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Lewis Latimer House & Garden Flushing Queens NY

Voelker Orth House & Gardens - Queens History

voelker orth house & gardens flushing nyFlushing / December 13, 2009. The Voelker Orth House is a well preserved American Victorian Home. It was built in 1891 by a speculating shop keeper, who turned around and sold it to Conrad Orth in 1899 for $4,500 which was a lot of money back in those times.

Conrad Voelker - Of Voelker Orth House & Gardens

Conrad Voelker was a German who immigrated to America in 1881 and published a number of German American newspapers up until WWI. He sold his papers around that time, likely since the fight was against the Germans. We understand that he continued dabbling in publishing business until his death in 1930.

elisabeth voelker orthUpon his death, his daughter Theresa and her husband, Dr. Orth, lived in the house. There they had a daughter, Elisabeth, who lived in the house until she died in 1995. In her will established the trust which runs the house, including the Queens Botanical Garden.

Victorian Home & Gardens In Flushing Queens NY

The gardens are well preserved, containing the flora of the Victorian Age, and continues to be managed in a similar fashion as it was about 100 years ago, using natural fertilizers and herbicides. As such the garden continues to attract hummingbirds, mockingbirds as well as monarch butterflies and bees.

Thanks to Woodley Guerrier for providing much of the information contained herein, and the Queens Historical Society.

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