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Woodside On The Move Event Woodside Queens

Shakespeare In The Park Captivates Audience

Woodside On The Move Event

Woodside On The MoveWoodside NY / August 13, 2009. On a cloudy warm moist summer evening Hip To Hip Theater Company entertained an audience of about one hundred at the bandshell in Windmuller Park in Woodside. They acted out 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream', the famous Shakespearean play and they did a nice job of bringing the old bard’s play to back life once again.  The play is about love and marriage, set in the woods, where Shakespeare mixes things up with the love of three couples, if one includes the king and queen of the woodland fairies.  In the photo to the right is the King of the woodland fairies and Puck, his not-so-able assistant.

Hip To Hip Theatre Company - Woodside NY

Hip To Hip Theatre Company Woodside NYA tent had been pitched as the backdrop for the play and it also acted as a changing room.  The actors and actresses were equipped with microphones, so that in the open space they could generally be easily heard.  And the costumes added nicely to the theatricality of the event, as one could see in the eyes of the captivated youngsters in the audience. As you can see in the photos we posted to the gallery [there's a link below], the audience was filled with young and old alike, and they seemed to greatly enjoy the comedic performance.  The Windmuller Park bandshell is shown in the photo to the left.

Woodside On The Move - Woodside NY

Woodside On The Move Woodside NY QueensThe event was organized by Woodside On The Move with the help of public funds secured by the local public officials with the help of a number of NYS and NYC government departments. Woodside On The Move has other upcoming events, including the Bangladesh Institute of Performing Arts on August 20th [Windmuller Park] and 'In Your Face Band' at PS 152 Q School Yard. In the photo to your right is Rosa Reyes, the Executive Director of Woodside On The Move, as she is making the opening remarks.

Hip To Hip Theatre Company - Woodside NY

Shakespeare In The Park Queens NYHip To Hip Theatre Company was formed in 2007 by two NYC actors, Joy and Jason Marr. They're dedicated to bringing affordable entertaining theater to the public, particularly of a Shakespearean nature. They’ll be performing A Midsummer Night's Dream at Sunnyside Park on Friday evening [7 pm], Socrates Sculpture Park on Saturday evening [5 pm] and in Forest Park on Sunday evening [5 pm]. In the photo to your left are some of the members of the audience who appear to be in rapt attention to what's being played out on stage.

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