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St Pat's Day Parade Queens 2008 & 2009

Mar 02, 2008 at 03:06 pm by mikewood

St Patricks Day Parade 2009 2008 Sunnyside Woodside Queens NY

St Pat's Day Parade: 2008 - 2009

Includes St Pat's Day Parade 2010 Preview

Sunnyside / February 25, 2010. The events for the St Pat's For All Parade of 2010 will begin on Sunday, March 7th at 1 PM. The St Patrick's Day Parade will be preceded by a mix of performances celebrating Irish culture, music and dance. These performances are given down at 43rd Street and Skillman Avenue. The St Pat's Day Parade 2010 in Queens NY will begin an hour later, at 2 PM.

Click this link to view the details of the St Pat's Parade in Queens NY which has been posted in the Queens Events Calendar. Click this link for a route map of the St Pat's Day Parade in Sunnyside & Woodside. Click this link to view photos of the St Pat's Day Parade in Queens NY in prior years and into which we will post photos following the parade this year.

St Pat's Day Parade Sunnyside Woodside QueensSt Pat's Peoples' Day Parade Sunnyside / Woodside 2009

Sunnyside & Woodside / March 1, 2009. The St Pats Day Parade in Queens NY seems to have drawn a much larger crowd than last year. This year I arrived shortly before parade time, so I missed most of the pre-parade speeches. Instead I witnessed a couple of performances, one by an Asian group and another by some Irish dancers. There was a band playing on the large open truck this year, which in 2008, served as the podium / platform for government officials to make their remarks. The parade attracted quite a large number of officials to it this year and even the mayor marched in the parade.

St Pat's Day Parade Queens: Growing Audience

The St Patricks Day Parade which traverses through the Sunnyside and Woodside neighborhoods in Queens NY attracted an audience of well in excess of one thousand viewers. This was up from the prior year, likely due to the growing attention being paid to the parade, given the efforts by the parade sponsors to be inclusive. To reflect this growing inclusiveness, the name of the parade was changed to the St Patrick's Peoples Day Parade. The parade starts in Sunnyside at Skillman Avenue and 43rd Street and ends in Woodside at Roosevelt near 58th Street.

Click here to view a photo album of the St Patricks Day Parade in Sunnyside Woodside.

St Pat's Parade Queens 2008 Photos


Sunnyside Woodside NY / March 2008. The photos shown in the slide show to your right include a souvenir salesman, a Mexican-Irish princess, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn at the podium, the New York police on horses and various parade watchers. These pictures were taken along Skillman Avenue the day of the St Pat's Day Parade in the Queens neighborhoods of Sunnyside & Woodside.

One Of The First Queens Reporting Ventures

If after watching the slide show, you are left wondering "where are the photos of the parade?" you can give yourself a pat on the back, as you're an astute observer in the audience.

I covered this event in early March of 2008, which was nearly four months piror to the official launch of QueensBuzz.com. Hence my trip to cover the parade was only an early reporting expedition. Since I had plenty of pressing work back in the office, I decided to cut this dry run a bit short. After nearly an hour of taking photographs and listening to speeches I began making my way home, shooting additional photos along the way.

Aye laddy, and as you can see, a dry run it was.

St Patrick's Day Parade Sunnyside / Woodside Queens NY

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