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Holiday Tree Lightings in Sunnyside

Nov 27, 2012 at 08:40 pm by mikewood

christmas tree lightings in queens

Holiday Tree Lighting In Sunnyside

Where Old & New Stand Side By Side

christmas tree lighting in sunnyside queensNovember 27, 2012 / Sunnyside Neighborhood / Queens Buzz. I attended the Christmas Tree lighting at Sabba Park at Queens Blvd and 50th Street in Sunnyside on Tuesday evening.

It’s a traditional holiday celebration that has gone on for many years and includes performances by the Sunnyside Drum Corps, a choral performance by the LIC YMCA, hot chocolate, several short speeches by local dignitaries, an appearance by Santa and … [drum roll] … the tree lighting.

As usual, the weather was drizzling for the occasion. And while it was damp and cold, there was some warmth in the air that came from those who attended.

Click here for the rest of our report, including photo slide show of the Christmas Tree Lighting in Sunnyside.

Holiday Tree Lighting In Sunnyside

Where Old & New Stand Side By Side

sunnyside holiday tree lightings shopping christmas in sunnysideNovember 27, 2012 / Sunnyside Neighborhood / Queens Buzz. I have covered the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce Holiday tree lighting event for the past five years. And while each year it is steadfastly the same – after all conserving some of the past is what traditions are all about – and yet, somehow each year it changes.

The audience changes with the times and the weather. Different members of different groups decide that they will or not attend; depending on what else is going on in their lives. And Sunnyside has grown to have more Holiday Tree lightings per person, than any other neighborhood in Queens [there are now three holiday tree lightings in Sunnyside - check the Kids section of our events calendar Thursday].

Holiday Tree Lighting in Sunnyside & Woodside

holiday tree lighting events in sunnyside woodside queensThe mood of the event was generally festive. But all who attended also carried with them some of the weight of their responsibilities, and perhaps some of the weight of the time in which we live, upon their shoulders. The past few years have been challenging for us not only as individuals, but collectively as well.

We recently came through a horrendous storm and a contentious election. And while the storm wreaked havoc on our southern shores, it also brought out some of the best of mankind, in those who could help and who did help those who needed it. The last time I witnessed this sort of general sense of fellowship in NYC was in the wake of the 911 disaster.

Holiday Tree Lightings in Queens & Sense of Community

Tonight, this sort of community seemed quietly present tonight. A sort of undercurrent to the event. After everyone left, I returned to Sabba Park to holiday tree lighting in sunnyside woodsidephotograph the lit ‘tree’ without all of the people standing around it.

At the far end of the park, I noticed an all natural pine tree that I had never noticed before. As I stared at it, I took in its its lush, green beauty. It seemed to represent the traditions of the past.

I turned around and photographed the new tree, which was sharing the same park space. It stood there all shiny, sparkling and relatively new. Each tree, old and new, stood quietly, side by side, each comfortable in its own place.

I guess that is my wish for Queens – that it will continue to be a place where old and new stand side by side. Peacefully coexisting in a balanced yin yang, as we – Queens - are a microcosm of the world. And if we can succeed in this microcosm, perhaps the larger 'we' can succeed in the world.

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.

Photos of the Holiday Tree Lighting In Sunnyside

The following is a photo slide show of the Holiday Tree Lighting in Sunnyside sponsored by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce. Use the arrow keys on the slide projector to move through the show at your own pace or click the link above to go to the photo album of the Holiday Tree lighting in Sunnyside.

1061 & 1066 - Sunnyside Drum Corps
1062 - Santa Claus
1063 & 1065 - LIC YMCA
1069 - Joe Conley CB2, Jimmy Van Bramer CCM, Santa Claus, Michael Gianaris NYS Senator, Margaret Markey NYS Assembly
1079 - Swain Weiner SS Chamber Pres, Michael Gianaris NYS Senator
1088 - Lily Gavin Dazies Restaurant Owner & Luke Adams SS Chamber of Commerce
1089 - Audience

1092 - Choir
1098 - Reverend Dowd pastor Queen of Angels Church
1099 - Crowd and Susan Lee, Woodside Herald photographer
1109 - Rachel Thieme Executive Director SS Shines BID, Swain Weiner SS Chamber President, Becky Barker past President SS Chamber of Commerce
1114, 1117 & 1119 - Natural and artificial trees in Sabba Park and view down Queens Blvd


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