonstration given by the Cheer New York group. You can see them in the photos here, where they flip one of their members up into the sky, she does a twirl with her body mid-air and then is caught by the group as she descends to earth.

The costumes ranged from the mundane to the outrageous. Some costumes were fashionable satire, some political commentary, and some very modern expressions of personal individuality. The crowd's reactions generally included applause and laughter, but I noted a number of looks indicating that some folks weren't quite sure what to make of things. I reckon it's fair to say that we are living in changing times.

LGBT Parade Jackson Heights - History of the Fight for Gay Civil Rights

We attended several of the LGBT Parades in the past and this one appears to have turned out the largest crowd and likely the largest number of participants in the parade. Click here to view our report and photos of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade of 2011 and click here to read a brief history of the fight for LGBT civil rights in Queens & NYC, including some photos of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade in 2010.

Photos of the Jackson Heights Gay Parade 2012

Click here to view photos of the Jackson Heights LGBT Parade 2012, or you can view the photos below at your own pace by clicking on the arrows.

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